Tuesday, March 10, 2020

In Cancer the Blood Highways Need to be Plowed Out!

Cancer starts from an injury. How do I know that? There is cell replication happening in cancer. The Laws of Nature state that cells in our bodies don’t randomly replicate. They replicate for a reason and that reason is to repair an injured membrane. Documented by Dr. McDougall

But there is a lack of nutrient building blocks for the stem cells to replicate healthy cells and the cell replication process continues. Stem cells are your little inner carpenters. They need nutrients and oxygen to build healthy cells for you. The bottom line is that if you have cancer you are not providing your stem cells with adequate nutrients, oxygen and water. This is a Law of Nature.

In order for the nutrients to reach the injured organ the pathways that carry those nutrients must by clear. In other words, the highways need to be plowed out in order for the trucks to get the building materials to the stem cell carpenters. The highways in your body is the blood stream The trucks are your blood plasma proteins that carry water and oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and tissues. If you want to know if your highways are moving just check your body temperature first thing iin the morning. It must be at 37 C. The laws of Nature states that cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 C. Your body temperature indicates how clear your blood highways are. Body temperature is related to an active blood circulation.

In cancer the cells that are replicating are mutated and these mutated cells cannot repair the injury. Why are there mutations happening?

1.The blood highways are congested with poisons, toxic debris, and the nutrients and oxygen are not getting to the stem cell carpenters.

3.The elimination channels, your bowels , kidneys, lungs are plugged and the waste debris and poisons are not moving out.
2. The lymphatic system, which I call your inner snowplows are overloaded and congested and are not moving out the poisons and waste debris out of the blood stream. Lets talk about  the poisons blocking the blood highways thereby causing inflammation or an irritation of the inner blood vessels or the inner cells and tissues of your inner organs like breasts, prostate, lungs, stomach, intestines and so on:

You are eating energetically dead food and you are relying on your body to clean that out. Dr Tom Reed said that 70% of all grocery store foods have GE ingredients. Dr Reed is the author of Your Health Has Been Hijacked.

We know we need some supplements and we go to Super Store or Costco to buy them. Dr Reed said most vitamins and minerals are coal tar products.

Everyone is eating massive amounts of grain products. Unfortunately, these grains are 2020 grains exposed to glyphosates from Round Up spray that cause leaky gut, leaky brain and interfere with protein digestion. Glyphosates are approved as an antibiotic according to Dr. Reed.

Then there are lectins, which are antinutrients found in grains poke holes in the gut, escape into the blood and make the blood sticky and heavy.

Candida fed by sugar, grains and antibiotics and different medications gets into the blood stream. It is a yeast infestation and can settle in any organ or gland of the body thereby preventing oxygen and nutrients from reaching those areas.

Medications of various kinds all have side effects. This is a soft term for inflammation. They create poisons which the liver must detoxify and if the liver cannot do this job effectively then these poisons settle in vulnerable inherent weaknesses in the body. I know of one lady who suffered terribly from the side effects of a thyroid medication that she was taking for 20 years. It was destroying her bone marrow and her blood was in terrible trouble. But we were able to solve that problem. There are alternatives to medications.

Root canals are continuous brewing factory of microbial infection and that has no where to go except into the flow systems of the body, the blood and the lymphatic system. Now your immune system is constantly taxed to clean up this infection.

Vaccinations of all kinds be it flu shots, pneumonia shots, shingles shots, MMR, DPT and so on are all genetically engineered in a lab. I wouldn’t eat any GE foods why would I inject GE poisons into my body? How can we ever think that a vaccination could prevent an illness? Have you ever bothered to read what is in one of those injections: heavy metals, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, viruses grown in sick animals and so on. No vaccination has any nutritional benefits and it is a poison in your blood. It causes inflammation. So if you happen to be born with a weak kidney it can settle there , stop the oxygen and nutrients from getting there and give you kidney disease or cancer. Think about what happens if your injected GE vaccine settles in your brain, or intestines, or breast or prostate?  The simple laws of nature tell you that you need nutrition to prevent an illness and not a venomous vaccine injection!

Here’s some interesting information I gleamed from Dr Reed. It was the DPT vaccine that caused polio.
It is the Pertussis vaccine that can cause Type 1 diabetes in children.

The consequence of the 3 reasons I just mentioned is that the oxygen levels to the injured area are not getting there. The laws of nature state that without oxygen oxidation for cell replication cannot take place. Dr. Otto Warburg proved in 1931 that when oxygen levels drop to below 35 % oxidation for healthy cell replication can no longer take place. If there is adequate oxygen in the adjacent area oxidation flips into fermentation. This process gives rise to parasital, fungal, viral activity. When the fungus integrates into the stem cell line of inner skin cells then the end results is cancer.

 When the fungus integrates into the stem cell line of lungs the end result is lung cancer.

When the fungus integrates into the stem cell line of breasts the end result is breast cancer.

When the fungus integrates into the stem cell line of the colon the end result is colon cancer.

When the fungus integrates into the stem cell line of prostate glands the end result is prostate cancer.

When the fungus integrates into the stem cell line of  brain cells the end result is brain cancer.

When the fungus integrates into the stem cell line of the stomach the end result is stomach cancer.

Knowing this information you job then is to take this on and do the following:

 Take Chi Mineral Toni, Flax Lignans, Collatrim Plus, Ultimate Green Zone, Solstic Energy in a water twice a day.

 Take Cat’s Claw in high doses to open the lymphatic system

 Use LBS 11 and do the One Day Kidney Flush to open the elimination channels.

 Clean up the fungal infection with Pau D’Arco and Paw Paw.

 Clean up the poisons in your blood with high doses of MC.

Stop eating sugar and stop putting poisons into your body.

Take your body temperature.

Do the Nevarro test.

Do the above until it works.

Don't quit!

The only time this program does not work is when you quit.