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Monday TeleCall Dec 6/21


Monday TeleCall  Dec 6/21

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TAFYH Team 66 has been launched

Laws of Nature in fueling your body.

Words of Interest from Carol

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Note that Nature’s Sunshine Curcumin BP is equivalent to 32 capsules of turmeric. To enhance the bioavailability and absorption black pepper extract piper nigrum was added.

ULC-R was designed to heal the stomach from ulcers and H pylori bacteria

HRP-C, TCM product for fighting viruses.


God made our bodies to be our miraculous working vehicles on this Earth plane. And it is expected that we look after these bodies, that we fuel them that we refrain from non fuel substances, that we cleanse them so that their workings serve us well. In short we need the education so we can follow the simple Law of Nature and respect these vehicles, cleanse them, nourish them, express gratitude to them  and keep them in top working order so we can effectively serve our fellow beings and complete our missions on this Earth.


Dr “Samuelson’s article The Science of Healing Revealed

There are human tissue cultures in laboratories that are still alive that have been taken from people who have died 50 years ago . If a cell is given the necessary raw materials (nutrients, minerals, O2) it can manufacture its own fuel and the micro machines that use this fuel to keep it alive. Just with a handful of different varieties of amino acids it can create complex proteins, duplicate itself and maintain its form and function indefinitely or until it eventually becomes broken or damaged for some reasons. If our cells are healthy our body is healthy. It is simple as that.

Concerning stem cells. There was a great triumph in science when stem cells were discovered. Stem cells take the form of any cell they come into contact with. If you want to grow new brains cells then all that is required is to place stem cells in the brain and they will soon transform into brain cells that fit flawlessly into their new environments as they are programmed to become new brain cells by their neighboring cells. The cells in your body canals genetically shift according to the nutrients you eat. What you eat can literally change the form and genetic function of your cells.



Injury can only be addressed by fuelling your body. This simple concept means putting into you body proven fuel sources which you cannot find in the grocery stores. I have witnessed Wes who overcame his own cancer by fuelling his body with the Natures Sunshine super foods only to turn to  a Vita Mix and grocery store bought vegetables a few short years later. Then the phone call came in with the voice of” my lump has come back.” Simple I said, just get back on those super food smoothies from Natures Sunshine. And he did. The lump was gone within 3 weeks. This is what I want to say about vegetable juicing:

You do not know the nutritional values of those foods. With Natures’ Sunshine every plant is tested to ensure the nutrient value is high and therapeutic. None of your grocery store bought vegetables are tested for nutritional energy.

It is very expensive to rely on vegetables bought from a grocery store. One small teaspoon of Green Zone is less expensive than the truckload of vegetables you would need to juice to get the same nutrient value. Scientists have strongly stated that you would have to eat 10 tomatoes to get the same nutrient value one tomato gave you in 1941. Think of the cost of 10 tomatoes about $5 but you would also need all those green vegetables another $5 on top of that to get the same nutrient value of a teaspoon of Green Zone. There are about 60 teaspoons   in 1 container of Green Zone. I hope you get this picture.