Monday, June 7, 2021

From the Desk Of Donna Roth June 7/21


From the Desk Of Donna Roth June 7/21   


I did not receive a copy of the email I sent out and I do not recall all the agenda so here is the agenda for this evening:


My remarks

Your body is created to heal

The importance of having an Emergency supply

Migraine headaches


Book Cancer


Q and A Shampoo recipe, Hiatal Hernia, Spike Proteins.

“You present it in such a wonderful way that everyone realizes that they do not need to be a doctor to understand it.”

Lynn: TAFYH student: Gratitude to the laying out of the Chinese Constitutional Elements in systems as opposed to separate organs. I have taken a course on Chinese Constitutions before and it was over my head.

TAFYH team 61 is now on lesson 24 just over the half way mark. This is a great team working very hard on their health. TAFYH team 62 is now full with 6 members and we will be starting TAFYH tomorrow morning.

You truly are amazing and incredible human beings. You take a strong stand for the health of your own bodies despite the pressured propaganda daily pouring out through various media to shoot your bodies with toxic, genetically engineered mutating ingredients which they call CoVid shots. You have now  delved deeply into your own hearts and your own minds to choose the Laws of Nature and to partake in  God given herbs to immunize your bodies; Cat’s Claw with Astragalus, Echinacea, Rosehips loaded with Vit C, A and D, Dandelion, and essential authentic oils such as Pine Needle known to stop the spike protein from negatively affecting you, and Frankincense which has the highest vibrational frequency of all oils ( its no wonder the Wise Men gifted the Christ child with Frankincense. It is visibly clear that members in our society have unknowingly fallen into Big Pharma trap of confusion and it is you that attend these calls  and strive powerfully each day through your care and love for others to shift that paradigm, to enlighten others to the simple truth of “you feed your body, you heal your body”. Your daily kind and simple acts of showing the way to health to those who are confused, disabled, maimed, afflicted, and to  those who are disease laden are not easily forgotten. Your small acts touch hearts, save lives and inspire others to an unstoppable movement of limitless healing possibilities.

Once again I am sharing the Laws of Nature so that we are repeatedly reminded that your body is created to heal.

Your Stomach is brand-new every 2-9 days.

Your LUNGS are brand-new every 2-3 weeks.

Your COLON is completely NEW every 2-3 days.

Your SKIN is brand-new in as little as 14 days.

Your RED BLOOD CELLS are ALL new every four months.

Your SKELETON and BONES renew themselves by 10% every year.

Your HEART MUSCLE cells are renewed 24/7.

Your BLOOD PLATELETS are replaced every 10 days.

Your LIVER is 100% new every five months.

Even your TASTEBUDS are all NEW every 10 days.

Your JOINT & CARTILAGE cells are constantly renewing.

By age 35, your stem cell production DROPS by 45 percent.

At age 50, your production is cut in HALF.

When you reach 65, the stem cell production rate is down by a stunning 90 percent.


Now let us look at an agricultural study that was done between 1941 and 1991 where agricultural scientists analyzed the nutritional values of various foods including fruits, vegetables and meats in 1941 and then again in 1991. The depletion in nutrients found in 1991 are shocking:

Carrots: 75% less magnesium, 46% less iron, 75% less copper

Broccoli: 75% less calcium

Onion: 74% less calcium

Spinach: 71% less iron

Potatoes: 30% less magnesium, 35% less calcium, 45% less iron, 47% less copper

All meats: 41% less calcium, 54% less iron all fruits: 27% less zinc

Apples and oranges: 67% less iron

You would have to eat 10 tomatoes in 1991 to obtain the same copper 1 tomato would have given you in 1940. You would have to eat 3 oranges to get the same iron you got from 1 orange 50 years ago.


Your stem cells need nutrients as the building materials to rebuild your organ and glands.

Those nutrients need to be therapeutic meaning they need to be quality controlled.

It is of utmost importance to have smoothie every day at least with

Chi Mineral Tonic


Natures Harvest instead of Green Zone

Solstic Energy

It is critical to know that if there are inadequate nutrients, low body temperature, poor blood circulation and the oxygen levels to the injured areas drop to below 35% you are in trouble. In a low oxygen environment yeast and fungus become active and that may be a good thing because they are there to clean up your toxic inner environment  However when the fungus integrates into the stem cell line during the process of cell repair then the fungus mutates the cells and the consequence is continuous mutated cell replication.


When the fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of the skin the result is cancer.

When the fungal DNA integrates in to the stem cell line of the fat cells the result is obesity.

When the fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of glands the result is infertility.

When the fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of nerves the result is Parkinson’s.”Ron Gdansky


I would have a small emergency stock of some power foods; Natures Harvest, Super Trio, Cat’s Claw, Capsicum, SilverGuard



Migraine headaches

It is common knowledge that food allergies are involved in Migraines; allergies to chocolate, alcohol, cured foods, ice cream. I have discovered that if there are food allergies then the stomach enzymes are lacking. There are insufficient HCl enzymes to digest the proteins and foods. With a lack of HCL there is a likely chance that the stomach is then harbouring bacterial infections in those foods not being digested. This bacterial infection is known as Hpylori bacteria which eventually leads to ulcers, migraine headaches and Rocea.

Natures Sunshine has an excellent herbal formula called ULC-R. It has been formulated specifically for H pylori bacteria

Migraine Headache

One gentleman came to the advise of Donna Roth because he was suffering from lack of energy, insomnia, migraine headaches usually 3 a week, acid indigestion and a low immune system. He agreed to go on an herbal program:

• No sugar, no wheat, no yeast

• Drink only water

• Protein and vegetables

Paw Paw: 4 per day.

BP-C: 6 per day.

Pantothenic Acid: 4 per day.

Protease Plus: 2/2x day on an empty stomach and 1 with each meal

ULC-R: 6 per day).

Zambroza: 2 oz. per day).

Within one month his migraine headaches totally subsided, his energy bounced back , the acid indigestion was gone and he was sleeping. He was so very grateful for this miraculous experience.

“Just writing to tell you that I've been feeling alot better and I haven't had a headache nor any acidity in 3 weeks! Even my heart palpitations stopped (now for about 1 week). I really

especially for the purpose of cleaning out this H Pylori bacteria.

Migraine Headache;

One lady suffered with migraine headaches to the point that she would have to stay in bed for 3 to 4 days at a time. She eliminated sugar and wheat from her diet and started taking 4 LIV-A per day until the bottle was gone. She has not had a headache since.

I'm very grateful to you for making me feel better. I was really blind in the past and ignoring all those signals my body was giving me.”


Acne, Rosacea

One woman was not sure if she had an acne problem or a bout of Rosacea. All she could say was that she had these very disturbing puss- filled , inflamed pimples on her face. They were itchy and painful. Even though she would carefully wash her face nothing seemed to relieve the pimples. Upon discussing the situation with Donna Roth she decided to try an herbal solution. First of all she changed her diet by eliminating sugars and wheat . Then after cleansing her face she applied Pau D’Arco Lotion mixed with ½ capsule of Paw Paw to her face at night. She also took Essential Liquid Minerals 2 ounces a day, 8 Cat’s Claw and 4 Super Oil a day. Within 3 days she noticed an incredible improvement and within a week all the dryness, redness, inflammation and pain subs


Oh my, what do they know -1.5451579 me thinks they are now admitting something is wrong, and they are going to state that, Look see we acted soon as we knew??? Hopefully some will read between the lines and not get the second dose or not get the jab at all.



       Snowy Collar?  10 drops each lemon, lavender, & tea tree EO’s

       Delicate Hair? 15 drops lavender & 15 drops Orange EO’s

       Missing Your Hair? 10 drops each rosemary, peppermint, and lavender or Refuge EO’s

After you choose your combo, add to the base below: BASE:  ½ cup castile

¼ cup each: Honey & lite or non-fat coconut milk or any nut or seed milk

Use as desired and remake periodically.

Use a couple of Tbsp. of apple cider vinegar in 12 oz of water as a rinse.



       2 tbsp. Coconut Oil

       1 tbsp. Baking Soda (aluminum free)

       1/2 tbsp. xylitol or a few drops of stevia

       10 drops peppermint

        5 drops Lemon

       ½ teaspoon crushed Skel. Strength * If you double the  recipe, keep the same amount of minerals.

       4 drops of Black Walnut extract


Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

About 1 inch of Essential Shield Multi Purpose Cleaner

in an empty bottle

Fill with pure water

Tea Tree Oil about 5 drops

Lavender Oil 10 drops