Monday, January 20, 2020

From the Desk of Donna Roth Jan 20/20

From the Desk of Donna Roth    Jan.20/20
Monday teleconference calls resume at 5:45 pm PST Dial 604 227 1018
Monday. Jan 20 Guest Speaker, Bee tells Her Breast Cancer Story
Monday, Jan 27, Gloria : Heart story
Each Monday Donna presents the answer to cancer, MS, heart disease etc.

Vaxxed 11 Documentary; Presentation, Vaccines, Inserts, Harm, Dangers
Vernon at Elks Hall
Thursday, Feb 6/ 20 at 7 pm.
Tickets are $12

Dr. Jay presents Collagen powder
At the Ramada Inn, Kelowna
On Wednesday, Feb 12 at 6:30 pm
Sponsored by Nature’s Sunshine
A free event.
Come out and experience samples, draws and education.
Register with Donna Roth
To date 50 people have registered. Thank you.

You don’t need to go vegan to save the planet… Mark Hyman, MD  
 “Don’t you find it odd that people will put more work into choosing their mechanic or house contractor than they will into choosing the person who grows their food?” - Joel Salatin, The Omnivore’s Dilemma
It’s true. Many of us put more thought into what car, cellphone, and clothes we’re going to buy than the food that we eat. If everyone in the world paused to think about the food system and think about how their food choices impacted their health and the health of the planet, we could transform the world.

Food is the web that connects so many of our most complex issues. Economic hardship, declining public health, poor educational achievement, climate change, pollution, and social injustice all lead back to food.
Most people think they need to become vegan if they want to eat a climate-supportive diet. Yes, we should all avoid feedlot beef for its health, climate, and environmental impacts. But regeneratively raised beef actually improves carbon sequestration through natural grazing practices.

I outlined why that is, and the steps and actions we can take to support these positive changes, in a new video that you can watch right here on my blog.

We’re facing a big problem, but we have the power to turn it around. I hope you’ll check out my video to learn how you can be a part of the Food Fix revolution.

Greg Braden. “ All organs are designed to repair and heal themselves. Every man and woman is an architect of his / her own healing.”
Statistics are impersonal. If you feel prey to the prognosis, make some choices and overcome the limited thinking.
Realize when you give your power away you become victim to the condition, the diagnosis and the authority. Michael Beckwith

If you are in fear and resistance you close off all possibilities.

Excerpts from Root Cause
A root canal can cause severe panic attacks and Chronic Fatigue 

98% of women diagnosed with breast cancer had a root canal. Dr. Rau

One 40 year old suffered from back pain and chronic pain , had 2 surgeries that failed. He removed his implants and the pain is gone.

The #1 cause of heart attack is a root canalled tooth. Bacteria cause cardiovascular disease. The body then creates cholesterol to seal off the infection to protect us.

Root canals always look fine in x rays but when extracted they are full of infection.

Only people interested in health need to remove their root canals. Dr. Owen.

It is also critical to clean out any cavitation you may have in the mouth. Many times the cavitation is next to the root canal.

After the extraction of the root canal the periodontal ligament must be cleaned out.

Dr. Boyd Haley tested 3000 root canals, and all were infected. The infection was equal to botulism.

Root canals block the energy from reaching the cells. They inhibit 93% of enzymes.

Prior to having any procedure done it is important to have proper nutrition, proteins,
vitamins and minerals.

No Man Is An Island by John Donne
No man is an island
No man stands alone,
Each man's joy is joy to me,
Each man's grief is my own.
We need one another,
So I will defend,
Each man as my brother,
Each man as my friend.
I saw the people gather,
I heard the music start,
The song that they were singing,
Is ringing in my heart.
No man is an island,
Way out in the blue,
We all look to the one above,
For our strength to renew.
When I help my brother,
Then I know that I,
Plant the seed of friendship,
That will never die.

Cancer : Breast Cancer Gone: Bee     January 2020

January 2020 started with a breath of fresh air for Bee! She received the exciting news from her oncologist that her diagnosed  breast cancer was in remission, the CA 125 markers  dropped from 9 to 7, the CA 15-3 markers measured at 6 well within the normal range, the thermography scan confirmed all was clear and the Navarro Test dropped from 52.5 to 50.2 ( 50 and below indicates no cancer). All measurements for Bee indicate that there is no more cancer left in her breast. Bee is celebrating her big win. She worked hard to win this race and now it is time to celebrate! Anyone diagnosed with cancer can do what Bee did and reap the rewards of good health. This is not a remission. Remission means that the cancer might come back. This is a win. Bee totally knows that by following the Laws of Nature in keeping your body in health the cancer cannot return! Bee tells her story.
On Dec 21/2018 Bee was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was a very challenging time in her life. Different doctors, different individuals, different practitioners all giving her advise and there were some hard decisions to make. “ I chose surgery to remove the lump; a lumpectomy. I decided chemo and radiation was out of the question. I started to feel confident that I would find the right path for me. I started researching; social media, Facebook, different people offering advice, Mexico, upteen alternatives and nothing felt right.” Then one day one woman that Bee had known came into her life and told Bee that her sister, Shawna had gone through breast cancer and would Bee be interested in contacting her. Bee initially ignored the offer. How could Shawna be any different than all the other women she had talked to? More alternatives, more people, more research! This went on for 10 days. “No-one out there really gave me any solid information. I decided to give Shawna a call. Shawn’s response was so very unusual; you will want to hit me, she said, Its just an injury. And anyone can heal an injury. I can give you all the ideas. I can tell you what you need to do but you really need to do TAFYH!” Shawn’s conversation was so very different compared to what I heard from all the other people I had talked to. She gave me the link to Donna’s website and I decided to check it out. I called Donna and she went through the 5 pillars with me;
Injury, Inflammation, Elimination, Infection, circulation. It spoke to me. It felt right. I knew I could do it. TAFYH was a learning, hands on, working with a team, using Mother Nature to heal my body! This was beautiful. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I registered for TAFYH! I was no board!”
In the meantime Bee also had one foot in the door of the medical model. There was a whole oncology team, doctors, appointments, constantly drumming the chemo regime, adamantly telling me I was making bad calls and my choice was wrong. " In my head I would scream, YOU DON”T GET IT!  Every time I heard the words, chemo regime I would have a panic attack. To me this was a sure sign that I needed to follow the Paw Paw program and do TAFYH.”
Bee started TAFYH in May 2019 with a great supportive team.” TAFYH was very strict. The lessons were emailed to me on a daily basis and I placed them into a 3-ring binder so I could go back and reread them. I understood the importance of raising the body temperature. Cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 C.  I worked hard on raising my body temperature. I even went to an ND to do  hyperthermia therapy to raise my body temperature. I cleansed my blood for 3 months with high doses of MC as instructed by Donna Roth, I ate red meat. I remember how excited I was when my body temperature in the morning averaged at 36.8. Shawna was a great mentor. She answered all my silly questions. She helped me deal with emotional traumas. I came to realize the great impact emotional trauma had on my health. I would constantly dwell on the past. I would turn to alcohol to drown my past. I was using alcohol to suppress my emotions. Today I am proud to say I have not touched a drop of alcohol for 1 year. In TAFYH I learned to express gratitude every single day. I learned to see my greatness every day. My epiphany became evident   when I looked at my negativity, my anger, my frustration, my miserable self. I gave it all up! I focused on gratitude and on creativity as we did in TAFYH every day. This was freedom. I even laughed when my car broke down. Its just a car. I am alive, it’s a beautiful day and its so great to be alive. Each day  I am reminded, what I am  thankful for today, what I am  creating today. I live that way.”
Bee has some recommendations for all women suffering from breast cancer.
1.         Take time to make decisions otherwise you will be bulldozed into making quick rash decisions.
2.         Trust your own intuition. Trust your gut and stick with it.
3.         Be committed. You can’t be half /half. Let go of who you once were and build on your better self.
4.         I, 100% recommend TAFYH. It is so easy. It is a way to commit to yourself, your team, and to others. When you feel lost, it is so great to have a nice call 20 minutes a day for more intelligence, more support, for celebrating with your team. TAFYH is the best starting point for everyone with cancer. It is about proper nutrition, detoxing, community, and about taking control. Your relationships with your loved ones grow. Your loved ones are watching you succeed and it inspires them. My TAG team is still with me and they are my community to this day.
5.         Be patient and trust the process. Its not going to happen in just a few days. Advocate for yourself every single day; stick to your guns 100% of the time. Going back is never an option.
6.         Don’t expect your oncologist to endorse your therapeutic nutritional program. My oncologist said I made the right choice but never once asked me what I did to overcome cancer. They are in a “protocol box.” Hold your head high.

I love to look into my future. Every day I work on continuous optimal health. I am at my highest vibration. I am mindful to be grateful, happy, supportive. I believe in a higher supreme power who gave us all the tools for overcoming health challenges. They are all there. You just have to know how to use them and to take control and use them. I now know who I am really meant to be.