Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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Vancouver Rally

Dr Malthouse prescription

Maci, 6 years old, words of wisdom

Quercetin as found in Histablock, a study

Why would someone get Parkinson’s?

Why would someone get MS?

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Hi Donna i sure learned a lot on the phone tonight. I hope what i said was ok. You are such a Blessing in my life and also to others God Bless You Deborah

The lessons are all absolutely awesome. I'm learning every day. Sometimes I wonder why it is that I'm 64 yrs. and have not learnt this before. And then, I think how grateful I am to learn it now. Wendy

Yes, Dawn's and my dear friend is Donna Roth. I met her in the late 80's.   What a loving, dedicated, intelligent woman.  She is our go to person for health.   We don't see doctors.   And she has helped and coached Dawn to wellness since her cancer diagnosis 4 years ago.  I am so grateful to her, and for her.  

From Cameron, He ended up in Emergency because he needed attention for a bad wound. The doctor persisted on a tetanus shot. Cameron said this: Let me take some time and do the research. What wise words and I want everyone to take note.

I hear this often. I feel anemic and I think I need iron. Actually you need :Liquid Methyl B12 20 drops three times a day.

A nurse: If you do not master yourself someone else will master over you.

Vancouver Rally Feb 20/21

I caught the bus at 6:30 in the morning with 14 other people and I describe them as compassionate, caring, alert and awake. It is great to be early birds at the rally as this is where I had the opportunity to meet Michelle and Kimberly from Campbell River. They watched their mother suffer and die in loneliness in a home that was under lock down. I was instrumental in their letter writing campaign. I then met Susan Stansfield with her 2 children. She is an incredible outspoken truth seeker who has kept her children away from all those dreaded vaccines. She was arrested not for a stealing, smuggling drugs, committing harm to anyone but for not wearing a mask. One of the highlights of the rally was to witness my little 6 year old friend from Kelowna stand up before a crowd of 1000 people and give her little innocent profound truth speech which went something like this: Hi, My name is Maci. I don’t like masks. I can’t see smiles and I like smiles. I like to breathe. Now let me tell you about health. You need to drink clean water, be outside in the sunshine to get Vitamin D , take your vitamins and minerals and eat good foods.” Now this little 6 year old gave us more information about our health than Bonnie Henry has in the past year and a half. Interestingly enough, Maci’s Mom, Carla, grew up in Sandy Lake, MB which is about 30 miles from my home town of Oakburn, MB. Carla’s teacher was Shirley who grew up in Oakburn MB. This is a small world.

Two nurses from Ontario flew to Vancouver as speakers. Both of them had been fired because they spoke out about the atrocities, they had witnessed in the nursing homes. The minute lockdowns occurred and there was no spokespersons like their children to speak for them is when all hell broke lose and the elderly were treated according to the words on paper that drifted down from some so called health authority in La La land. I say it this way to emphasize the  disconnections, the lack of compassion, the  no more common sense stuff that these nurses kept reinstating. I had an opportunity to meet these nurses, to give them a hug and to tell them that there are thousands of us that stand for them. Interestingly, Sarah, one of the nurses told me how she is now making more money than she ever did as a nurse and she is free to stand for freedom; no more oppression, no more censorship and she is not being forced to inject vaccinations into the elderly against her better judgement and against their will.

Ted Kuntz Pres of VCC was also on our bus and he was a speaker at the event. As you  know his son began having unstoppable seizures about 30 or more a day from the time of his baby vaccination shot. Ted’s son passed away at age 32. So for 32 years that poor boy suffered seizures that no doctor could do anything about. As a matter of fact the doctor told Ted not to come back again as there was nothing he could do for him. Notice how they cause the problem and then ditch you when you ask for help. Stay away from doctors and drugs.

It was great to meet and give a hug to Dr Malthouse was there. He is from Salt Spring Island. He is so supportive of this movement. He was called to appear before the  College of Physicians and Surgeons which he did. The college offered him 2 lawyers which Dr. Malthouse refused. His lawyer was Rocco Gallat, the constitutional lawyer who is taking the federal govt and our provincial govt to court. At the hearing Rocco asked the college that nothing will proceed unless it is all recorded. Rocco being Italian once again said. This: I know that I am Italian and sometimes I speak Italian  and maybe I used my Italian language so  I am reiterating this request in English one more time. No proceedings will move forward unless it is all recorded. The College refused and the case was closed. This took all of 5 minutes.

Dr Malthouse gave the same prescription that Maci did, clean water, good food, Vit D about 5000 IU, Vit C and zinc. No vaccinations were mentioned in his protocal.

David Lindsay, our common law leader from Kelowna was a speaker. A mother, by the name of Denise had a son who was given a medical exemption for no mask wearing in school. Denise explained the terrible discrimination; he was told to use a different door than the other classmates, there was mocking and jeering. It was David who researched the laws concerning masks and the law he found states that for a child to wear a mask it must be prescribed by a doctor. So in fact all these children are all wearing masks against the law. David wrote the letter to the school board, the principal and the mask wearing had totally turned around.

Dr Christiane Northrup, guest on VCC call:

One way to detect a good Vitamins and Mineral supplements is one ingredient: its molybdenum

Her prescription: a good Vitamin Mineral supplement like Nature’s Sunshine Super Vit/Mineral

Vit C, Omega 3, Zinc; we are all zinc deficiency.

She witnessed going into 3 overflowed rooms full of vaccine damaged children and all doctors ignored what they saw right before their eyes. They denied the evident and continued to say vaccines are safe and effective.

The Germ Theory is a psyop. Psyop are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, We have been indoctrinated as children to believe in a false germ! The agenda is run by sociopaths. They are sicker than we are smart.

Say No to mammograms. Say No to pap tests. Say NO to colonoscopy.

CoVid is an instrument to the vaccines.

PCR test is the vaccine.

It only takes 3% of the population to tip the scale. We are there and the dark controllers never counted on it.

Studies show that those with the most education are the most vulnerable to this propaganda; shows me that university is a propaganda institution. Big Pharma is falling. Farmers don’t buy into this CoVid agenda.

We forgotten our power. We give them, the dark agenda power with our fear. There is such a thing as righteous anger.

My Awareness

Last week I had 2 people call me with so-called emergency situations. They called the doctor only to find out that they would have to take a PCR test and refused to go to the doctor. I applaud them. Stay away from those PCR tests. Stop going to the doctors. Learn to take control with God given herbs. So once more be prepared.

Cat’s Claw, Silver for infections, Capsicum for serious bleeding, Vit C TR, Zinc, Histablock for respiratory system, Ultimate Green Zone, Solstic Energy, Stress Pak

Quercetin present in Histablock

Lab and animal studies show that quercetin, found in apple peel, helps promote neurogenesis in the hippocampal area of the brain responsible for learning and memory function

Exercise also stimulates hippocampal growth and may be necessary for improved cognition with neurogenesis as demonstrated in an animal model

Quercetin and exercise also help support your immune system and lower your risk of viral illnesses, such as the common cold, flu or COVID-19

More strategies to help protect brain health include eating foods rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fats, lowering or eliminating your consumption of sugar and processed foods, consistently getting adequate amounts of quality sleep and eating a cyclical ketogenic diet.

Antibiotic use in pregnancy linked to childhood asthma risk

Pfizer CEO: ‘Every Year You Will Have to Get Your Annual Shot for COVID’


Action4Canada is not concerned about the Canadian public health officials so called "growing concerns about the prevalence of COVID-19 misinformation." The public health officials should be the ones concerned about the part they are playing in spreading misinformation about so called Covid-19 and the irreparable harm they are causing Canadians. It is our hope that they will be held personally liable for their part in a court of law one day soon. The evidence is not on their side for masking, social distancing, the PCR testing or the lockdowns. There is no evidence to support the unprecedented decisions they are making.

Why would someone get Parkinson’s disease? Tetanus shot!

When the fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of the nerve cells the end result is Parkinsons.

Why would someone get MS? Tetanus shot.

When the fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of the spinal cells the end result is MS.

Why might someone get lymphoma? Root canals

Mark is a 64-year-old with joint problems on right hip and left knee joint.  Doctor says there is no cartilage left and he must have knee and hip replacement.

Lectins from grains rob the collagen from the joints.

Candida also destroys collagen production.

No grains, no sugar, no antibiotics, no legumes.

Eat meats, fermented dairy,  vegies, seeds, berries,

Smoothies with Green Zone and Collagen powder with Solstic Energy

Glucosamine binds toxic lectins from the joints,

EverFlex tablets and Everflex cream externally

Do the One Day Kidney Flush one day a week.

Do this program one month for every 10 years of your age,


Hi i was wondering does Donna has experience with Autism?

and how she can help?

I have son he will be 8 years old in March , he is been diagnosed ASD on he was 3 years old.