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From the Desk of Donna Roth Jan. 31/22


From the Desk of Donna Roth  Jan. 31/22  

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Everyone is asking me about spike proteins and graphene oxide. Here is what I say.

Microzyma, somatids, exosomes

Blood Analysis and spike proteins

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Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease and herb to cure it, and every person a mission. This is the Indian theory of existence.” ~ Mourning Dove

 1,071,856 Reports of COVID Vaccine Harms; Nearly 35,000 Reports of Injuries Among 5- to 17-Year-Olds, CDC Data Show

Recently the topic of diagnostic tests came into my energy field. Three of the cancer clients I am presently working with were told by their doctor that their cancer had progressed after following a nutritional program for at least 2 months and in one case followed a program for about 6 months. So I decided to check this out. Here is what a found from my research.

Problems with CT scans

A cancer diagnosis based on CT scan has the potential to be completely wrong – up to 30% of the time!

CT Scans Fail to Detect Cancer

Like ultrasounds, a CT scan is unable to differentiate cancerous tissue from non-cancerous tissue:

Therefore, CT scans can lead to a false negative

This can negatively impact your ability to get any treatment at all

CT Scans Lack Detail

A CT scan cannot identify the most aggressive tumors:

They’re unable to differentiate between cancerous tissue and cysts (or fibroids)

CT Scans Miss Tumors

A CT scan is unable to clearly identify the location of all tumors in your body:

Therefore, it is common for tumors to be completely missed

CT Scans are Inaccurate for Treatment Monitoring

After cancer treatment, a CT scan is unable to determine whether masses leftover are cancerous:

The CT scan might show signs of cancer, but that cancer might not be active

For example, it could be scar tissue left over from cancer killed off by your treatment

This means you won’t know whether or not you need to continue treatment

 Now that I have some insight into this CT scan information that it is up to 30% of the time incorrect I now ask this question. If you had a CT Scan how do you know if your scan is one of the 30% that is wrong or the 70% that is correct? Therefore, a CAT Scan cannot tell you anything about your cancer. My conclusion then is what is the point of the CAT Scan. If you want to know the success of your nutritional program, I suggest the Navarro test. It makes a lot of common sense to me. If there is cancer in your body, then there is an anerobic environment in that cancerous area. In other words, there is no oxygen in that cancerous injured area. In a low oxygen environment, there is fermentation happening. The by-product of the fermentation process in cancer is HCG hormones. These HCG hormones are excreted by the kidneys as urine. The higher the HCG number, the greater is the severity of cancer. When your HCG hormones show below the number 50 then you know there is no more cancer cells forming in your body. A note of interest: HCG hormones are also released during pregnancy and tissue production due to burns or other physical damage.

 Here is another significant story regarding CT scans.

I remember working with Lanny diagnosed with colon cancer. He had one of those CT scans and the report came back that read tumor, scar tissue, cyst, and the recommendation by the doctor was to get it surgically removed. So Lanny and I had this conversation. I asked the obvious question; it is a tumor or a scar tissue or a cyst? These are 3 very different things. The surgeon could not answer any of these questions and aggressively slammed the door and left Lanny in the office. That’s when Lanny had the answer. He would not do surgery. Lanny followed the therapeutic herbal program and one day he had bleeding from the bowel. This was pretty scary. I got the phone call and talked to him about the body having an intelligence and that it could heal itself. The body is created to heal. However it does need to get rid of that poison, toxin, waste debris , whatever you wish to call it in order for healing to take place. This is what Dr Hering called a healing crisis. When you put enough energy into your body there is a certain tipping point that occurs where the body throws off the poisons and new cells are regenerated. You heal from the head down, from the inside out and in reverse order as the symptoms appeared in the past. To this day neither Lanny or I really know the answer to that question. Was it a cyst , a tumor or scar tissue? It does not matter. Lanny’s colon has been healed with no cancer for many years now.

 I have witnessed many times where the doctor used a CT scan and said the cancer was worse.Peter with bladder cancer was told the cancer spread to the prostate after 3 months on the program.The doctor said the bladder and prostate would have to be cut out. Peter said NOPeter continued to follow the program.3 months later there was no cancer!!

Dr Lynda with a tumor in her uterus was told the tumor grew bigger in size after 6 months on my program.2 weeks later she passed a bloody mass.The doctor could not find any tumor.

Diane with MS was in a wheelchair, and it took her 2 years to walk again.A few years later she went to the doctor for a scan and the doctor told her the MS had progressed.This is when Diane decided to walk away! Not just walk away but not come back either.This is now 30 years later and she continues to walk in her high heeled shoes.

 So there is one other factor I recently discovered. One lady diagnosed with cancer that I worked with did the therapeutic nutritional program for 3 months or so and the Navarro test came back at 52.4. Shortly thereafter her husband had the Covid shot. Another Navarro test was done, and the number increased to 53. I know this is a slight increase. However, I really believe that the spike proteins were shedding and affecting her healing process. Spike proteins shed by sweating. Of course, this was my assumption but recently at one of the meetings I attended I met a lady who showed us her recent blood analysis. She was one person who was quite dedicated to having her blood analyzed and she reported that she was always proud of her blood cells being free flowing and not sticking to each other. Since the CoVid vaccine mandates that her colleagues were coerced into getting she had another blood analysis done and was shocked to see her blood sticky, not free flowing, lack of movement. I was privy to see a picture of her blood. She attributes the change in her blood to the spike proteins. The question then comes up; what you can do to eliminate spike proteins and the answer is nitric oxide generator as found 2 of Natures Sunshine products.; Arginine Plus and Rejuvenaid. Because I am very aware of the spike protein transmission, I take Arginine Plus or Rejuvenaid every day.

Then there is the problem of the heavy metal graphene oxide as found in the CoVid shots. If you have had a shot I recommend you do a program of Rejuvenaid at least 2 sticks and 1 scoop of Arginine a day along with Ultra Biome DTX to pull out that graphene oxide and drink lots of Chlorophyll and water. Do this for at least 6 weeks then continue to take Arginine 1 scoop a day until we see the end of these shots.

 On many occasions I have talked about the Germ Theory. I have alerted everyone to the fact that this is only a theory. It has always only ever been known as a theory. In other words it does not follow the laws of nature and there is no scientific evidence that it has been proven to be true. It has only been deceptively used to market vaccines to a world that blindly trusts the medical institution involved in promoting it. Now it is 2022 and the vaccine scenario is now so bad that Big Pharma and all who are behind it are now wanting to mandate these CoVid vaccines to every human being on this Earth. Today I express my utmost gratitude to the brave courageous truckers who have been the brave and strength in our society to take on the convoy approach to stop mandates and to restore our freedoms which was at the brink of utter destruction.

 I have attended rallies for 2 years now and today I share my observations. I knew it would have to be a large group of people who would have to take this on; to expose the deception and the lies that were given to us by the MMS. I really believe that out here in the West it started with our little gathering of 200 people in Bertram Creek Park right here in Kelowna with a few of us, Susanne, Darlene, Fran, David and me. WE were confronted with an entourage of police and Health Care worker and Parks attendant. We could have been fined, or cuffed but through our knowledge of the Constitution and The Charter of Rights and Freedom we took a strong stand and their entire agenda dissipated. We started a movement of rallies. In the East It started with a few brave nurses who lost their jobs after speaking up for the elderly. These nurses started a movement of nurses. Then a few doctors came on board, Dr Malthouse, Dr Hoffe, Dr. Nagasse, Dr Bruchet and many others who started a movement with the doctors. Then there was Paster Pawlowski trying hard to get the pastors across Canada to take a stand, The movement of pastors started. The police then came on board with Police on Guard for Thee and Mounties for Freedom. Then there was Vaccine Choice Canada and Action4Canada. At this point I got lost in the plethora of freedom movement groups there were so many.

 But in all honesty, little did I think that it would be the truckers that would really pull it all together to unite all these groups and move to Ottawa. My heartfelt gratitude to these very well-organized truckers that have gathered peacefully and have moved millions of others to support them in so many very touching ways from donating almost 9 million dollars to preparing food and serving them in all kinds of other capacities as they crossed Canada. I am so thankful to the many kind and loving and compassionate people that have come out in full support of the truckers and this historical movement in Canada. My heart is full as I and I know you also for the last 2 years attended rallies, written letters, signed numerous Notices of Liabilities so that we today could witness the hundreds of truckers as they passed numerous cities and towns witnessing the thousands of people that supported them. It has taken 2 years to get to this point. We never gave up. We kept going. Now the work we all did to prepare has been taken over by the truckers. Lots of love and blessings to those truckers and their families.

 Now back to the Germ Theory. It was Bechamp in the late 1800’s who stated that in every living thing there are these very tiny particles that hold life and he named them microzyma. Our bodies have microzyma that stay dormant until they are called to action. When there is an overaccumulation of poisons or toxic debris in the body the microzyma are called to action. They are then able to  create a viruses those particle, or somatid as described by Dr Gaston Nassens  or the "exosome. These all function as a carrier of information (like a text message), which then alerts the entire immune system in your  body into action to get these enemies  out as soon as possible. In the process of getting these  poisonous enemies out  all of these special messengers , these  viruses get to work and they then induce  some very unpleasant conditions; the  fevers, diarrhea, mucus formation , the coughing, the runny nose as they move out these destructive poisonous enemies out through your elimination channels, the bowels, the kidneys, the lungs and the skin.  These are the times these viruses are actually life-saving to our bodies. Quote Sayer Ji. For example, lethal conditions such as cancer, or deadly opportunistic infections with certain bacteria, can be averted through the induction of episodic, seasonal "healing crises." The virus can actually move out the poisons that form cancers and tumors. Now you can see why I call the virus my friend and not my enemy as we have been falsely taught. I am reminded of the scripture which states Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

 Now I do have a responsibility to my body in order for this process of viral action to  happen effectively. I need to nourish my body with all the energy of life; good foods, super foods, Ultimate Green Zone, Collagen, Solstic Energy and I must drink lots of water and Chlorophyll. My bowels must move and if not I can add LBS11 and magnesium. The lymphatic fluids must move so I add Cat’s Claw combination. I give my body sunshine and if there is not enough of it I add Natures Sunshine Vitamin D 3 which comes from sheep lanolin. If I don’t eat enough fish then I add Super Omega 3 full of fish oil to make the cells pliable and breathable. I exercise and breathe in fresh air without a mask! I do all that I can without using poisons such as drugs or antibiotics to stop this process of moving out the enemy. Finally I trust that my body is created to heal and I wait patiently in faith until the healing is complete. Sometimes this may take only a few days, sometimes a few weeks and other times as in cancer a few months or a year. But the bottom line is that it will happen. 

The laws of Nature state that your body is created to heal. I love Dr Christopher who once said, There are no such things as incurable diseases, there are only incurable people. The famous herbalist Samuel Thompson used two herbs mainly, cayenne & lobelia. And with those two herbs, it is estimated he helped 3.5 million people recover from their illnesses.” ~ Richard M. Schulze Getting to know herbs and the love and energy that has been planted in those herbs by a higher being, I call God is truly the answer to all diseased conditions.  I want to leave you with

 And Spring arose on the garden fair,

Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;

And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast

rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.” ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley