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From the Desk of Donna Roth Dec 4/21


From the Desk of Donna Roth   Dec 4/21

If you don’t look after your body where will you live?

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TAFYH Team 66 has been launched

Guest: Elva; off Synthroid, TAFYH grad Team 64 presents her TAFYH experience

Laws of Nature in overcoming a cough and fever

Words of Interest from Carol

Q and A : Diabetes Please email your questions to and they will be addressed during the call.


The success stories received as a result of TAFYH includes heart disease, cholesterol, eczema, sinus drips, weight loss, asthma, infections, increase in energy, clearing up of confusion, alertness, water retention, better memory, rosacea, candida, prostate cancer cleared up, tumour decreased by 30% , thyroid meds gone, digestion improved, bloating gone, bowels work better and so much more.

Here are some remarks from TAFYH grads:

It is beyond what I really knew.

I am confident in helping other clients.

All the information is documented and well researched.

Excellent program and I am on the road to wellness.

Many people are dying to learn this.

It is result oriented

Lots of really cool information.

Privileged to be part of this group.


TAFYH Evaluation by Elva

First of all I would like to say a huge thank you to Donna Roth for the TAFYH

course that she teaches. The amount of information that we learn is incredible

and takes about twenty minutes of our time each morning, five days a week for a

total of 44 lessons. Donna has a very effective way of teaching that keeps us

engaged and focused. She constantly reinforces positive action which helps

motivate us to be successful in recovering our health. The many years of

research that Donna has done is phenomenal and here we have it piece by piece

and presented to us in one neat little package. It can’t get any simpler than this.

Over the years I have learned about health related information through different

modalities and I have learned about different amazing products which I have

taken… but I was never able to get results so fully, as I have with this program

and through using Nature’s Sunshine products. It is truly amazing.

Just knowing that our bodies were made to heal is encouraging and by knowing

how to do this, by eating the right foods and by taking in the right nutrients and

supplements, we put ourselves on the right path to accomplish this. By applying

what we are taught in this course we learn how to cleanse the lymphatic system,

the bowels, the kidneys and the liver as well as the gallbladder. But it is ultimately

up to us to take control of our own health and this course is the beginning of our


I appreciated knowing that there are only four root causes of all diseases and this

includes cancer. By working on these causes any disease can be healed. It was

exciting to learn that the body can totally repair itself in 365 days, and this even

includes the DNA. I have learned how important it is to get my body temperature

up to 37 degrees Celsius and in this way we can begin to reverse the damage

caused by low body temperature. Ionic breathing is also important in this

equation as the ratio of negative and positive ions are essential to high energy

and positive moods. I wasn’t aware before that lectins in grains, legumes, kidney

beans and potatoes can cause a host of health problems and should be avoided.

Lectins are directly related to diseases such as diabetes, lupus, dementia,

osteoporosis, MS, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, as well as many others.

Learning that prescription drugs are toxic to our bodies made me make the move

to stop taking Synthroid thyroid medication that I had been on for over 25 years..

and replacing it with iodine and desiccated thyroid. This has resulted in

eliminating a host of side effects caused from that medication. I also stopped

taking anti-inflammatory medication.

Learning that we should never consume water that is high alkaline that is pH 8.0

or more was new to me. That it neutralizes the stomach acids which are essential

for the conversion of proteins into amino acids.

Additionally Donna’s research on the dangers of immunizations and the damage

cause by the spike proteins in the covid shot has me well informed and knowing

how to remove these spikes from causing further damage is so very important..

We were informed of the danger of root canals and I now understand the

importance of having these removed. It is a huge part of fully recovering our

health and maintaining our health going forward. This is something that I am

committed to doing as I do not want anything to stand in the way of me fully

recovering my health.

I am so thankful for the Nature’s Sunshine products as these product are what

are helping me build a healthier body. I now know that this herbal company has

the best herbal products and combinations on the market and they are the only

herbal company in the world to receive the ISO certification, which is the

standard for highest quality products. Through Donna and the TAFYH course I

have learned the benefit of using Nature’s Sunshine products as well as which

ones to use and how to use them effectively.

I also want to add that I enjoy reading all the success stories that Donna sends to

us. I love sharing these with others and they build my faith and confidence in this

natural way of healing.

I daily reflect on my Vision board and Health statement that I did up at the

beginning of the TAFYH course and by visualizing my body in a perfect state of

health keeps me focused on what direction I want my journey to go. By creating

my own health blue print it keeps me on track and it keeps me in control of my

own health, rather than putting this into the hands of anyone else. I now know

that there is no incurable disease only incurable people. I love sharing my why

and how with others and I recommend Donna Roth and the TAFYH course to get

them headed in the right direction. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity. I

am no longer groping in the dark.

I constantly reflect on why I did the TAFYH course and why I am following the

program Donna laid out for me. I have seen nothing but positive results and this I

saw within the first few days and it keeps improving day by day. I will now relate

to you some of the changes I have seen in my health over a 2 month period.


Success Story


Theses are some of the changes that I have seen in my health….over a 2 month

period …from September 16th until November 16, 2021

• My Body Systems Questionnaire total (which reflects 11 body systems) went down to

8 from 74

• My Body temperature is up to 36.8 Celsius from 35.6

• I went off Synthroid thyroid medication on September 25th and now take iodine and

as well as desiccated thyroid (I had taken Synthroid for over 25 years)

• I am off anti-inflammatory medication

• The 2 large masses in my pelvis area have decreased in size in only 7 weeks

(according to a recent MRI)

• I have Lost 10 pounds as well as inches throughout my whole body. The flab I had

under my chin is gone.

• Puffiness in my body has gone down

• Stomach bloating is gone

• Pain in my joints is gone

• Finger joints are no longer swollen

• Lower back pain and leg pain is gone

• I no longer have cold hands and feet. The bottoms of my feet and heels are no longer

cracked and dry

• I sleep more soundly at night

• I wake up in the mornings more rested

• My mind is clear and there is no more humming or chatter in my head. There is a

calmness in my body

• I have regular bowel elimination and no more constipation

• My energy level has increased

• When I began my health journey in September we did up a Disease Tree. My tree

had 26 leaves on it. ( Each leaf indicated a symptom that I was experiencing) After

only 2 months there was only 4 leaves left on that tree. As I continue to work on the

4 causes of all diseases, these 4 leaves will also fall and I will fully recover my health.

My why and how are laid out for me and I am committed to this program. I have a

health plan to stick to and my success depends on it.

• On one final note: I want to express my gratitude to Donna Roth for the years of

research she has done and the opportunity she has given us to access that

information through the TAFYH course. Thank you Donna from the bottom of my



Laws of Nature as it applies to colds and flus

When you have a cough and a fever ; this is the symptom ; it is not the disease. Something is irritating the body and the body is attempting to get rid of it by coughing it up or burning it up via the fever. The Law of the Nature is not to treat the cough or the fever but to help the body to get rid of the internal poison in other words the irritant. Now what do you usually do when you have a cough or fever. You go to the doctor who diagnoses it and gives you a drug. You take the drug and it works! What just happened here? The drug interfered with your body’s natural process of getting rid of the waste debris. The drug stopped the process of cleaning out the poisons. What we really need to know is how a furnace works. The furnace takes in fuel and with air it burns the fuel to create heat energy. Then the waste debris that is formed from the burning process in the form of smoke is expelled through the chimney. Visualize what happens when you plug up that chimney? The smoke stays in the furnace clogging up the entire system so burning can no longer happen. Apply this to your body. What happens if you don’t give your body the fuel it needs to burn and create heat energy for you? The Laws of Natures says no fuel, no burning, no heat energy. What happens if you don’t give your body the air it needs for the oxidation process to create the heat energy? The Laws of Nature says no oxygen, no oxidation, no heat. What happens if you do not eliminate your waste debris? The Law of Nature says if you cannot eliminate the waste debris you get sick. And what do you do? You keep clogging up the elimination process with drugs. Finally, you end up with a serious degenerative disease such as cancer, MS, Parkinson’s and so on. Disease arises when you are not putting into your body the material needed to repair the tissues, or the material that you put into your body blocks the flow of life and clogs up the energy generating process or you are dictating toxic thoughts and toxic beliefs into your body that dilutes the vital energy.  Steven Horne says this, “The entire practice of medicine works against the principles of healing. Treating the symptom interferes with the body’s innate ability to heal.”


It is the Law of Nature that says your body is created to repair and to heal if you give your body high dense nutrition in large enough quantities and that you keep fueling your body and ridding your body of waste debris until the body heals. This process may take a year or longer but the bottom line is that your body will heal ! I have taken high dense nutritious super food smoothies for over 35 years of my life and I don’t plan to quit. It took Dr. Jay four years of high dense nutrition to overcome bladder cancer, but did he quit after overcoming cancer? Not! Last time I saw him about 3 years ago he was still drinking 2 Smoothies a day. The question remains: Did he keep getting sicker and sicker as he was taking these high dense nutritious smoothies? His bladder did not get worse. It just slowly started to heal and heal it did. Most people just do not even want to believe that their bodies are created to heal.


Here are the super foods we can add to the smoothies.

Red Chi Mineral Tonic or Rejuvenaid

Yellow Flax Hull Lignans , Solstic Energy

White Collagen

Blue Zambroza and Noni juice

Green Ultimate Green Zone


Then you can add the herbals to help your move out the toxic debris body  to overcome the cold or the flu such as HRP-C, Cat’s Claw, Echinacea/Golden Seal, Histablock if there is lung congestion.


And that is exactly what Sheena, Juanita, Shawna, Terry did. They ate those good fats and good proteins and took high dense nutrient shakes to give their stem cells all the building materials to repair their cancer injuries.

There is one thing that stops us from taking on our own health and that is fear!


Here is my question.

> Our Grandson (6 yrs old) has type one diabetes. We pray for him on a regular basis. Is it possible for his pancreas to heal, and with proper diet and toxin removal to begin to produce it’s own insulin without needing several injections each day?


Even though the medical people say it is a genetic disorder I say it starts from the vaccination shots with a Vit K shot at birth as documented by Dr Reed.

This would not be an overnight process. I believe the heavy metals must be cleaned out. I think he could probably take UltraBiome DTX. Natures Sunshine Berberine or Cinnamon will lower blood sugar levels. There is an herbal formula to regenerate the pancreas P14. I am quite sure  he would be able to reduce his insulin intake.

Then I would also eliminate breads and sugar etc.


I know 2 people that are suffering from this.  One of the guys had the covid shot a few months ago.  Of course the dr says its not from the shot!!!  Anyway the poor guy is back in the hospital and on oxygen  He’s got a young family and not able to work since he’s received the shots.  I would like to send him some info.  Hopefully they will be open minded!! I’m quite sure they will be since the medical drs cant help him!



She has 2 questions:

1)            Is insulin resistance the cause of Type 2 diabetes?  If so, will TAFYH program teach how to reduce insulin resistance?

2)            Do you have any testimonials for Type 1 diabetes?  How does TAFYH  help anyone with Type 1


Type 1 diabetes according to Sr Tom Reed is caused by viruses associated with vaccines. Vitamin K shot at birth, MMR vaccines, DPT vaccines. Just think of diabetes as some toxic poison is blocking the insulin from working properly; vaccines, Candida which is fed by sugar and antibiotics, lectins from wheat and grains. Type 2 diabetes can also be caused by the same factors.


Usually it is children who are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Here is what I discovered. Mothers are too afraid to give their children herbs because it is not endorsed by a doctor. In every situation working with children there was so much fear that they did not continue the program.

Going back to Dr Jay; it took him 4 years to clear out bladder cancer. He did not suffer, He did not get worse. HE was able to do his work and lecture the entire time.


From Tina, TAFYH Leader, Jan./2015

One of my clients, diagnosed medically as diabetic, on blood pressure meds, high cholesterol and having a fatty liver, called me to tell me her success story after seeing her doctor.  She was taken off the Metformin as her doctor said she no longer has diabetes.  He reduced her blood pressure meds, she no longer has high cholesterol and he also said she has no more fatty liver!!!  She said she was just floored and there is no way she has any desire to lead the lifestyle she used to.



This is so exciting and I wanted to share with you what eating the proper foods and taking high dense super food supplements can conquer.  What you are learning in TAFYH is truly lifesaving information and here we have a wonderful witness to that fact in my client's success story today.


Sharon was diagnosed with diabetes and used Medformin to control it. However the morning blood sugar would always be high at 8.5. For about 1 month Sharon used P14 , 2 with each meal and Medformin together reducing Medformin accordingly. On April 18/05 Sharon stopped taking Medformin and used only P14 and her blood sugar readings have been consistently low at 5.4, 5.7, 6.2.