Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Donna Roth Tells Her Story. Dec 10/2019 at Kelly O Brian’s in Kelowna with Balance Well Being

I want to start my story to the days when I was a VP of elementary school on leave of absence with my second baby, Devin. Here I am a nursing Mother stricken with that horrible tonsillitis that had afflicted me many times during my years of teaching. What did I do each time I had tonsillitis; go to the doctor, get a prescription, an antibiotic? That was repetitive in my teaching years. Tonsillitis, hot burning fever, swollen tonsils, painful, Off to the doctor for a prescription, antibiotics! Missing school for a whole week, something I dreaded because no one could adequately fill my shoes as a teacher for those kids that I loved. 
Then one day I decided to take this really far out course at Caribou College in Wm Lake. It was called Herbs For Your Health or something like that. Carol was the instructor. The course was an eye opener. Carol taught me that not all foods we eat are foods! Imagine that! I just thought foods were all good. She taught me the properties of herbs. Back in my school years I knew chamomile, I loved the smell of the flowers, I knew burdock, rosehips, stinging nettle. My Mom taught me how to pick stinging Nettle so it would not sting, and she would chop it up with cornmeal and feed it the baby geese on our farm. In knew Cranberries, Mom and I used to pick it to make cranberry jam and soup. I knew these plants. I could identify them, but I had no idea that they had powerful healing properties.
So here I am with this incredible knowledge at my fingertips suffering from tonsillitis. I made a decision that defied all and I am going to call it dogma. This time I would not go to a doctor for antibiotics as I had in the past. I would be brave and courageous and be a pioneer and tackle this tonsillitis problem using Carol Nilsson’s herbal remedies. This was tough. In my most anxious fearful desperate moment I humbly picked up the phone not to call a doctor but to call Carol. Sheepishly I explained my situation and asked for her advice. Are there herbs that could resolve a serious tonsil problem? Would they work? How should I take them? Carol, I asked, are you absolutely sure this is going to work! My life was at stake and here I was trusting a non-doctor! What did she know about tonsillitis? I needed reassurance and an absolute guarantee that I would not die taking this on! This was so out of whack, so crazy! But weighing out the odds I knew that I could not rely on antibiotics any longer. I had taken too many of them in my lifetime. Actually, I was scared of them. Surgery was not an option for me either. I had studied anatomy in university, and I knew that every organ in my body had a purpose. Even though I did not really know the purpose of tonsils. And in the back of my mind I recalled a situation of my school days where a young boy was taken to the hospital for tonsillitis surgery and died as a result of the surgery. So in my mind I opted out of surgery. I opted out of antibiotics and there appeared to be that one other option; herbs!
Yep! I took the path least followed. I listened to Carol’s free advice; I say free because she was not even charging me a fee for her time with me over the phone. Eat chicken soup, drink lots of water and chlorophyll. I could handle that. But hear this. Then she said, take 2 Rosehips, 2 Golden Seal, every hour and take lots of Cascara Sagrada to clean out the bowels. Let me see. That’s 12 per -hour x 4; that’s 48 capsules a day! This is so wild; so crazy! But I made a commitment and a decision.
Day 1 I proceeded as instructed. Nothing happened. The pain was worse than ever. The[KR1]  fever was hot and burning and I was a bit concerned.
Day 2: I proceeded as instructed. Nothing happened. My fever was raging. The tonsils throbbed in pain.
Day 3. I proceeded with the instructions. Nothing happened. Panic started to set in. It took some courage to call Carol again. “Carol, this is day 3, Are you sure that these herbs will work for my tonsillitis. I see no improvement and I  am suffering. I might die; I am not taking antibiotics. Aren’t we taught if we don’t take those drugs we will die!  Carol reassured me to keep taking those herbs every hour until they worked. Well, how did she know they would work? But I decided not to succumb to fear.
Day 4: I proceeded with the instructions. Nothing happened. My husband and mother in law were very worried and attempted to change my mind, that I must go to the doctor. But my decision was final. If Carol said it would work, then I would wait it out.
Day 5; I noticed white pustules forming on my tonsils. This looked really serious. I had to keep going.
Day 6: The pustules were bigger and whiter than ever. Something was happening.
Day 7: This is a day I will never forget. This is the day that changed my life. I felt I burst from my tonsils and all kinds of sticky fluids spilled out. I washed my mouth with Chlorophyll and water and kept doing this all day long. The pain has subsided, the fever was gone, my energy was back, and I was at the end of that dark tunnel of the unknown. I had come through the other side with a whole new outlook on life. I had experienced my first profound epiphany. Herbs can heal.  Life is not meant to be in sickness. Life is meant to be in joy, to open up our closed minds, to listen to others and to serve others. I started to see that in staying healthy certain common-sense laws I realized that antibiotics were simply suppressing my immune system whose purpose is to take out toxic poisonous waste debris out of my body. I woke up to the Laws of Nature, that our bodies are created to heal, that we have an amazing immune system, a garburator known as the lymphatic system and that our bodies are always working for us and never against us. I realized the importance of nutrition for healing and most of all the amazing properties of herbs. This is when it came to my mind. If herbs are so powerful why does the world not know about this. I soon found out but that is a topic for another story.
This epiphany struck such a deep passion within me that I made a life changing decision. I would no longer remain in the teaching world. I would be a stay at home Mom, raise my children and study and teach others how to heal their own bodies as I did mine. This decision led me to the next adventure in my life. In 1992 my dear aunt died. She had breast cancer and she spent 3 weeks in my home. In 1993 my Mom, died of colon cancer. She spent the last 4 months of her life in our home. In 1994 my mother in law died of lung cancer and she had spent 1 year of her life in our home. I had witnessed the devastation of cancer. I wanted to know what cancer really is. Why does cancer happen? I only knew one thing; that I would never find the answer to cancer in the medical world. We have been funding the cure for cancer all the days of my life with no end in sight. They are stuck in a box. So I put this cancer thing on my back burner. By this time, I had become a herbal practitioner and I worked with clients in my own home office. One day in 1998 Sheena came into my office. She was 25 years old and proceeded to tell me that she was diagnosed with carcinoma, the same kind of cancer that Terry Fox was diagnosed with. To put the matters into a more serious perspective she was given 2 months to live. She came into my office because she had been given a newsletter by her father. That newsletter had my name on it. I had written an article about cancer. Sheena was there to ask for my help. I really did not know much about cancer at that time as I know today but she was so young, 25; 2 months to live. Wow! This was a big challenge. In my mind this was no coincidence. God has sent Sheena and I would do what ever I could with the little knowledge I had even though I had a certificate Master of Herbalism from the Tree of Light Institute. So, Sheena, I got to work. Very truthfully it was Sheena, God and me. I used the herbal knowledge I had, and Sheena had an unprecedented determination. She vowed she would never see another doctor in her life. I remember her words well, “Would you see a doctor who gave you a death sentence?” So week after week, month after month Sheena took her God given power into her own hands and followed a somewhat scattered nutritional herbal program that I designed for her. Then one day I got a phone call from Sheena. This was a very different phone call. Sheena called to give me her declaration. My cancer is gone! Of course, I jumped in to ask her; How do you know? Answer was simple; I just know! I believed her.  My second epiphany; Your body is created to heal. Cancer is not a death sentence. I met Sheena in 1998 and today it is 2019 and Sheena continues to live a life full of joy and health.
My next epiphany happened in the year 2000 when I was introduced to Ron Gransky and his book, Cancer Cause Cure and Cover Up. Cancer starts from an injury! I now knew why there is continuous cell replication in cancer. Those little stem cell carpenters in your body are trying hard to replicate cells to heal an injury but there are no nutrient building blocks for them to rebuild those cells and heal that injury. But for some reason the cells become mutated. Why does that happen? It happens when there are so many poisons surrounding the injured area that oxygen can no longer reach that injured area. When the oxygen levels drop to below 35% then the Law of Nature states that oxidation for healthy cell replication can no longer take place. If there is sugar in that injured area oxidation flips into fermentation and that gives rise to parasites and fungus. The fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line and mutates the cells, so you have a continuous replication of mutated cells that we give a name; cancer. I now had the full picture. I now understood why cancer happens. I then devised a simple 5 pillar formula for cancer; injury, inflammation, elimination, infection, circulation. Cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 C.  Since then I have discovered many pieces especially to the poison inflammation problem. I have taught this simple formula to hundreds of people who have followed this formula and have overcome cancer. I have written a book that has sold over 5000 copies just by word of mouth. This work has now become a movement that is hardly visible. I know without a shadow of doubt that the body is created to heal. I have been so blessed to be the recipient of so many people who have healed their cancers, heart disease, MS. Infections by following a very simple herbal program.