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From the Desk of Donna Roth Sept 26/21


From the Desk of Donna Roth Sept 26/21


What is a tumor?

Can surgically removing a tumor get rid of cancer?

Can tumors dissolve and be expelled?

Hear the stories of people in answer to these questions.

My favorite herb, Cat’s Claw.

A word about Olive Oil

Words of wisdom from Carol

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Hi, Donna

Thank you for so much helpful information. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate being part of this group. 

Let’s hope that, with the establishment of the Quantum Health System, many more will come to realize that going the natural route is the only way to long-lasting results.

You are a living gift to humanity. 




This morning that thought of “expert” came into my mind.

Malcom Gladwell once said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice before one becomes an expert.

I think of the violin maker who remade my daughter’s violin.

He was an amazing artist with 10,000 hours of practice I am certain.

I think of my daughter who is a master seminar leader for Landmark.

This took 10,000 hours of practice.

I think of my son, Devin, who is a master composer with hours and hours of practice.

I think of my son, Dean, who is a master with diplomatic words of dignity in working with the homeless.

I think of the master cheese maker that served me for years at the Farmer’s market.

The key word to expertise is practice.

It is not knowledge, it is not information, it is not courses, it is not certificates; It is PRACTICE

I have worked with 100’s of cancer clients and 1000’s of other clients since 1983.

The wisdom and knowledge I gained did not come from any university.

It came from my clients.

I used the knowledge I gained from them and the knowledge from the Laws of Nature and I practiced it.

Health comes to you as you practice the laws of nature.

Keep practicing and become your own expert in your own health.


A good friend informed me that the Olive Oil you purchase at Costco had been laced with Canola Oil.

Whole Foods Market Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily

Whole Foods Market Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Seville

Whole Foods Market Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece

Whole Foods Market Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Portugal


A lump or a so called tumor appears for a very good reason if you trust that the body has an amazing intelligence well beyond scientific knowledge. A tumor is your body’s way of walling off invasive toxic debris that is present in your blood stream. Your body creatively found a very safe avenue to create a wall around these poisons so that they do not harm the rest of your body. How miraculous! If you decide to expose this lump to injury via a biopsy or a surgery to remove it imagine what starts to happen. Now that amazing disposal system has been removed. The body has no longer a system of depositing unwanted poisons and they continue to float freely in the blood harming other organs and glands. The toxins in the blood have nowhere to go until another wall is created or the poisons start irritating another organ until a cancer is formed.

So I want to give you an example. Sheena at age 20 was diagnosed with a sarcoma in her leg. She had it surgically removed and then completed a process of radiation. Did cutting out the lump get rid of her cancer? Here is the answer. Five years later at age 25 here she was diagnosed with lung cancer. That’s bad enough but the worst of it is that she was told she had only 3 months to live. Cutting out the tumor did not get rid of her cancer. The poison just settled somewhere else! The happy ending to this story is that she did a therapeutic nutritional program with lots of Cat’s Claw and lots of Chi Tonic, Chlorophyll and overcame her cancer in a few short months. Sheena has been cancer free since 1998.


Juanita was diagnosed with cancerous tumor in her uterus. She had the uterus surgically removed. You would think this surgery would have taken care of the cancer. Not a chance! Two years later she was diagnosed with cancer once again in the same area as her previous surgery. Juanita then did the Paw Paw nutritional program and has been cancer free since then. It has been about 12 years now.


In 2011 Cecilia underwent a surgery to remove a 12 inch portion of her colon because there was a blockage in her colon and she was made to believe it was cancerous. It was 4 years later that Cecilia discovered  a lump in the left breast and it was cancerous. The blocked colon did not remove the cancer in Cecilia’s body. On a positive note she met Fran and with Fran’s support she followed the Paw Paw program to overcome the cancer.


Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer in Sept. / 2007 and she was told she would have to go on a 6-month waiting list for surgery. She was frantic. But her son introduced   her to a healthy eating plan with no sugar, no yeast, no wheat, and to the Paw Paw program as outlined in Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury , Cancer by Donna Roth.  Linda took 8 Paw Paw a day along with Protease Plus on an empty stomach, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Lignans, and   Super Oil. Drinking coffee was replaced with Green Tea.  She also worked on the Scio with her son.

When Linda was called to have surgery, she underwent a series of 12 x -rays looking for the tumors but the doctor could not find any cancer or tumors.


April 1st, 2010, Dr. Lynda was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus. Dr Lynda faithfully followed the Paw Paw program. In September 2010 another ultrasound was done, and it indicated that the uterine lining measured at 8 mm and it had decreased in size from the original 15 mm, the vascular network decreased in size but  the tumorous mass in the uterus measured 2 cm and that it had increased in size. Dr. Lynda was shocked at these results. She had now faithfully followed the Paw Paw program for 6 months and the tumor measured bigger in size! Doubt seeped into her mind. Putting her faith in a about unscientific nutritional Paw Paw program appeared like a futile adventure. Surgery was scheduled for November 15, 2010. Dr. Lynda had, in the past few months, postponed her surgery on more than one occasion in hopes that the cancer would heal using the Paw Paw program. Dr. Lynda succumbed to surgery, her only source of hope.


Then one month later on a fall day of October 2010 Dr. Lynda underwent the most amazing bathroom experience. A bloody tissue mass was expelled. This she believed was the tumor. On October 14, 2010 Dr. Lynda went in for another ultrasound. This time there was no blood flow, no mass, no tumor and the uterine lining measured a normal 3 mm. The cancer was all gone!


Presently I am working with Arlene, who was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Arlene has been faithfully following the Paw Paw program for about 8 months. She has a copy of my book and she reads it every day to stay in the energy of healing and confidence and faith. A few months ago she decided that she would no longer see a doctor regarding her bladder cancer. During this time , Arlene, who is in her 80’s has worked hard cooking for the men as she calls it, looking after her garden and enjoying her farm. Just this past week she called me to tell me she had experienced 2 serious bouts of bleeding which she absolutely believes was the passing of a tumor. She has not experienced bleeding since. I was delighted to hear her recite parts of my book stating confidently that what she had experienced was a healing crisis. She understood Hering’s law of Cure that states; You heal from the head down, from the inside out and in reverse order of symptoms you have experienced in the past.” Note Arlene did not rush to a doctor, she did not freak out with fear and doubts, she simply understood that something was cleaning out of her bladder.


As a sequel to the stories I just related I want to add that Linda who had no breast cancer after following the Paw Paw program was coerced into having breast surgery even though there was no cancer detected! This is when the real trouble started. She ended up with a serious staph infection which she looked after by using Cat’s Claw and Silver Gel.

Dr Lynda who was told there was no cancer in her uterus was convinced by the doctor that she remove her uterus. Dr Lynda succumbed to the surgery and had her uterus cut out.



My Favorite Herbal Combination Cat’s Claw Combination

Cat’s claw has also demonstrated its ability to fight against leukemia. A 2006 study published in the British Journal of Hematology was the first to investigate the antiproliferative and apoptotic effects of five highly purified oxindole alkaloids of Uncaria tomentosa, Cat’s Claw including isopteropodine, pteropodine, isomitraphylline, uncarine F and mitraphylline. Four of the five alkaloids inhibited the proliferation of human leukemia cells in the lab, but the researchers found that cat’s claw pteropodine and uncarine F both were especially impressive. These alkaloids were most potent in inhibiting the growth of human leukemia cells  and in  inducing the cancer cells to undergo programmed cell death or apoptosis. This points toward these specific alkaloids having significant potential to not only stop cancer from continuing to grow, but also killing the cancer cells themselves. (6)

Cat’s claw is also used to treat a wide array of digestive disorders, including Crohn’s Disease colitis, diverticulitis, gastritis, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers and leaky gut syndrome.


Another Study to Prove the Value of Nitric Oxide Generators in stopping spike protein damage from CoVid shots or shot shedding.

Your blood vessels have a lining of protection called endothelium.

In healthy individuals, endothelial cells help regulate blood pressure, prevent inflammation, and inhibit clotting, in part ( now get this)  through the continual production of nitric oxide.

 Covid and the Covid vaccines damage the fragile endothelium walls of the blood vessels causing them to leak, which exposes the blood cells to substances they do not recognize, and that causes them to clot as a defensive measure. This blood clotting due to these extraneous toxic substances sparks massive inflammation throughout the entire body.


If you are suffering with any inflammatory condition, like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, arthritis … or any “-itis,” and you are over the age of 35, your blood vessels are already compromised. This is where nitric oxide comes into the picture. Where do you find nitric oxide? Natures Sunshine houses 2 products that are nitric oxide generators.

Rejuvenaid presently our of stock in Canada but available in the US

Arginine Plus available in Canada but not in the US.

If you are suffering from spike attack and inflammation I would take Argnine Plus about 3 scoops a day or Rejuvenaid about 3 sticks a day and drink lots of water to clean that out.

Along with that I would take about 4 Cat’s Claw 2 to 3 times a day.


  48 year old women has Hashimoto.   How is it best treated.    If you could address this on the Monday night call she would appreciate it.  Thankyou.


Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Hashimoto's thyroiditis, also known as chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis and Hashimoto's disease, is an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid gland is gradually destroyed. Early on there may be no symptoms. Over time the thyroid may enlarge, forming a painless goiter.