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From the Desk of Donna Roth November 22/21


From the Desk of Donna Roth November 22/21


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Words of appreciation as reported by the wonderful people who attend my calls.

Guest ; Deanna ,success in healing a bruise from a bad fall.

Cat’s Claw is backordered; use Echinacea/Golden Seal instead.

The root canal misconception and what to do.

Protocol for root canal extraction

Rejuvenaid is a nitric oxide generator, excellent for spike attacks from the shots.

Words of interest from Carol

Q and A email


Sheena: my very first cancer client in 1998: I love your calls.


I am here to say that in every situation those herbal protocols I recommend, you can be rest assured I have done them all several times:

Liver/GB cleanse many times

Kidney flush many times

All kinds of cleanses.

Tiao He Pak, Detox Basics, Para Pak, Clean Start, UtraBiome DTX, Bod-e-DTX, Oral Chelation,

I have taken all kinds of herbs, herbal formulas in high doses.

I have done all kinds of herbal programs.

I have totally become self-reliant in health.

I urge you to attend my educational calls, so you too have that knowledge of self-reliance.

I urge you to register for TAFYH so you can become self-reliant in health.

What do you do if you have an infection, an earache?

What do you do if you have profuse bleeding?

What do you do if you are suspicious of a heart attack?

What do you do if have a bad fall as did Deanna?


Deanna: Bad Fall


There was a time we were told that Thalidomide would alleviate nausea for pregnant women. Thousands of babies died and thousands were born without limbs.

And you still trust the medical institution!

There was a time we were told to take Viox to alleviate arthritic pain. It was only pulled off the market when 60,000 people died from using it.

And you still trust the medical institution?

Today we are told that in order to prevent a virus you need to take a CoVid shot. We are hearing that there have been over 20,000 deaths in the USA.

And you still trust the medical institution??

There was a time when we were told all fat was bad, and we should limit it as much as possible to protect and improve our health.

Now, not only do we know that’s not true, we know that we need to actually get more of certain fats in order to optimize our health.

That’s where omega-3s come in. They are integral to the structure, function, and fluidity of virtually every cell in the human body, but most of the world is deficient in them. EPA and DHA are the key players, with major organs like our brains, hearts, eyes, and skin all depending on them to do their jobs properly.


How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits at Our Expense Written by Torsten Engelbrecht, Dr. Claus Köhnlein and Dr. Samantha Bailey

Virus Mania: Corona/COVID-19, Measles, Swine Flu, Cervical Cancer, Avian Flu, SARS, BSE, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Polio, Spanish Flu

The Root Canal Misconception

First of all I am so very grateful to Dr Weston Price who did 25 year of research with a 60 man team of researchers to discover the devasting effect root canals have on your health. Here I reiterate some of his profound findings and it is my hope that after you ponder on the information I present here that you will consider extracting your root canals to prevent a devastation to your health.

Dr. Weston Price, It’s a story of how a cast of millions of bacteria become entrenched in side the structure of teeth and end up causing the largest number of diseases ever traced to a single source.”

Chronic degenerative disease are caused by root canals.

1.       Heart and circulatory disease

2.       Joint, arthritis, rheumatism

3.       Diseases of the brain and nervous system

It was Dr. Billings MD that recognised root canals caused strep infections and that these infections from teeth could metastasize to the heart, eyes, lungs, kidneys, and other organs, glands, and tissues of the body.

I will share some of the amazing scientific research Dr Price did but first I want to establish the Laws of Nature in relation to root canal. A root canal is a dead tooth which means it no longer has a blood supply nourishing it. It is also interesting to know that this tooth in its living state had a tubule transport system that brought nourishment to the tooth. Now if you were to take out that tubule and stretch it out you would find that it would measure 3 miles long. In perspective the tubule of this tooth is then attached to other organs and glands of your body. We are all interconnected inside. In a root canaled situation the root of this tooth is now dead and there is no longer any blood supply flowing through it, no oxygen, no nutrients. Following  the Laws of Nature when something was once alive and now it is dead Nature then automatically starts the process of breaking down dead material into the dust of the Earth where it came from. In other words microbial bacteria then infest this dead tooth and the microbial bacteria then migrates into the tubules thereby affecting other organs and glands of the body. Every nerve ending form every organ and gland in the body meets in the teeth, So now you can start to see how that microbial infection is affecting some other parts of your body.

Dr Price removed an infected tooth from a woman who suffered from severe arthritis and implanted that tooth under the skin of a rabbit. Within 48 hour the rabbit was suffering from arthritis.

 One patient was having difficulty walking so Dr Price extracted her root canal and in 10 days this patient was walking without a cane and could even do needle work. He then ground up some of the extracted tooth and implanted under the skin of the rabbit and the rabbit got arthritis.

I remember working with a lady once who was losing her ability to walk. I absolutely knew it was the toxic root canals that caused the problem. She went to several dentists who refused to take out her root canal and she passed away.

Dr Weston Price repeated this experiment many times.

If the patient had heart disease, the rabbit would get heart disease.

If the patient had kidney disease the rabbit would get kidney disease.

Dr Price also found that just pulling the tooth out was not good enough, He would also have to address the tissue of the adjacent teeth  and to remove the periodontal ligament of the tooth which is always infected with toxins produced by this streptococcus bacteria.

There is a protocol that I always use when I work with clients who choose to have their root canals extracted.

 A few days before the extraction build up your energy with a high dense nutritious smoothie using  Chi Mineral Tonic, Collagen and Solstic Energy, Drink lots of water and Chlorophyll. Take Cat’s Claw about 4 three times a day and take SilverGuard 1 oz three times a day.

On the day of the extraction as soon as you are able to drink water take Silver Guard about 1 T and hold it in the extracted area for 6 minutes then swallow. Then apply Silver Gel to that area. Take 3 Cat’s Claw. Do this every 2 hour for about 3 days until you feel that that area is healing and no infection is present.

You can then reduce the amount you are taking until that area is 100% healed and it will heal, I promise you.


For further discussion on the topic of teeth I want to say that everyone of the cancer clients I have worked with who have had their root canals extracted reported infections in their teeth.

One man with serious throat cancer had 8  root canals.

After the extractions it was discovered that all 8 were seriously infected even though he had previously gone to 2 other dentists who took X-rays and told him there was nothing wrong with his root canals!

This is the man who then was sent next door to have a Vit C IV and his blood sugar sky rocketed.

That’s when I investigated Vit C IV; made from corn sugar!

About 4 years ago I was working with 2 clients who were diagnosed with cancer. One lady had cancer of the neck area exactly where there was a root canal. She went to the dentist who took the usual diagnostic x rays and reported that there was nothing wrong with her root canals. He refused to extract them. She then went to 2 other dentists who refused to extract her root canals. At this point there is another teaching point I would like to share This lady asked this question: Should I have my root canals extracted? Wrong question. It is a statement you want to make when you visit that dentist, it is not a question. Your statement should be: I want my root canals extracted. If he says no then find another dentist. The sad part to this story is that this lady passed away and I knew that it was her root canals that killed her.

The other story is the man with cancer and I even hear my voice to this day telling him to extrqact his root canals. His response was :This will never happen. He then signed up for a alternative cancer retreat spending thousands of dollars and the doctor running the retreat never mentioned root canals. He came home and died shortly thereafter. Now this same family also believe that he did the herbal program and it did not work . My herbal program involves the extraction of your toxic root canals. You can never say you did my program if you refused to address your toxic teeth.


Maria Breast Cancer ; Root Canal Story

The last five years I have been on a quest to understand why I couldn’t lose weight, was the heaviest I have ever been, why I hurt from head to toe and the exhaustion that I was experiencing was beyond just being tired.  I was in pretty horrible shape.  My family doctor kept telling me to just lose weight and everything would be fine.  I had tried everything else as well; different Naturopaths who kept telling me that I had a lot of inflammation in my body but could not figure out why.

Well, my nightmare with breast cancer started this year in the month of March after a routine mammogram where they found a very small lesion on my left breast.  Interesting part is that about five years ago, while taking my dog out of a deep tub after giving her a bath, I slipped in the tub and fell against the edge of the tub on my left breast; the one that had the cancer!  I didn’t brace myself because I didn’t want the dog to fall; so instead I feel full force onto my chest (left side).

Co-incidence?  I do not think so.

 I was sent for a biopsy and immediately the pain started, and the cancer grew.  A doctor even admitted that it was probably spread by the biopsy, as the team was trying to leave a marker in my breast which I did not want, to begin with, and had been poking around trying to make it stay.  My body rejected it.

My doctor patted me on the hand and told me not to worry.  That he had seen lots of these and most of the time it was nothing.  When the biopsy report came back, the diagnosis was stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  Nothing major to worry about and you require a lumpectomy. 

I had already changed my diet and was working with my local naturopath Madeleine Lamarre who gave me a CD to listen to by Donna Roth, who is the cancer specialist for Natures Sunshine.  All my questions were answered which were on her website.  I also listened in to her Monday night webinars.  The importance of listening to Donna on a regular basis, is that you always learn something new; especially from her or the support peer group that is online who ask some amazing questions.


Once I purchased the book, followed the Cancer Injury as well as Mud Pie Cookbook and set myself up with the necessary herbs and nutrition to conquer this nightmare.  This was the first time that things were being explained to me.  These explanations made sense to me.  Our creator has made our bodies to heal themselves so with all this help things looked positive.  I would read and reread sections of the book, underline key points with my yellow marker so that I could find them at a glance and constantly refer to the book as there is so much great information in it.  I wanted to make sure I was doing things right.  It has become my “cancer bible”.

When I went back to my doctor to get the results of the pathology report from my lumpectomy and after doing numerous tests such as PET/CT Scan, I was advised that there remained a tumour and that the “doctor panel” of this hospital recommended a mastectomy due to the nature of the cancer.  After a second opinion from a private clinic, it was explained that the cancer was like a spider web and was running through my breast into my lymph nodes.  I basically was told that I had no choice.  Against my better judgement, the mastectomy was done on August 16th.

After the mastectomy my first meeting with the oncologist was frightening.  He advised me that the cancer was very aggressive and that there had been two tumours, not just one when they removed the breast.  That aggressive chemotherapy will have to be done so that this will not come back.

 At that point, I decided to book a consultation with Donna which I should have done sooner – what was I doing wrong?   I should have done that when I first was diagnosed with a lesion, but at that point in time I did not know about Donna Roth and how she could help me.  My course of action would have been completely different.   I cannot emphasize the importance of speaking to Donna in a consultation.  Each one of us is so different in our requirements, situation, body dynamics, and her personal questions about OUR individual cancer is what targets our particular case and tweaks our program to better work for us.

 At that point, I had followed everything – eliminated sugar producing foods, which took a lot of self control, taken all the herbs recommended, especially the PAW PAW.   I felt great, was losing weight (40 pounds) and cleaning out my system which had been not working for years.  I had more energy now than I have ever had in years. 

However I was not aware of one serious condition that had not manifested itself.  Although there is a section in the Cancer Injury Manual about infected root canals, it never occurred to me that I could possibly have any infected root canals.  I went to the dentist faithfully, brushed my teeth at least twice a day and flossed – poster child for the dental industry! 

After explaining to Donna that I felt that I wasn’t progressing as well as I would like with the program, the first question Donna asked me was to verify whether I had infected root canals.  I did have 2 lower crowns and 2 upper root canals.  I found myself the most amazing holistic dentist in Montreal, Dr. Pierre Larose and Dr. C. Larose.  It was confirmed that my upper molars had infected root canals that were touching my sinuses, which explained the constant sinus problems and blocked sinuses.  One of the lower crowns was infected.  These infections had been slowly leaching into my system for years.  Other doctors had actually diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia due to all the pain I had been in for the past 5 years.  These kind dentists explained how meridians in the body work and which teeth corresponded to which body parts.  Everyone needs to study this science! The two teeth that I had that were infected on the left side of my face corresponded to my breast and thyroid – both had tumours!!!!

It has been three weeks since I removed these teeth and most of the body aches have disappeared.  No more pins and needles and burning sensations.  It will take a little while before my system is cleared of these toxins.  My dentist explained that the needle type pain in my neck was the toxins from my teeth, going through my lymphatic system working hard to rid my body of these toxins.  With Donna’s help, I have been doing a Heavy Metal Detox which is helping tremendously.

Those first few days after having my teeth removed were not the easiest.  My dentist, being holistic, did not prescribe any antibiotics after the extractions.  I was given a homeopathic pain killer and simply used Silver Guard several times a day by holding it in my mouth for minimum of 6 minutes at a time.  Due to the upper extractions having caused sinuses problems I also used an eye dropper to insert Silver Guard in my sinuses to help clear up the infection in the upper gums.  My dentist who was an absolute sweetheart, saw me every other day to insure that there was no infection at the extraction sites.  He also mentioned that he had never seen gums heal so fast and so well  - that was the Silver Guard.

Donna also recommended Cat’s Claw in high doses and 2 shakes a day with lots of Mineral Chi Tonic, Collatrim Plus, Green Zone, Flax Hull Lignans.  This all made me stronger and able to deal with these extractions. However, the swelling unfortunately was not disappearing after 7 days, so in a panic I called Donna.  We spoke which alleviated all my fears.  Here I was putting all my faith in herbs and homeopathic and not using antibiotics.  Donna was great support.  And sure, enough two days later, my pain had finally subsided.

I have also now weaned myself off my Synthroid medication to give my system a chance to efficiently use the Paw Paw to get rid of the growths on my thyroid as well as any cancer cells in other parts of my body.  It has been over 30 years that I have lived with these thyroid growths and hope to be rid of them soon.  My dentist also explained to me that I am probably very sensitive to metals and that I may have developed Thyroid growths due to the braces on my teeth that I wore for 4 years in my early 20s. 

I now feel better than ever and am continuing my program with Donnas’ help and encouragement.  I have lost a lot this year; my breast, my teeth, and my faith in the medical profession.   But I have also lost 40 lobs which will help me recoup and be better than ever.  I have learned a tremendous amount in how our body works, what is best for it and how we can make major improvements in our lives.  I look at food in a different way and my aim is to be in the best of shape ever.  Exercise for me, plays an important role and my whole mind set has changed.  No stress allowed, and only kind and loving people surround me.

I have faith that the Cancer Injury Program has changed my life and attitude.  I also now know how to avoid having the cancer ever come back again.

Thank you, Donna, for all your research, all your support.