Friday, October 11, 2019

Success Story; Ankle Swelling and Asthma

Success Story; Ankle Swelling and Asthma

Here’s my Cats Claw Combination story:

Even though I had not knowingly injured my left ankle, it started to swell. It just seemed to balloon and I was unable to continue the sport I love the best, hiking, so I decided to seek medical help.  To make a long story short, within a one-year period I had an x-ray, ultrasound and CT scan. I saw several doctors with the last one being an orthopedic surgeon.

He said the tendons were in danger of rupturing because the swelling was pushing on them. He also admitted that all the fancy medical words in all the reports just mean the ankle is swollen.

He had no idea what was causing the swelling and didn’t know what could be done to bring it down. He did say that if they ruptured it would be a medical emergency with surgery needed and a long recovery period.

God provides and I have known Donna Roth for many years. I attended her breakfast talk at the golf club one morning and she mentioned in her talk that every household should have a bottle of cats claw combination in their cabinet because it is good for inflammation.

I told Donna my problem and she said to take as many as four Cats Claw every few hours to bring down the swelling. It was miraculous.... in four days the swelling was down.
I now take four capsules a day for maintenance.

I am back to hiking again and have rejoined my Wednesday hiking group who, on October 09, hiked Goats Peak. We did 7.1 kilometers and almost all of it is pretty much straight up and straight down. No problem for my ankle.

Donna, here’s another one,

Many years ago the doctor told my husband, Ted,  that he had asthma and would need a puffer.
He wasn’t about to do that and we consulted Donna.
She recommended two SN-X per day.
For the last fifteen years he has faithfully taken two capsules per day.....and no puffer needed.

Thank you, Donna and Natures Sunshine.