Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Cancer Sheena’s Sarcoma Story

Cancer    Sheena’s Sarcoma Story
 At age 22 diagnosed with sarcoma in the leg ,the              
 Same cancer as Terry Fox.
Sheena underwent surgery on the leg.
She had 36 radiation treatments
Then every year thereafter she had  MRI scans for 5 years.

April 1997 
Scan detects spots on the lungs
Chemotherapy is recommended.
 Sheena is given 3 months to live.
 In despair Sheena chooses alternatives.
May 1998    Saw Donna Roth
 Changed the diet – no sugar, no junk food, no wheat products
 Parasite cleanse with Black Walnut
 Cat’s Claw for anti-fungal purposes. Paw Paw was not available at this time.
  Cascara Sagrada for the bowels
  Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic

August 1998 Sheena knew her cancer was gone by intuition. She had learned to listen to her body.
2020 Sheena is alive and well and continues to have good health. She continues to listen to her body, to nourish her body faithfully and to take Nature Sunshine supplements according to the needs of her body.
For many years now, Sheena has taken time out of her life to visit me. She is a true inspiration to me. My first cancer client, Sheena, came to see me when she was 25 years old and this was her second bout of cancer. She suffered a cancer in her leg when she was 20 years old.
She pursued the conventional treatments and here she was 5 years later with lung cancer and now she was told she would have about 3 months to live. She just decided that there must be another way. At the point of her decision a letter was given to her and this letter contained my name and information about "another way." She immediately took action and appeared in my office. That was in 1998.
 Sheena had no money. She listened as I explained what it is that I knew about cancer and nutrition at that time. (Today I know way more about cancer than I did in 1998.) But there was one thing that Sheena had. It was a strong determination to prove her doctors wrong." How dare they give her a death sentence!" This determination was so strong she vowed never to go to a doctor again ever in her life. Why would she? They were the ones giving her a death sentence and why would she go to someone who offered death. Sheena's mind was made up. She did not know where her money would come from to pay for this therapeutic nutritional program. But she believed that when there is a strong faithful desire that the universe would provide. Sheena pursued the program and within 6 months she woke up one morning to know absolutely that her cancer was gone!
Now where did the money come from? Sheena's response to that question when I asked her years later was that the universe provided.  Her vision of healing her body was so clear, her faith was so strong, her determination so firm that money was not an obstruction. Money seemed to come almost from everywhere just at the time when she needed it most: an uncle gave her money, a friend repaid her, her father received extra income and offered it to Sheena, another friend gave her money and the list continued. Sheena healed her body a few short months later and has been cancer free since 1998. Today Sheena works up North making a very healthy income. And on many occasions Sheena has "paid it forward" offering her gift of money to others who need it.
Interestingly, one day Sheena left a blank cheque with me here in my office for a friend who was very ill and needed financial help. Sadly, her friend did not take her up on this offer. My thoughts here are " How many other times has an angel left an offering for you and you refused it."