Monday, July 20, 2020

TeleCall with Donna Roth and Fran and Cecilia, Breast Cancer

Dr. Kelly Brogan, We have the authority to choose the story that empowers our body with wisdom, quiets our nervous system, and affords us the opportunity to smile with a deep knowing that everything is unfolding exactly as it should to serve a collective return to health and  love. I hope to help you make that choice.
The VCC event in Vernon was fabulous.
It was very casual sitting on the grass of Poulson Park with people who are awake, like-minded, courageous in taking a stand for our children and grandchildren. The speakers were outstanding, and the event was all voluntary. Heather, who heads the VCC chapter in Vernon organized the event. Jackie, a musician was the MC for the event and she also provided the entertainment. There were ladies that voluntarily prepared food and the speakers all volunteered. This event reminded me of the wonderful memories I have of my childhood where all the farmers got together to help each other with threshing. The ladies all worked to prepare the food and the kids all helped where they could and created and played their own games outdoors. Let me tell you about the speakers:
David Lindsay talked about common law
Curtis, a farmer talked about how to deal with continuous govt agricultural inspections, I would call it harassment.
Gary Fong talked about the 5 G project that is coming down the pipeline and Kelowna happens to be the pilot project! It was comforting to know that the farmers in Kelowna have met and they are agreeing to refuse to sell some of their property to have these 5G towers installed on their land. Profit is not a priority here and there is a huge awakening and consciousness happening!
Dr. Ross Anderson, who is a TAFYH grad talked about ELF and EMF protection.
VCC  president Ted Kuntz received a standing ovation for his presentation on the work of VCC.
CoVid does not meet the pandemic standards,
2018 flu deaths 230 deaths per 1 million people.
2020 CoVid deaths 234 deaths per 1 million people.
In comparison in one day 9500 people die of hunger.
Where does the pandemic really lie?
To date 34 vaccines have been removed from the market because they were found to be unsafe.
Ted Kuntz lost his son to vaccines and that vaccine is no longer on the market. Shauna who owns the health food store in my neighborhood lost her first baby to vaccines. My friend, Melody’s brother is in a wheelchair because he was damaged by a vaccine. That is 3 people I personally know that have been harmed or died from vaccines. At the Vernon event yesterday, we watched a documentary Vaxxed 11 where literally 1000’s of children have now died due to vaccinations. Does it take deaths and harm to our children to wake up to this vaccine t
VCC filed a legal challenge regarding the breaking of our constitutional laws and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms served to the Federal Govt, Ontario, several counties in Ontario and CBC.
114 invitations to mainstream media were served and not one attended the press conference with the lawyer, Rocco Galanti. One media journalist called Rocco, and told him his boss told them not to attend.
Trudeau has recently bought $70 million of syringes.

I want to leave you with this:
Make a decision regarding vaccinations. Are you strongly saying NO or are you in that weakened state ready to succumb to the pressures of govt and medical authorities? The beauty of being on this call is that I already know your answer and where you stand. That is so comforting to me.
Take a strong stand in your decision. Remember how a young boy, David, in the scriptures was able to defeat the big bully giant, Goliath! And know that David was mocked and made fun of! None of this affected him. He was focused. He knew God was on his side. He had such undeniable strong faith that fear did not reside in his soul. David knew without a shadow of doubt that he would defeat the bully. And he did! Not only did he defeat one bully, he saved his whole nation.

We need to come to that same faith and that same realization. Not only are we standing for the health and freedom of out own bodies we are standing for the freedom of our children, our grandchildren and the children of our entire nation. We also need to make that same decision as did David. To have no fear but to stand strong in faith and warn our neighbors. The more there are of us with that courage and faith the more influence we have in our own realms and that energy goes out into the universe to affect thousands of others.
The next thing to know is how to protect your own health as the fear mongering gets more intense. The most important thing you must absolutely do is keep your body healthy.
Eat high dense nutritious foods; be it from your own garden or from the farmer’s market.
Have a super food smoothie every day. Every morning I go to my garden and pick a few carrots, tops and all, on beet and several comfrey leaves and I throw these into my morning smoothie along with Chi Mineral Toni with all its minerals and astragalus to make more stem cells in my body, with reishi mushroom  which cleans out any candida and fungus that may be present, with Schisandra and ginseng that feeds my glandular system and ginger to prep my digestive system and ginkgo biloba for circulation. Then I add Aloe Vera juice, a scoop of Collagen, a scoop of Nature’s Harvest, a scoop of Flax Lignans, and a Solstic Energy with water and ice. Sometimes I add a raw egg. It is very filling and very delicious and a meal to last for hours.

Now I know that not always am I able to make this smoothie and sometimes I am on the road where it is inconvenient. So, I want to introduce to Super Trio which is my favorite I -am-on-the -run substitute. Yesterday I took it to Vernon with me. Super Trio is a packet of Super Omega 3 Oil, Super Mineral/Vitamin and Super Antioxidant. And let me tell you, that you will feel a difference in taking it.
Today I want to acknowledge Cecilia who is on the call with us. She is my hero and a hero to others because she bravely took on her own health when she came to the realization that radiation would not cure her cancer and that there must be a different way. Cecilia has agreed to have Fran read her story so that many others may be influenced to follow the path that she took. Thank  you Cecilia and thank you Fran.

Cancer Breast by Cecilia
It was 2015 when Cecilia, at 79 years old, discovered she had a large lump on her left breast the size of a walnut. Cecilia then succumbed to a mammogram followed by a lumpectomy to remove that lump. After completing 26 sessions of radiation Cecilia just felt that this was not right. The next recommendation was chemotherapy. This is where Cecilia drew the line. She refused chemotherapy treatments and decided to do some research.
It came to her realization that diet had something to do with cancer. In fact, this was Cecilia’s second health problem. In 2011 she underwent a surgery to remove a 12 inch portion of her colon because there was a blockage in her colon and she was made to believe it was cancerous. However, upon having that portion of her colon tested it was discovered there was no cancer in the colon. Cecilia was somewhat annoyed. Her words,” If I had known I would never have done the colon surgery.” Cecilia was also warned by her doctor that cancer generally comes back within 5 years.
Here it was 4 years later and there was cancer in the left breast. Because of her experience with the colon surgery Cecilia really dug into research this time. The book that jumped out at her was Eat Right For Your Blood Type. Wow! There were some answers here. So immediately the diet was addressed. All sugars, all grains were eliminated. The search continued.
One day shortly thereafter, a friend who had attended a seminar given by Dr. McLaughlin on Paw Paw, gave Cecilia a handout entitled War on Cancer, the Paw Paw discovery. Gratefully, Cecilia took the article and as most of us do, never read it but tucked it away. Now that cancer was a problem it hit Cecilia that she needed to find that article. There it was! War on Cancer, Paw Paw Discovery! The name stamped at the bottom of the article was Fran Kovacs. In Cecilia’s words “ I got excited and called Fran. She helped me get all the products I needed to get started on the Paw Paw program. I also purchased Donna's two books...Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury & the Mud Pies cookbook” This was March 4, 2015.Fran also helped Cecilia complete the Body Systems Questionnaire with the following results:
immune...2..hepatic...1 reproductive..0...digestion Total was 44
Fran noticed that the high number in the Body Systems Questionnaire was 9 for Circulation.  She asked Cecilia if there were any problems with heart and circulation. Cecilia proceeded to explain that she had a monitoring system from the doctor because her blood pressure would rise when she was sleeping as high as 150. Fran realized that there were some heart problems.  Fran immediately suggested the Nature’s Sunshine product Arginine Plus for heart and circulation. The program Fran designed for Cecilia  included Collagen, Chi Mineral Toni, Flax Hull Lignans, Combination K., Paw Paw, Pau D ‘Arco, Silver Guard, as per the instructions in Donna Roth’s book, Practical Solutions to the Cancer Injury.
Cecilia got to work. She ate the right foods. She made a smoothie twice a day with Chi Mineral Tonic, Flax Hull Lignans, Green Zone Solstic Energy and water. It took about 2 months before Cecilia noticed that there were changes happening.
Cecilia’s words,” My breast had a slight tingle, I got worried that the cancer had returned.  Two days later I noticed no more tingle; it was gone.  I also experienced the rash on the breast.  It was itchy so I put Silver gel on it several times a day and it disappeared.  I also had a callus on my foot, I had tried every remedy on the market, so I told myself why not try the Paw Paw  on my callus so I made a cream out of 1 capsules of Paw Paw and lemon juice. I then soaked my foot for 30 minutes and  put it on a bandage and applied it to my foot I wrapped it in a plastic bag and went to bed. The next morning I took the bandage off, washed my foot and noticed a layer of the callus had come off.  Slowly time after time following this procedure, I was able to remove the callus.  This stuff is amazing, I was excited.  When I told Fran what happened she was excited too.
“In the meantime, I wanted to know, what my body was doing so I asked my Doctor.  I wanted a complete blood test done.  He agreed.  When my report came back he couldn't believe what he was seeing. All he said you are healthy.  My cholesterol was normal and all he said whatever you are doing...keep doing it.”
“And I am going to stay on this program for a long time thanks to Fran, to Paw Paw and Dr. McLaughlin and staff and to Donna Roth for putting this all together.”
Now the year is 2020, five years since the breast lump was removed. Cecilia at 84 years of age continues to follow the program. Cecelia does have digestive  problems with gas and bloating and today recognizes that the colon surgery that she never should have been done is the cause of the digestive problem.Cecilia has a strong determination,” I won’t give up.” What does she continue to do:
Eat the right foods. Avoid sugar and grains.
Take 2 Paw Paw 2 x daily, & 2 Pau D ‘Arco. 2 x daily and CoQ10 for the heart.
Every day Cecilia has a smoothie with Collagen, Ultimate Green Zone, Chi Mineral Toni and she still takes liquid Chlorophyll
Fran continues to follow up with Cecilia and to coach her. Just recently Fran once again worked with Cecilia to do a Body Systems Questionnaire and the total is 23. There is no cancer, the cholesterol levels are healthy, the heart and blood are healthy, and Cecilia is on no medications.
In regard to money Cecilia stated that she does not have much money, but health is a priority for her and she has made the decision to adjust her finances to purchase the products needed to stay healthy. At one point she said that her health was a life or death situation and she made the money work. She does not believe in drugs and stays away from them.
Cecilia has tried to help others who are afflicted with breast cancer. She recalls writing a letter to one lady with breast cancer explaining the program to her but never heard back from her. She warns others to do their research and to think twice about having a surgery.
At this point I would like to thank Cecilia for being a hero for these many reasons:
She opened her mind to learn from Fran.
She took on her own health and trusted Fran to be her mentor and guide.
She recognized that doctors make mistakes as they did with her surgery.
She found out how important it is to do your own research and not blindly trust a doctor,
She took a strong stand in refusing chemotherapy and that is a courageous thing to do.
She did not accept the old adage that at 79 years old you cannot regain health.
She did not have money, but herbs were a priority and she adjusted her finances.
She is teaching others the wisdom she has gained if only they would listen.
She was opened to learning the Laws of Nature that you need nutritional energy to heal.

My special needs nephew is freaking out, he has really bad anxiety, wants to go to clinic to get something really strong, but I would like him to try something natural, is it the herb  zerenity. 
I suggest that all grains and legumes be eliminated.
Use Solstic Nutrition and water instead of pop.
Eat protein for breakfast like eggs and sausages or a Smoothie with Ultimate
Green Zone and Solstic Energy
Have lots of protein snacks ready when hungry such as pepperoni sticks, boiled eggs, salmon bites, jerky, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds of sunflower seed butter ets.
Take Zerenity about 2 twice a day
Take a Stress Pak twice a day
Drink Chlorophyll and water.