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From the Desk of Donna Roth Nov. 15/21


From the Desk of Donna Roth   Nov. 15/21

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TAFYH update

Zerenity: 12 years of research; ADD, PTSD, OCD, Asperger’s,

Vitamin C Time Release: blood clotting

Tei Fu Massage Lotion; muscle spasms

Dr. Zelenko; cancer

Cancer Herbal Protocol

Words of Interest from Carol.


Kidney cysts and polyps in the nose.


Becoming self-reliant in health is the most important thing you can do for your body in 2021.

Dr. Jay, " May you never know the illness you may have prevented."

Gayle was able to dissolve a huge fibroid without surgery. She just followed my herbal program.

Gayle’s husband, Ken, had a cancerous lymph node. He has now been cancer free for 5 years. He did the herbal program.

Leslie diagnosed with colon cancer received a great positive report from her doctor that the cancer is not progressing.

Dora 's blood pressure normalized, and her husband's dangerous PSA (prostate cancer) dropped from 23 to 0.4 normal.

Did you know that Ontario has now reported 500 cases of myocarditis?

Myocarditis: Inflammation and damage of the heart muscle known as myocardium. Most commonly caused by a viral infection, but can also be an infection of bacteria, fungi, parasite or a reaction to a drug.

How common is condition?

Rare (Fewer than 10,000 cases per year in Canada) It has not been that rare since the push to get those CoVid shots.

Is condition treatable?

Treatable by a medical professional. I would assume they gave you a drug and every drug has side effects. Note the programming. It is clear to me that they make everyone believe that the only way to treat myocarditis is by a medical professional.

Can be dangerous or life threatening if untreated

Can last several months.

Is condition preventable by vaccine?

May be preventable by vaccine. The vaccine is the poison that caused the myocarditis in the first place.

Program for Myocarditis

Eliminate all grains, legumes, sugar, fruit juices, alcohol as they all cause inflammation.

Have a Super Food Smoothie twice a day to provide the stem cells with all the nutrients needed for healthy cell repair. The stem cell carpenters cannot repair the heart without the essential building blocks; amino acids, minerals, vitamins, trace nutrients and so on. There is one thing I absolutely know and that is that you are not getting enough nutrients from store bought foods.

Collagen. Has peptide amino acids which means it is already predigested.

Arginine Plus which stops the spike proteins from the vaccines to harm your circulatory system. It gets the blood moving and improves body temperature.

Essential Liquid Minerals

Natures Harvest for all the missing trace nutrients.

Take MC about 5 twice a day

Take Hawthorn to build up your heart.

For the infection take Cat’s Claw  combination or Echinacea/Golden Seal.



Recently my son, Dean, talked about how much he liked the Nature’s Sunshine product called Zerenity, I asked him what to him was so special about Zerenity. He told me that whenever he experiences anxiety and can’t sleep because he is anxious and his mind is racing he takes about 4 Zerenity and it calms him down and the chatter in his mind stops and he is able to sleep. So here is another product that may be effective for sleep, anxiety and mind chatter. Last week I talked about the product HTP Power with ashwagandha and hydroxytryptophan that is useful for cleaning out cortisol that is the cause of belly fat and sleep disorder. As a reminder take about 3 HTP Power with your evening meal and 3 at bedtime.

Today I want to share some information about Zerenity. What is it?

Contains the patented Zembrin® botanical ingredient • Helps quickly ease nervousness and promotes feelings of relaxation and calm.

Zerenity is based on 12 years of Research & Development

I want to explain the concept of selective serotonin re up take inhibition (SSRI) .SSRI means the re-absorption of the neurotransmitter serotonin is blocked. Serotonin is the hormone that boosts mood and in this case it cannot be used because it is blocked . So you can now understand why the mood gets whacky!

The herb in Zerenity, Sceletium tortuosum which comes from South Africa is patented as Zembrin and acts to release the blocked serotonin. Sceletium is also allows for easier vasodilation and blood flow which increases oxygen flow in the brain and body

 At least three rigorous randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials have examined the effects of Zembrin® on the brain's responses to anxiety-provoking stimuli.  One study was published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology.  In this study it was found that a single dose of 25 mg Zembrin® had significant effects on the brain and its response to alleviating anxiety and increasing blood flow and oxygen flow to the brain.

True to form, NSP was not satisfied with simply putting Zembrin® in a capsule and selling it like most companies do. Instead, they saw an opportunity for improvement with a synergistic combination with other substances

The 5 Key Ingredients are:

1.         Zembrin (Sceletium tortuosum extract)- harvested in South Africa and used by locals for centuries, this herb supports the nervous system as it facilitates feelings of calm and supports a positive mood. This standardized patented extract represents the full, unaltered phytochemical profile of the plant.

2.         L-Theanine -this unique amino acid increases the brains alpha wave activity, which seems to reduce occasional anxiety and encourage feelings of relaxation and calm without drowsiness. Studies have associated taking L-Theanine with improvements in both mental alertness and stress response.

3.         Thiamin -Deficiency of this important nutrient has been associated with decreased levels of GABA, a key Central Nervous System metabolite tied to many mood and anxiety disorders.

4.         Magnesium -Studies have shown that a diet deficient in magnesium can lead to increased anxiety and depression.

5.         Zinc -Supplementation with zinc has been shown to be significantly effective in reducing levels of both anger and depression.

Zerenity is a combination of herbs and amino acids and minerals to resolve some incredible mood issues including:

Stress  Panic disorders, PTSD, Hyperactivity, Asperger’s, ADD, OCD, recovering from addiction

Vitamin C TR.

For those who get the jab it is preeminent fact that blood clotting is happening in the capillaries. To prevent blood clotting Vitamin C is a must, Dr Ardis says there is no toxic dose of Vitamin C and the recommended dose is about 5000 mg a day, that’s 5 tablets of Vitamin C Time Release or you can get a good dose of Vitamin C if you are doing the Oral Chelation Program using MC tablets 6 twice a day. The question is often asked of me? Why is such a high dose of 6 twice a day necessary? My response to this question is this. It is Health Canada and FDA that controls the amount of vitamins and minerals that go into those tablets. Yes, it is easy to make tablets with high doses so that you may only be needing to take 4 a day. But Health Canada agents make this decision. Yet there is not one Health Canada agent that has ever taken a herbal course in their lives and yet they are given the power and authority to write the labels on those herbal and supplement containers without any council from herbal experts!      

I recall getting a phone call from a lady once who was suffering from a blood clot in her leg. It was very painful. As you well know I call MC the snow plow so I recommended 8 MC three times a day and within 3 days the blood clot was totally dissolved and the pain subsided. In fact she was taking 6000 mg of Vitamin C a day. I suppose if she only had Vitamin C it may also have worked to dissolve the clot.

Here is an interesting and shocking tidbit from one of my clients. Her friend had the CoVid jab and was sent to the lab to have a blood test. The blood would not come out no matter what the nurses tried to do. The blood was too thick and sticky. This lady would do well to be on this call to learn how to get the blood cleaned out using Rejuvenaid about 3 sticks a day and 8 MC twice a day along with Capsicum capsules opened up into the Rejuvenaid and water to get that blood moving.


Muscle Spasms

Natures Sunshine has a product called Tei Fu massage lotion and my friend Penny told me this story. Her son ended up with severe muscle spasms in his back muscles. Penny applied the Tei Fu lotion on his back and massaged it into the sore spastic area. Within minutes there was amazing relief.

Another lady I know had a spasm in her shoulder muscle area and she also applied the Tei Fu Massage Lotion into that area and within a an hour that spasm released  and the discomfort alleviated.

This may be a great Christmas gift you may consider for one of your family members.

Dr Zelenko

I think everyone has heard of Dr Zelenko from New York City, He was the doctor that invented the famous Ivermectin protocol for curing the CoVid sickness. He used Ivermectin, Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin D. Just recently I listened to him speak in an interview. I was shocked to find out that this famous doctor at 48 years old has cancer. Why would I be shocked? Here is the answer. He did chemotherapy and radiation. Then the cancer came back. So he did more chemotherapy and radiation. Then the cancer came back. Now he is taking Immunotherapy. I know a little bit about Immunotherapy. One of my past clients diagnosed with liver cancer dropped the Paw Paw program that was quite successful for her to do Immunotherapy. It cost $75,000 and within a short time she died. Here are my thoughts for Dr Zelenko. He knows the natural approach to curing CoVid disease but he does not know that he could apply almost the very same protocol to his cancer and it would probably work. Ivermectin cleans out parasites, When there is an accumulation of toxic debris in any injured area and the oxygen levels drop to below 35% then oxidation for healthy cell replication can no longer take place. And guess what ? In this very toxic area with no oxygen the parasites are all having a party and fungus and yeast fed by sugar are multiplying. This is a very simple tidbit documented by the Laws of Nature. If Dr Zelenko would just understand how simple this really is he would in no way use toxic chemo or radiation, but he would use MC in high doses to clean out that debris. He would take Cat’s Claw in high doses to get those lymphatic fluids moving and use Paw Paw to clean out the cancer. He knows not to use toxic vaccines, but he does not know not to use toxic chemo and radiation.

Cancer Protocol

Injury - A Super Nutrient Dense Shake with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Collagen, Flax Lignans, Aloe Vera juice and Ultimate Green Zone is taken at least twice a day

Inflammation - Address all the contributing factors to the inflammation that are obstructing the healing process.  This would include leaky gut, Candida, toxic teeth, skin care products, home cleaning products and drugs

Elimination - Increase lymphatic elimination with Cat’s Claw Combination and increase bowel and kidney functions by following the kidney flush and bowel cleansing procedures

Infection - Cleanse the microbial infestation.  This can easily be accomplished by using Protease Enzymes and the herb known as Paw Paw, which claims 22 years of research from Purdue University, by McLaughlin et al.  The American National Cancer Institute funded this research and today it is being used quite successfully by many people

Circulation - One other important step is to increase the body temperature by cleansing the blood and increasing circulation using the oral chelation tablet, MC


What do I do for kidney cysts? Bernice

My son was diagnosed with Emphysema and polyps and inflammation in his left sinus causing a steady runny nose. Also, a cough at night, hard time breathing. I have taken him off grains, dairy, sugar. The Dr.put him on a puffer which he is not happy about. I have him on a suppl. Program that includes the Covid protocol. Can you please offer help w this problem? I feel this is caused by working w dust, etc. Thanks. Patty