Monday, December 2, 2019

Anita’s Story: Fragmented Thoughts, Anxiety, Depression, A Life-time of Hospitals
Anita shares her experience in overcoming anxiety, depression, OCD, phobias, CPR drops from 99 to 6.54 for the first time in 5 years, cortisol levels normal for the first time in 5 years.

 Anita’s Story: Fragmented Thoughts, Anxiety, Depression, A Life-time of Hospitals
It was October 24/2019 when Anita arrived in my office with her Mom, Donna. Anita was in a state of despair. She was on a number of different medications and under the compassionate care of a psychiatrist. But nothing she had been doing up to this time alleviated her horrible symptoms of fragmentation, unfocused dark thought patterns, anxiety attacks and depression. Anita’s cortisol levels were always abnormal. Every cortisol test over the last 5 years were high. The endocrinologist she had been seeing did test after test and nothing he did could help Anita. He even prescribed steroids for a short time and that failed as well. Anita’s CRP tests were also very high at 99. CRP stands for C-reactive protein and the CRP tests indicate the level of inflammation in Anita’s body. Anita’s CRP levels were extremely high and dangerous at 99 and 99 was the CRP level for Anita for the last 5 years. Nothing she did could bring it down. Anita was not able to sleep; her stress level was extremely high, and her hormones were out of whack. From the time Anita was 13 years old she had suffered anorexia, severe depression, anxiety attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, acrophobia and so many other mood disorders. She had been in and out of the hospital hundreds of times; Vancouver, Alberta, Kelowna, catatonic state, shock treatments, and the list goes on.
It was Anita’s Mom, Donna, who encouraged Anita to do a consultation with Donna Roth. Anita was informed that the cost of the consultation was $100. It was at this point that Anita made a decision. For Anita this was a lot of money, money she did not have but there was something inside of her that told her that perhaps taking that $100 out of her meagre disability check might be worth the risk. Other things that she spent her money on were dismissed and Anita set aside that $100. Anita also knew there was a cost for the supplements that Donna would recommend so she also set aside money for that purpose.
On October 24 Anita left Donna’s office with a bottle of Chi Toni, Chlorophyll, Solstic Energy, Nature’s Harvest , Liquid Methyl B12 and the herbal combination, Zerenity. The following day Anita started her program. She committed to stop eating all grains, bread, sugar and to drinking 2 Smoothies a day, and drinking water with Chlorophyll. Anita followed the program for 3 weeks. Then the time came when she ran out of supplements. And yes Anita had noticed a difference slight as it may have been. But now without money the entire program was dropped. However Anita did keep track of her body temperature; 34.7, 35, 35.1. and now her body temperature was dropping, “ I fell backwards. It was horrible.” Anxiety, fragmented thoughts, depression, panic attacks, dark thoughts !!!
Back to Donna’s office. Donna replenished Anita’s program. This time Anita was more determined than ever. “It was in that state of fragmentation that I called in all my angels. It took every effort in my body and soul and my soul spoke to me and said; Anita, you do this or your die!” It took every ounce of energy and effort that Anita could muster to get up in the morning to make that Smoothie. It took every ounce of effort to read the simple instructions to make that smoothie. This was not simple for Anita. It took so much EFFORT. One just once a day but twice a day. “ I had to really work hard to focus on the instructions. But my soul spoke to me and told me that no one could this for me. You have to do this, Anita.” Every single day for 30 days Anita had to muster her effort to read those instructions and to make those smoothies and to take Zerenity and Methyl B12. And her soul kept speaking to her” You do this, Anita, or you die!”
Thirty days later it  was a Sunday morning when Anita woke up. She not only woke up , she woke up with life in her body. There was a huge dramatic difference. “ I had my life back. This is the way life should be. To think that I had been a prisoner in my own body and now I was free was miraculous.” Anita was able to think. The fragmented thoughts were gone. There was no anxiety. There was no depression. There was a sense of peace, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of joy! Life had been in that state of despair for 5 years and now after 30 days of following those instructions that Donna gave Anita desperation gave way to peace! This was almost too good to be true. Anita decided that she would go shopping to buy a new coat. What an incredible moment of blissful joy ; to buy a new coat, something she was not able to do for such a long , long time.
Within a few days Anita went off to see her psychiatrist to share her joy. Another CRP test was done and another cortisol test was done. As soon as these results came in, Anita immediately picked up the phone and called Donna Roth. Anita was ecstatic. The results were amazing. The CRP levels were down from 99 to 6.55 well within the normal range of 10 or below, the first time in 5 years. The cortisol levels were in the normal range, the first time in 5 years. 
To date a month has gone by. Anita continues to live in peace of mind. She is determined to stay on her program as she totally understands the need for nutrition to sustain her mental health. Presently she is being encouraged to write a book to share her experience with others so they could do what she did. Anita has faith that nutrition is required to overcome mental disorders. She wants to get the word out!