Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Blood Pressure Resolved

Jason had some challenging health problems and had worked on his health for years. He had suffered a concussion in 2014 which affected many parts of his life in different ways. He had seen numerous doctors over the next few years with very little results. His big concern was his high blood pressure. He had visited the hospital on and off for a long time with more medications to keep the blood pressure down. It would never really drop to normal even with the blood pressure medications he was taking.

Now Jason had known Donna Roth for a long time.He knew she was a herbal expert but it didn't cross his mind that her knowledge could help him. Jason's Mother in Law, Donna, had coerced him on several occasions to visit Donna but that didn't happen either. Finally after a year of seeing he results his Mother in Law was having with dissolving blood clots with herbs and raising her kidney function, Jason gave in and made the appointment.

"There were so many things I did not expect to hear from Donna. She warned me about the side effects of my medications, she talked about changing my diet, no grains, no sugars and then she did a thorough explanation on how to take the supplements.
I did 2 smoothies a day with
 Chi Mineral Tonic,
Ultimate Green Zone, 
Natures Harvest
Solstic Energy

With meals:
MC  8 twice a day to clean up the blood of metabolic wastes
Focus ATN 4 twice a day
Super Omega 3 a day

Empty stomach
Liquid B12  20 drops three times a day

Drink water and Chlorophyll 1 oz twice a day
Add some grey salt or pink salt

Jason followed the program to a T! 
On the third day after doing this program an amazing thing happened. The blood pressure dropped to a normal range of 126/75 and has stayed there for over a month. Jason is now off all blood pressure medications and other medications as well..