Monday, November 30, 2020

Mila’s Mom Success Story


Mila’s Mom Success Story

I love hearing the amazing success stories I hear from people how follow my given protocol. So today I have been given permission to share this story given to me my Mila. Now how did Mila hear about my programs? It was Susann who pointed Mila in my direction through the TAFYH course that Susann was presently taking. Mila is on Susann’s TAFYH team.

Mila came to see me in tears because her Mom was very sick. Her bowels did not move for 10 days. She was in severe pain. Her stomach was big and hard and blown up. She had no energy and was barely able to walk. Mila was very concerned because her Mom had now stopped eating and was just barely drinking water. Her Mom thought that there was a tumor in her abdomen but she would not see a doctor. She just did not believe that any doctor could help her.

The red flag for me was that her bowels had not moved in 10 days and there was pain, there was an upset stomach and there was no appetite. I moved into the emergency mode and I knew this was a very serious situation. Here is the Emergency protocol I designed for Mila’s Mom;

Catnip/Fennel to ease stomach discomfort, LB extract and LBS 11 and Bacillus Coagulans and water to be taken three times a day until the bowels started to move. Mila was a strong believer in the power of herbs and with a feeling of hope she left my office with the Catnip/Fennel to ease stomach discomfort, LB extract and LBS 11 and Bacillus Coagulans and also with products for Smoothies as I knew that her Mom needed nutrition in her body: Arginine Plus, Green Zone and Chi Mineral Toni and Garden Essence.

Now I know people very well and I never know weather they would follow my instructions. How often I have heard these same people tell their circle of friends that they tried herbs and they never worked only for me to find out the instructions were never followed. Carol and I have done this work for over 35 years. It is through experience that we have learned that the instructions must be followed to get results.

Mila was determined to see her Mom get better. She followed the explicit instructions I provided for her. Her Mom was very cooperative and took the LBS11, Catnip/Fennel and LB extract and Bacillus Coagulans three times a day with water. Her Mom did have a hard time drinking smoothie as there was no appetite and there was pain. Within a day the bowels started to move, and they really moved within 2 days. There was some mysterious things that moved out. Mila’s Mom thought it was the tumour that moved through. Now it has been about 10 days and Mila’s Mom is a totally different person. The big and hard stomach is now soft and flat. The blown-up feeling is totally gone. She is walking by herself. She now has energy. The bowel movements are back to normal. The hunger has come back, and she eats well and enjoys her smoothies. She no longer is taking LB extract or LBS11 as she feels she no longer needs it. Mila is absolutely delighted that her Mom has her life back. I say Yahoo to this.

Today I visited one lady that I have known for many years. She is truly a lovely person that I hold in high esteem. She has purchased MC for many years. Here she was in her late 80’s in a wheelchair; her leg amputated. Why do I bring this to your attention? This lady took MC for many years as a vitamin/mineral supplement but what she did not know is this same product MC can be used for therapeutic purposes. You just need to know how to use it therapeutically. Now do I believe her leg could have been saved. The answer is yes. Why do I say so? Many years ago one lady brought her Mother into my office. This Mother’s leg was black, blue, purple and she was also told an amputation was necessary. The question they had for me was of course this: is there a way to save her leg. This is where the therapeutic action of these natural products come into action. The program I designed was MC in high doses. Just following the instructions on the bottle is not a therapeutic dose. MC at least 6 or more twice a day along with about 3 oz of Chi Mineral Toni and lots of Super Oil. Do this for one month for every 10 years of your age. This Mother did just that and in a few months the leg started to get the pink color back and the circulation returned, and no amputation was needed.

Here is another catch to these success stories. A severe situation like this one takes time. Most people I have designed programs for have quit. If they don’t see results in 2 months then in their eyes it just doesn’t work, My question is What option do you really have when you have been told amputation or a given a death diagnosis. Stick it out. This is not about money either as many think it is. Laurence with 2 heart attacks at age 37 and age 39 did not get any results until after 5 months of sticking with the MC program. Hilda diagnosed with RA did not see any results until she had been on the program for 4 months and she just woke up one morning to realize that for the first time in years she had slept all night long. The pain was gone! Phyll did not get results for RA until she had done 24 One Day Kidney Flushes and that took 6 months.

There is such a misconception about the work we do. And you don’t really get to understand it until you experience it and witness it. And to understand it, it is critical to be on these calls and to even do my TAFYH course. We have all been so very deeply programmed into believing that our bodies are not capable of healing. You body is created to heal. Your body can overcome any virus, Your body can overcome cancer and lupus, MS, diabetes. I have witnessed them all.

 It is high time each of us learned the Laws of Nature that are freely given to all of us, that we learned how to become self-reliant in health. No one can do health for you, It is your responsibility.