Thursday, June 25, 2020

Monday Call Information

Vaccines are safe and effective is a commonly heard phrase. Dr. Tenpenny explains this statement well. Vaccines when injected into the body create antibodies.  So in this sense they are effective. Of course, vaccines create antibodies. Antibodies are created whenever there are a poison in the blood that do not belong there. The immune system immediately kicks in to fight off the toxins. But being effective says Dr. Tenpenny does not mean they prevent you from getting sick. For example, you can get a tetanus shot which creates antibodies in your blood and then you can end up with tetanus or an autoimmune disease from the adjuvants such as mercury and aluminum present in all shots. Effective does not mean protection. Effective does not mean there are no dangerous poisons in the vaccines. Effective does not mean you will not get asthma, eczema, diabetes, autism seizures and do on from the vaccines. Dr. Tenpenny pleads for all of us to take responsibility and read the labels. People read the labels on their food products but never read the labels in the vaccines they inject into their bodies. Question your doctors. Stop being intimidated by an authority figure.
What can you do to clean out the blood once the blood has been exposed to the toxic debris from vaccines? You can take Heavy Metal Detox, MC , Super Oil and Mineral Chi Tonic. Do this program for  one month for every 10 years of your age. This  is called the Oral Chelation Program.. I love Laurence Smith who helped to design this program. At one time in his life Laurence was once a very sick man who suffered 2 heart attacks at the age of 37 years old. He turned to the Oral Chelation program and he explicitly explained that he did not get any results from this program until he took it for 5 months. What do people want when they start any herbal program? The want results now! And they quit just after about 3 months saying it didn’t work. This is a common saying. “ I tried it and it didn’t work for me.” The reality is that you didn’t do it. The fact is you just keep doing the program until it works!

Updates from VCC
Bill 11 in New Brunswick; madate vaccinations to every child attending school
Was defeated ; 22 MLA’s vs 20 voted it down.
Guest Diane, who worked tirelessly as a mother along with Cheryl, another mother were guests on VCC
“ One bad product to be forced on everyone and we could lose humanity!”
This is so much bigger that not getting shots!
Its about humanity.
Its about having no say over our own bodies or our children’s bodies.
Its about slavery to a vaccine company.

Rocco the VCC lawyer
A mask is used to remind us that we are slaves and we are not in control.
Its to remind us to remove identity as a human being
I freed 1000 slaves.
I could have freed a 1000 more if only they knew they were slaves..
My take on masks:
During WW 11 the Nazi all wore a swastika as a symbol in support of the Nazi agenda.
Today 2020 the mask is a symbol in support of the WHO agenda.
I will have no part in wearing a mask that hides my identity, that prevents me from taking in my God given breath, that symbolizes my submissiveness to a non-God authority, that shows everyone I support  the WHO 80% privately funded by Big Pharma and Bill Gates.

"Guess what?" he continued. "Today, she walked the whole thing back and ... I know I’m left thinking how can we possibly trust the WHO at all?"

Van Kerkhove said earlier Tuesday that there had been "misunderstandings" about comments she made Monday, when she stated that coronavirus transmission by asymptomatic individuals was “very rare.”

Jody; TAFYH Grad is my guest this evening.
Just wanted to share a brief health update.  I am now 7 months off the chemo medication and the results of my latest CT scan show the metastasis in my lungs is stable with no change in the last 3 months. Note I knew even going into the appointment it would be. I have continued to trust myself, eating well, taking my supplements, being active (riding horses) and feeling good. I bless the cancer for giving me a different life that I can enjoy now and continuing on my journey of transforming myself and mind body connection.
 All the best!

For Arthritis
One Day Kidney Flush ; do this two days a week
1 glass water with a squirt of lemon organic
2 capsules of K and 2 capsules of Hydrangea

About 2 hours later take:
1 glass water with 1 tablespoon of Chlorophyll
2 capsules of K and 2 capsules of Hydrangea

Alternate every 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours.
Do this all day long.
Have your Smoothie and eat the right foods
This is not a fast.

Every day take 2 smoothies:
Chi Mineral Tonic 1 oz each time
Solstic Energy ½ each time
Collagen  ½  scoop each time
Nature’s Harvest
Water and Ice

ART-A take 4 three times a day
Cat’s Claw take 3 twice a day
LBS 11 take 1 to 4 to be sure your bowels are moving twice a day

For the little one for collic
Catnip/Fennel a drop on your pinkie and into the mouth
Probiotic 11 ; open the capsule and put some on the pinkie finger and put it into the mouth

Daughter fatigue
Chi Tonic 1 oz twice a day
Liquid Methyl B12 20 drops into the mouth and hold for about 30 seconds.
Do this three times a day
Magnesium 4 twice a day
Probiotic 11 take 3 with evening meal.