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From the Desk of Donna Roth Feb 7/22


From the Desk of Donna Roth Feb 7/22

No Health = No Life

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How Electricity is Affecting Your Health

Keeping Your Nerves Insulated

Words of Interest from Carol


Our body cells have an inner intelligence and wisdom that we never recognize and never acknowledge.

These cells pick up on inner dangers and they communicate. They trigger the liver to make cholesterol

when poisonous heavy metals have been injected into the blood stream. They constantly stand on guard

for thee. Yet we are taught not to trust that inner wisdom of our cells and most often we dump more

poisons into that blood stream to counteract the poison that is already in it. Oh, the frailty and feebleness of mankind!


Tom Cowan, “..we will show that the minute particles called viruses are actually exosomes- not invaders, of  toxin gobbling messengers that our cells produce to help us adjust to environmental assaults, including electro-smog.  These tiny messengers provide real time and rapid genetic adaptation to environmental changes.”


These toxic gobbling viruses are created in our bodies when there is an overload of toxins. I have in the past discussed extensively toxins from prescription drugs, from vaccines, CoVid shots, root canaled teeth, junk foods, hydrogenated oils and so on. In the last 2 talks I mentioned 5 G radiation as another toxin that we have to deal with in this modern-day world we live in. So today I want to extend that discussion; the discussion of electrical pollution that leads to diseased condition.


We often don’t think about electricity being harmful. We are surrounded by electricity everywhere. Its in our homes 24/7 never shuts off because at night it runs our furnaces, our freezers, our fridges. In the cities the night lights are streaming continuously.  It is almost hard to escape it. Its no wonder people love to go into nature or camping. It’s a rest from electricity. Now we need to come to the awareness about the harm electricity causes. Think about the electricity from a lightening strike that in a split second can destroy a tree and set it on fire and causing a forest fire. I recall a farmer near my hometown where I grew up. His cattle were near some large trees sheltering from a lightning storm. And sure, enough the lightning struck a tree and the cattle and killed a few of the cattle. I remember my son, Devin, at 2 years old sticking a fork into the electrical outlet and feeling the shock of that electricity.\

 Now I am going to take you from what you know about electricity, that it can cause an electrical shock and actually kill to perhaps the fact that it could be responsible for other symptoms we are suffering from.


Our bodies are 78% water and water is a conductor of electrical charges. We have low voltage electricity running through our bodies. Our bodies depend on these faint currents that actually govern everything that happens in our bodies; the coagulation of our blood, the energy production in the mitochondria in our cells, the currents needed for bone structure, the healthy beats of our heart., the functioning of our brain.  Each cell in the body has its own electrical grid maintained by structured water inside the cell. We have lived for thousands of years with our brains tuned to the Schuman resonance of the earth and our bodies and all live bathed in a static electrical field of 130 volts. All of our cells communicate in this electrical frequency range.


 What is it that started to change in the low voltage world?

In 1875 the telegraph was invented and that involved the installation of telegraph lines; an spiderweb over the earth with 700, 000 miles of copper wire. It was at this time that symptoms showed up, headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, floaters in the eyes, racing pulse, heart pains, depression. panic attacks and the common colds were frequent spreading along those working along railway and telegraph lines.

In WW 1 governments installed antennas which blanketed the earth with strong radio signals. And it was at the end of WW1 in 1918 where the world witnessed the Spanish flu. Millions of people got sick but it was those who were vaccinated that suffered the consequences of death. I see that it was the radio frequencies that caused the blood coagulation problem and added to it vaccines and that resulted in death.


IN 1957 radar worldwide was installed and that’s when the Asian flu pandemic started. Then all homes were installed with electrical wiring.  In 1996 Internet and cell phones were introduced to the world and parts of the world experienced SARS and MERS outbreaks. It then progressed to satellites then WiFi. So today the quiet hum of a life-giving current of 130 volts is being infiltrated by a plethora of all kinds of high voltage frequencies. The most recent addition to the disturbing racket of frequencies is the 5G wireless radiation. 5G is a broadcast of microwave frequencies ranging from 24 to 73 GH2 to 700 to 2500 MHz.


Why is this information so disturbing?  Think about microwave ovens that produce thermal effects which directly affects your body’s cell membrane permeability. In other words, it breaks down the fats that surround and protect the cell membranes. If these membranes are not protected, they will start to break down.

The other problem is that 5G transmitters at 60 GHZ is then absorbed by oxygen causing the oxygen molecule to split apart making it useless for respiration.

It was on Sept 26/19 when 5G wireless was turned on in Wuhan China with a grid of about 10,000 5G bases all concentrated in one city. The announcement of a CoVid virus began. This progressed to New York where 5 G installation took place and other towns and cities followed. Italy with the highest 5 G coverage especially Northern Italy which had 22 times as many CoVid cases as Rome. 5 G systems were also installed on cruise ships. The ship, Diamond Princess had a serious outbreak of illness where 381 passengers became sick and 14 died.


Let’s put this together. The 5 G splits the oxygen molecules thereby affecting lung respiration with the symptoms of dry cough and shortness of breath and lack of oxygen indicated in the blood streams. It has been reported that CoVid symptoms were very similar to high altitude sickness where there is lack of oxygen in the atmosphere. During the Spanish flu the blood problem was coagulation and in 2019, the CoVid era, the blood problem is lack of oxygen coupled with flu shots that was administered to all the elderly in nursing home. The end result was lowering the immune system  and the blood being affected by electromagnetic pollution.

Now the conclusion comes up that this disease is not a viral disease as the health authorities are so vehemently stuffing down our throats trying desperately to get each of us lined up for a lethal vaccine. I have many times in these Monday conversations explained that viruses are our friends not our enemies. They are there to eradicate toxic pollution that would otherwise lead to your death demise.  So the question then comes up.

How do we protect ourselves from the effects of 5G radiation?

Knowing that the cell membranes are broken down by this harmful electrical zapping we need to make a conscientious effort to keep our cell membranes strong and pliable and breathable. What are cell membranes made of? They are made of a double layer of fat molecules and cholesterol to protect the inner electrical generators called mitochondria in the cells. The cells need water and minerals to conduct the electrical energy so inside the cells structured water fills the spaces to create a web of tiny wires to carry the electrical currents to other cells and tissues. Knowing these facts, we now know what to do to keep our cells strong and inner electrical charges at optimum strength.

We need fats, not vegetable oils usually loaded with chemicals, but animal fats as that found in butter, lard, chicken fats, chicken soup, turkey soup, beef fats, tallow, eggs, raw milk products such as yogurt and cottage cheese and raw milk cheese and fish oils. These fats make the cell membranes waterproof so no water can leak out from the cells. These saturated fats serve as an insulation to the cells and nerves and brain. The myelin sheath of your nervous system is insulated with fats. Now become aware of how MSM has discouraged you from eating meats and consuming fats, how they have demonized saturated fats! Notice how doctors prescribe cholesterol lowering drugs which break down the fats the insulate your cells and your nerves and your brain.

I am so glad that Natures Sunshine now has Super Omega 3 back on the market. I recommend it highly along with eating those foods that provide you with those good fats.


Notice how the electrical energies need water so drinking clean water with no chloride and fluoride added to it.Regarding water, it may be polluted with CoVid vaccine shots, vaccinations, prescription medications such as cholesterol medications, antibiotics getting into the water system. Clean water is a priority.

Minerals are needed for efficient electrical conduction so adding Essential Liquid Minerals or Chi Mineral Tonic. Chlorophyll has a lot of mineral copper in it and it is copper that conducts electricity. Chlorophyll attracts more oxygen into the blood stream. And its great to have Ultimate Green Zone back on the market which has in it Chlorophyll and Chlorella. A note on interest is one of the early pioneer scientists, Metchnikoff was able to protect himself from the toxic bacteria in water that caused cholera in the 1800’s by drinking chlorella water.


Zinc is essential. If the respiratory system is not working properly and the carbon dioxide is not being eliminated properly then it is the zinc that helps to convert the CO2 into uric acid so the kidneys can eliminate it.


The other important factor in insulating bones and the spine and for creating strength to the cartilage and muscles so that they do not have to be affected by electrical radiation is collagen. This is where bone broth and chicken soup shine. This is where I add a scoop of Natures Sunshine Collagen powder into my smoothies or sometimes, I put it into hot water as it makes a nice hot drink. You can also add it to your soups. Now here is a piece of cool information for you. Collagen and bone broth is rich in an essential amino acid called glycine. It is glycine as found in Collagen that maintains water in its structured form to create these structures myriad lines through which electrical currents are conducted. Now hear this: the glycine found in collagen creates certain types of lung surfactants and other surfactants in the body to protect it and to support the detoxification process.


In short have that super food smoothie with Ultimate Green Zone , Collagen powder, Essential Liquid Minerals and Solstic Energy.

Eat meats, fish, eggs and take a Super Omega 3.

Drink clean water and have some water with Chlorophyll in it.

Take Zinc and Vit A and D.

Notice how the electrical energies need water so drinking clean water with no chloride and fluoride \