Monday, June 1, 2020

From the Desk of Donna Roth June 1/2020

From the Desk of Donna Roth June 1/2020
“The disease most often misdiagnosed (missed 62.1% of the time) among the 15 top misdiagnosed conditions was spinal abscess, an infection that can compress the spinal cord and cause paraplegia (paralysis of the lower body).”
Therefore, we need to know what to do about infections or what to do when you are feeling not right.
Here is what you absolutely need to have at home for those kinds of emergency situations when you don’t know what it is.
Know that the blood must circulate the essential life-giving energy and the oxygen. Therefore the blood must be cleansed. Take MC in high doses 8 two or three times a day. I usually like to add Capsicum in this case. If there is internal bleeding Capsicum takes care of that. Capsicum is amazing for clearing up
Know that the lymphatic system is clogged up with poisons and must move out. Take Cat’s Claw about 4 three times a day.
Know that the waste debris and the poisons must move out through your elimination channels so take LBS11 to move it out through the bowels even though your bowels are moving. Drink Chlorophyll and water to move it out through the kidneys.
Perhaps there is an infection that needs to be addressed. Take Silver Guard about 1 ounce four times a day. I know the label states it’s a mouth wash. Yes, you can hold it in your mouth for 6 minutes to make it more effective but then you swallow it because its more than a mouth wash.
In a package you need to have at home:
Cat’s Claw
Silver Guard

“The highest misdiagnosis and error-harm rates were for lung cancer (22.5%, 13.8%),”
What everyone on this call needs to know is you don’t need a diagnosis; You just need to know what to do about it. This is where the 5 pillars come into play.
Cancer always starts from injury. How do I know this? There is one thing I know about cancer and that is there is cell replication taking place. Cells don’t randomly replicate; they replicate for a reason and that is to heal an injury. To heal an injury your stem cell carpenters, need nutrients and oxygen. That is your job to feed your stem cells with all the essential nutrients. And in the case of cancer that is certainly not happening. I know you eat organic but that is not good enough. If there were enough nutrients in your store-bought foods you would not have cancer. You need super foods.
Mineral Chi Tonic
Flax Hull Lignans
Ultimate Green Zone.
What happens as collagen production decreases?
 Muscles and skin sag.
The bones lose density.
The joints and ligaments become weaker and less elastic.
Cartilage becomes thinner and weaker at the joints
 it is supposed to cushion. Hair loses its wave or curl or thickness.
Organs may sag toward the floor (prolapse) and may malfunction.
The lungs turn to paper.
 The heart weakens and enlarges.
The liver and prostate may weaken and enlarge.
The arteries weaken and are less able to resist plaque formation.
Arteries are more likely to develop a break in one of their 3 layers (aneurysm).
The skin becomes thinner and it wrinkles.
Ever notice that kids never lick their fingers for friction when thumbing through the pages of a book – only adults do? Collagen breakdown.
The other thing I know in cancer is that the cells become mutated. Why? We go into pillar #2.
There are so many poisons floating around in your blood clogging up the injured area that oxygen and nutrients cannot get to the injured area. Where are those poisons coming from?
Grains with glyphosate, phytates, lectins, that cause leaky gut and get into the blood stream and make the blood sticky and heavy.
Candida yeast fed by sugar, antibiotics, drugs, causes leaky gut and gets into the blood stream and clogs up the blood and the lymphatic system. Candida makes xenoestrogens and that is fodder for cancer.
Heavy metals in all vaccinations and in your mercury fillings.
What do we do once we know we are full of all these poisons?
Eliminate grains, sugars, starches, legumes, pop, alcohol, fruit juices.
Take Flax Lignans that bind xenoestrogens.
Take Cat’s Claw to open the lymphatic system to clean up the poisons.

The blood needs to be cleaned out from all those heavy metals.
Take MC 6 twice a day.
Take your body temperature to be sure the blood is circulating adequately. It should be 98.6 or 37C. Cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37C.

Those poisons loitering around in your blood stream need to have a passage to move out; the bowels, the kidneys and the skin and the lungs.
Do dry skin brushing first thing in the morning.
Do deep breathing and exercise outside.
Take LBS 11 to be sure that your bowels are thoroughly cleaning out all those poisons.
Drink Water and Chlorophyll to keep the kidneys flushing.

In cancer there is a fungal infection, and this is when you take Paw Paw or Pau D’Arco or E-tea. These are all antifungal herbs.  How do I know that there is a fungal infection?
When the blood and the lymphatic system get so clogged up that oxygen can no longer reach the injured area then there is a serious problem. It has been scientifically documented by Dr Otto Warburg that when oxygen to the injured area drops to below 35% then oxidation for the purpose of healthy cell replication can no longer happen. If there is also enough sugar to the injured areas, then oxidation flips into fermentation which is fed by sugar. This process leads to the activation of microbes, viruses, fungus and parasites. When the fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell lines ir mutates the cells and the replication of those mutated cells we call cancer.

 Note I also said viruses. Now viruses happen before we get to the fungus or cancer stage. Viruses then prevent you from getting cancer! Viruses only happen when there is toxic waste debris in your body that needs cleaning up. This was well documented by Bechamp in the 1800’s then by Dr Williams, then by Florence Nightingale, and today by Dr Judy Mikovits and Dr Buttar who are now openly saying that the Germ Theory is false. Viruses don’t just randomly happen. They only happen when there is toxic waste that needs to be cleaned up to allow life to continue and to prevent cancer from happening. All microbes, bacteria, viruses, fungus, cancer are on the same pleomorphic cycle. In other words, they all change shape and size according to the poisons they need to clean up. The Germ Theory , the scare tactic theory tells you a virus is out there to get you and you need a vaccine  or you will die is totally false. It makes no sense and it does not follow the laws of Nature. Here is my other point. No one can ever develop a vaccine with that virus antibody because the virus constantly changes its shape and size. The present corona virus has at least changed 32 times by now according to Dr Bush and Dr. Tenpenney. One more point; there is no such thing as a safe and tested vaccine. This has recently been proven in a court of law by Bobby Kennedy Jr. He has proven that there have been no tests for any vaccines for 32 years. Yet we have all fallen into the vaccine trap.
Here is where I make a declaration:
I will not allow anyone to inject against my will a toxic vaccine under the pretense that it will protect me or under the pretense that I will protect others. To me being held up against my will is a type of rape.
“It may be conceded that the legislature has no constitutional right to compel any person to vaccinations."
CoVid and Vaccine Related Tid bits.
The quarantine has gutted the economy and now America’s 5 wealthiest people have gotten 75 billion dollars richer 
Lead author of the study vaccinated children vs unvaccinated children, Dr. Hooker, stated, “The results definitely indicate better health outcomes in children who did not receive vaccines within their first year of life. These findings are consistent with additional research that has identified vaccination as a risk factor for a variety of adverse health outcomes.
Article by Russell Blaylock M.D. published May 14, 2020 in Technocracy News & Trends. By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.”
Vaccinated macaques sickened after exposure to COVID-19. Edinburgh University’s Eleanor Riley told Forbes the vaccine provided “insufficient” antibodies to prevent infection and viral shedding. Vaccinated monkeys spread the disease The Moderna vaccine for CoVid vaccine just produced severe illness in four out of 45 participants (9%). One of these, a 29-year-old, described feeling “sicker than he ever has before”; fainting after an urgent care visit, “his girlfriend caught him and kept his head from hitting the floor.”
PR efforts designed to persuade parents to sign their children over to COVID-19 vaccine trials and mandates. Vaccine scientists like to take advantage of parents’ altruism by telling them that their children’s participation in vaccine trials is “necessary” and “important for public health,
Success stories
Today I had a visit from Sheena, my very first cancer client.
Sheena, came to see me when she was 25 years old and this was her second bout of cancer. She suffered a cancer in her leg when she was 20 years old. She pursued the conventional treatments and here she was 5 years later with lung cancer and now she was told she would have about 3 months to live. She just decided that there must be another way. At the point of her decision a letter was given to her and this letter contained my name and information about "another way." She immediately took action and appeared in my office. That was in 1998.
 Sheena had no money. She listened as I explained what it is that I knew about cancer and nutrition at that time. (Today I know way more about cancer than I did in 1998.) But there was one thing that Sheena had. It was a strong determination to prove her doctors wrong." How dare they give her a death sentence!" This determination was so strong she vowed never to go to a doctor again ever in her life. Why would she? They were the ones giving her a death sentence and why would she go to someone who offered death. Sheena's mind was made up. She did not know where her money would come from to pay for this therapeutic nutritional program. But she believed that when there is a strong faithful desire that the universe would provide. Sheena pursued the program and within 6 months she woke up one morning to know absolutely that her cancer was gone!
It is now 2020 and Sheena has been cancer free for 22 years even after she was given 3 months to live.
I can’t help sharing this story. When singer Warren Zevon was diagnosed with lung cancer, doctors gave him three months to live. He refused chemotherapy because it would have interfered with working on his last album. He said in an interview, “I didn’t want any drastic alterations in my health – other than dying.”
Warren lasted a year. And he kept right on smoking, till the end. That means that he lived 9 months longer than the 3 months the doctor gave him. He quadrupled their estimate without treatment. Using their logic, I guess someone could actually make a case from this that cigarettes are four times as effective as chemotherapy for terminal lung cancer. We need to have laughter in our lives.