Monday, March 29, 2021

Monday Teleconference Call March 29/21


Monday Teleconference Call March 29/21

Hi Donna

I hope you are doing well :)

I just put in my order for my Nutrients shake, the Green zone powder was not available and is on backorder so I ordered the capsules. Customer service asked me to confirm with my sponsor if this would be ok to take 4 of them for each shake, when I red the description on the internet it seems that they have the same composites ignitions so I did order them yesterday.

On another note, I would like to give you some feedback after taking the nutrients shake for over 1 year now. It simply amazing, all my body pains are completely gone, I have not been sick once in the past 14 months compare to at least 3 times sick each year prior I start drinking them. Two weeks ago I left for a project u in Kitimat BC and I forgot my nutrients at home. Now on the 12th day after I did not drink any , I started feeling the same body pains in my back & shoulder that I felt before , this just confirms how important is to keep drinking the nutrients on daily basis. I can't wait to get back home and to resume my routine.

A big thank you for setting me up on these nutrients shake, I have referred people to you as I encounter people with health issues quite often, hopefully they have communicated with you and got onboard with herbal treatments.

Kind regards


Making Choices

I want to say this about making decisions as I often hear this statement: it is up to them to make a choice, They have the freedom to choose,  The choice is up to them:

Here is where this whole idea of choices or making a decision needs clarification. When it comes to choosing chocolate or vanilla ice cream; then you are right the choice is up to them. Why? It matters not weather they choose chocolate or vanilla, there is no danger in either choice.

Now lets say that a road that someone is about to travel on has a deep hole in it. You knew about it but your friend had no idea of the dangers. Would you then easily say, well its up to them. I leave it to them to make that choice when in fact you know if  your friend travelled down that road with the deep hole he just might fall into that deep abyss of no return. There is an eminent danger and it is not just about his choice.

Now lets investigate to vaccinate or not to vaccinate; This is where the choice involves danger. It is not about the choice any longer, its about a warning of danger. That vaccine might cause anaphylactic shock, it may cause seizures, it may even cause death.


The Research Speaks for Itself

Great Men and Women Whose Shoulders I Stand On

Florence Nightingale 1860 -Diseases are “reactions of a kindly nature against the conditions in which we have placed ourselves.”

Antoine Bechamp 1890’s researcher, biologist .A deficiency of mineral elements allows morbid waste matter to accumulate….

Dr. William Russell 1890 ”fungal or yeast-like parasite in all forms of well as in certain cases of TB, syphillis,skin infection

Dr. James Young 1920 “repeatedly grew pleomorphic bacteria from various cancers ...into yeast-like forms similar to Russell bodies.”

Dr. M Scott “The parasite had a life cycle composed of three stages: a coccus, a rod, and a spore sac stage.”

Dr. Zeigler 1903 – Medical Pathology Textbook 1903, “Cancer starts from an injury and progresses into infection.”

Dr Hering: Hering’s Law of Cure “ You cure from the head down and in reverse order of symptoms you have had in the past.

Dr. Alexis Carroll –Nobel Prize winner kept chicken heart cells alive in a fresh water and mineral rich solution for 34 years.

Dr. Fibiger 1926 – Nobel Prize Winner observed that rats in a sugar warehouse get cancer.

Dr. Otto Warburg 1931 – Nobel Prize Winner, fermentation of sugar feeds cancer.

Dr. Mazet 1941 found “ pleomorphic bacteria in Hodgkin's disease “

Dr. Samuel West 1960 – did a comprehensive study of the lymphatic system in relation to inflammation.

Dr. Bernice Eddy,1960  “ she injected hamsters with the kidney mixture on which the vaccine was cultured, they developed tumors.”

Dr. Guidi Tedeschi 1970 “findings of tiny blood bacteria(nonbacterial) provide further evidence ...that microbes can cause cancer.

Dr. Gaston Naessons 1970-  the 16 phase pleomorphic cycle to the development of a cancer cell.

Dr. Christopher –There is no such thing as an incurable disease. There are only incurable people

Dr. Jerry McLaughlin 1973 – 20 years of researched studies using Paw Paw in cancer of lower animals

I want to talk about herbs being therapeutic at this point.

Dr. Hamer 1981 –  “ cancer is related to an emotional trauma.

Dr. R.O. Becker 1982 – Microscopic particle silver in the bloodstream creates new stem cells.

Dr. Hulda Clark 1990 – Parasites are present in all cancers, The Cure For all Cancers

Dr. Versendahl – 1990s, Candida is present in all cancers.

Dr. Linus Pauling – 1970’s Father of Vitamin C .” You can trace every disease ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

Dr. Simoncini – 2000, “Cancer is a Candida problem.”Dr. Forsythe 2002 – clinical study using Paw Paw for cancer patients.

Dr. Cordain 2002 – Author of  Paleo Diet

It was Dr Wakefield who by the way had his license, stripped that courageously made the obvious observation that children receiving the MMR shot started having gastrointestinal disorders.  Sometimes these disorders were so severe that the brain could not function properly .This was labelled not as vaccine damage but autism

Dr Mercola: As of 2016, nearly half of the U.S. population were on at least one medication.1,2 Twenty-four percent used three or more drugs, and 12.6% were on more than five different medications.3 According to the 2016 National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, 73.9% of all doctor’s visits also involved drug therapy.4

Stem Cell Information

Your Stomach is brand-new every 2-9 days.

Your LUNGS are brand-new every 2-3 weeks.

Your COLON is completely NEW every 2-3 days.

Your SKIN is brand-new in as little as 14 days.

Your RED BLOOD CELLS are ALL new every four months.

Your SKELETON and BONES renew themselves by 10% every year.

Your HEART MUSCLE cells are renewed 24/7.

Your BLOOD PLATELETS are replaced every 10 days.

Your LIVER is 100% new every five months.

Even your TASTEBUDS are all NEW every 10 days.

Your JOINT & CARTILAGE cells are constantly renewing.


By age 35, your stem cell production DROPS by 45 percent.

At age 50, your production is cut in HALF.

When you reach 65, the stem cell production rate is down by a stunning 90 percent.


As noted by Dr Winters, “being skinny will not kill you, but being cachectic can,” and you cannot tell whether someone is cachectic or not simply by looking at them.The worst thing you can ever give a patient with cachexia is Boost, Ensure or total parenteral nutrition (TPN). Actually, on many cancer wards, TPN is basically known as the beginning of the end. When you look at the first ingredients of all of those … it’s highly synthetic, highly toxic, four different types of sugars … gluten and all types of things that kick up that inflammatory process even more.”

You are not born with a genetic propensity to harbor diseases. You have control over your own DNA, your own genes and your own health. You can change your DNA by the Super Foods that you take. If you happen to suffer from an illness it is the body's way of telling you that you need energy and lots of it. 

By Zen Honeycutt, Founding Executive Director, Moms Across America

Millions of children often start their day with a glass of orange juice and eat oatmeal or Cheerios with high residues of glyphosate. By doing so, they may be increasing their risk of liver disease, cancer, and many other health issues. According to the Liver Foundation, 1 out of 10 Americans now has liver disease. Some are children as young as eight years old. Additional studies show that low levels of glyphosate herbicides can be endocrine disruptors, changing sex hormones. Clearly, ignoring the science and encouraging people to continue to consume glyphosate, especially children who are vulnerable to pesticides, a fact acknowledged by the American Academy of Pediatrics, is dangerous.

TAFYH Grads : 7 had their Completion Ceremony last week. Today 2 TAFYH grads are on the call to share their experience.