Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Results from TAFYH team 67.


Results from TAFYH team 67.

Before I share the results I want to reiterate what Dawn shared with me. Here it is. The cost of going to  an ND is about $300 a visit. You receive a diagnostic test, you receive the results but you do not get the education needed to responsibly taking on your own health. $300 almost pays for a 2 ½ month course, TAFYH where you take action for your health. You learn the poisons that are causing your health problems, you learn how to clean out those poisons, you learn the importance of super foods and you learn how to use herbs for healing, something that the ND’s do not teach and no medical doctor knows about. I urge you to take TAFYH.


BSQ dropped from 88 to 44

Lost 5 pounds

Digestion improved

Bowels are now moving properly

Fingernails are stronger

Removed an inflamed molar without antibiotics; used Cat’s Claw and Silver instead

The extraction was painless and quick

Sleeps well

Is proud that she did not get the shot and she knows why.

We become what we visualize

Understand the importance of the Vision board in TAFYH

Stay in your power

Went to a ND and it takes money and time as compared to TAFYH

I am no longer dependent on drugs

Did the gall bladder cleanse and passed a lot of dissolved stones

Learned the importance of cleanses



BSQ 110 to 43

Less stress

Lost 10 pounds

Less digestive issues

No more feeling nauseated

Feeling heavy is gone

Circulation is better

After the One Day Kidney Flush there is less pain in the back

Focus is clearer

Only I can change my life no one can do it for me. Doctors only throw medicines at me.

Loved the commitments, the short classes, the education on herbs and the success stories



Sleep cycle is better

Energy is up

More motivated

Anxiety has decreased

Better relationship with food

In tune with my inner self and inner cycles

Body temperature increased from 35 to 36

Loved the Chinese Constitutional Elements

Dr Thompson said fire is the life of man!

Loved the support of the team

Now has a higher vision

Wood element can release stored emotions




BSQ decreased from 30 to 18

Became aware that 3 root canals need to be addressed

Has done 4 One Day Kidney Flushes to help with achy hips

Less anxiety

Depression has subsided

Hands and feet are not cold any more

Clearer thinking

More confidence; this program is amazing’

Has taken lots of courses that give you information that is not needed just to justify the cost and TAFYH is not like that. Every lesson is essential to health.

Leads her own movement and wants to learn more.

Chlorophyll is sun’s harnessed energy

Dr Hamer said 85% of the diseases start from strong emotions.

Hering’s Law of Cure

Candida makes ethanol alcohol

Course emphasized magnetism, beauty and power.


Milla age 14

Mind is now clear


Not so negative

Pain in the knees is gone

Less anxiety

Candida saliva test is clear

Balance in mind and body

Loved learning about the Herbal First Aid

Cancer lives in low BT

We need to be social distancing from microwave ovens not from people

Grateful to Donna’s generosity

Health care sucks

I learned about accountability




BSQ dropped from 101 to 34

BT increased from 35.2 to 36.5

Intestinal system has improved

Saw the impact of eating the wrong foods

Tiredness has improved

Sleep patterns improved

I get a good sleep now

Is in the process of removing root canal

Chlorophyll is so helpful

I learned about the importance of a healthy gut.

Worked on my brain and understand the importance of water

I am motivated to share with others especially my Mom