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What Dr Glidden says about healing?

Enlarged Prostate and Frequent Urination

High Blood Pressure Success Stories; 5 of them

Lectins found in Grains Show Side Effects!

Solving the Lectin Problem


Health is about nutrition, good foods, quality super foods , state -of -the-art supplements, exercise, good water, sunshine  and fresh air. It is not about yearly checkups, mammograms, PSA tests, filling prescriptions and vaccinations.

Dr. Glidden – “30% of people get better because of placebo effect. It is people accessing the field. People are smart enough to take care of themselves; however, people are destroyed by lack of knowledge, and they fall deep down into the rabbit hole. The drug companies have convinced you for the last 100 years that the only person you should see is the MD. To heal requires 90 essential nutrients: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 2 essential fatty acids. We live in an industrial agricultural world and these nutrients are no longer present in our food, unless you are using minerals, something breaks down. Your body wants to fix itself but the MD says your body cannot fix itself.”

Enlarged Prostate

My uncle (82) is staying with us for a little while.  He has an enlarged prostate – has had for years.  I started giving him flax lignans this past week and he is open to trying more things.  On Sunday, he remarked that he slept for almost 3  hours straight for the first time.  Most often, he is up every hour to use the bathroom.  Maybe it was the use of flax lignans.  Also, he is taking a teaspoon of black walnut extract.

Success Patty

Patty had high blood pressure and was taking medications. In hearing me talk about Arginine Plus and how it could balance blood pressure she decided to add 1 scoop of Arginine Plus to her smoothies every day. She had already stopped eating breads and cereals and grains and legumes. She was taking Cat’s Claw and bowel herbs so she thought it would be easy to add Arginine Plus to her herbal program. Patty was very diligent in adding 1 scoop of Arginine Plus to her smoothies every single day. What she noticed in 2 weeks made her jump for joy. Her blood pressure top number had dropped by 30 points. She couldn’t believe it so she kept taking her blood pressure and it really had dropped by 30 points to normal levels. She is now in the process of weaning off the blood pressure medications.  Congratulations Patty. I am so excited for you and thank you for sharing your story and allowing me to share it with others.

The question comes up. Why does someone have high blood pressure?

Blood Pressure

I was concerned about his blood pressure and he experienced slight headaches. “ I could just tell that it wasn’t right.” About 3 weeks after eliminating all grains and taking Mineral Chi Tonic and MC the blood pressure came down from 150/90 to 130/80.


Denita, a TAFYH grad  reduced her blood pressure medications from 4 meds to 1 med in 2 months after completing the 2 month TAFYH course. Her brain fog disappeared and mental clarity has improved dramatically. The breathing problems are gone and she is sleeping soundly. The frequent urination has subsided. Denita concentrated on eating the right foods, having a super food smoothie every day with Chi Mineral Tonic, Collagen, Green Zone and doing the One Day Kidney Flush.



Oral Chelation For Blood Pressure

“I had a serious blockage in my arteries, and I wanted to prevent a bypass surgery. I, therefore, followed the oral chelation program, taking 4 MC tablets at each meal with a total of 12 per day along with Mineral Chi Tonic. I did this for 1 month for every 10 years of my age. I would also not have a bowel movement for 9 days in a row. I had my mercury fillings removed and within 3 weeks of doing this, I was a totally different person. An ND told me I had lots of mercury in my blood stream. The oral chelation program gave me great results. I am 79 years old, I have now been on MC for 6 years, my bowels move regularly, I am on no blood pressure medication, and I have avoided bypass surgery. I feel wonderful.”


73. High Blood Pressure, Thyroid

One man following the Paw Paw program was able to go off this blood pressure medication within 2 weeks of doing the program. His thyroid functions also normalized and he was able to go off the thyroid medication as well. He gave up all sugars, alcohol, grains, legumes and dairy. He also makes 2 Shakes a day with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Lignans, Collatrim Plus, Liquid Calcium and he is taking

 Paw Paw  Protease Plus, HRP-C , Super Oil and Slippery Elm.


Barry’s Heart Condition and Lupus

Five years ago Barry was diagnosed with a heart condition (Lupus) where the left side of the heart was affected. This condition was firmly confirmed through examination and ECG testing. Barry was aware that things just were not right with his heart as he experienced occasional pain and shortness of breath. Barry agreed to go to a cardiologist as recommended by the doctor. Barry agreed but his better judgement knew there was another way. “ I just couldn’t do it. I felt I was going to get sucked down a rabbit hole. I knew there had to be something better. “Barry kept searching and even trying various products . Then one day Barry met Donna Roth.” She recommended a program which included dietary changes, Super Foods and Herbs. The only side effects I could see were positive ones.” Barry faithfully followed the program eliminating sugars, grains, legumes and having a Super Shake every morning with Mineral Chi Tonic and Collatrim Plus . Twice a day on an empty stomach he took Protease Plus enzymes to cleanse the blood of foreign proteins caused by leaky gut and Milk Thistle to cleanse the liver. Within a month Barry knew things were changing for the better and within 4 months he felt really great. Barry did this for 6 months until he was called to see his doctor to get his heart checked. Another ECG was done along with a heart Stress Test. For some very odd reason Barry was left sitting in the waiting room for an entire hour after the tests were completed. Finally the doctor appeared with a very puzzled look on his face. The previous heart tests from 5 years ago did not match the present tests. Something was very wrong. Another doctor was called to look at these tests and these tests were carefully scrutinized. They finally came to the realization that the heart condition was totally gone! How could this ever happen? Well Barry knows how it happened. He simply followed a herbal program for 6 months!


Lectins by Krispin Sullivan

We are or become lectin sensitive because of

our ancestors just didn't evolve eating this type of food and our immune system can't handle it;

a failure of SIgA barrier protection, environmentally induced;

the use of NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories) or other drugs which increase gut permeability and allow lectins to enter general circulation.

Lectins are hardy proteins that do not break down easily. They are resistant to stomach acid and digestive enzymes.

Lectins may bind to the gut wall and damage the gut lining, are not altered by digestive enzymes, and may alter gut permeability and pass through the gut into general circulation. Lectins can cause alterations in gut function that may be related to colitis, Crohn's Disease, Celiac-, IBS and gut permeability.

Lectin damage to the gut wall then allows other proteins before they are fully digested  to cross through the holes in the gut into the blood  circulation and cause allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. These lectins then bind to surface cell membranes in arteries and vessels, organs and glands, including the thyroid, pancreas, kidney and adrenals and cause horrible hormone problems such as thyroid hormone resistance, diabetes, kidney disease, adrenal exhaustion, heart palpitations.

This binding of lectins to the vessels, organs or glands may begin antigen antibody reactions leading to autoimmune disorders and so-called degenerative diseases. Different lectins have been implicated in different diseases. Lectins have been implicated in juvenile onset type I diabetes. Wheat lectins have been implicated in juvenile nephropathy.

There are many different types of lectins found in wheat, grains, legumes, night shades. Types  of lectins and one's susceptibility cannot be determined by blood type as stated by Dr. D'Adamo. Lectin intolerance reactions occur in the gut, general circulation (artery walls and the like), brain, gland or organ as well as red blood cells.

GM (genetically modified foods) are modified by splicing 'lectins' from one plant family to another. This is extremely problematic. If you know you react to a particular plant family but that lectin has been put in a plant not of that family you may consume the 'toxic to you' lectin, have the reaction/response and not know the cause.

IgA antibodies and other immune factors may, if sufficient in quantity, help protect against some exposure to toxic lectins. Where do we find these IgA immunoglobin antibodies to protect us from lections.

These IgA immunoglobin antibodies are found in colostrum which is the first milk that a cow produces after the calf is born. These antibodies that can protect new born babies are found in breast milk. “Milk mucosal IgA, present in significant amounts in human colostrum may therefore play an important protective role in newborns. The protective IgA is not found in infant formulas.” Krispin Sullivan

Colostrum is known to bind these toxic lectins from the blood stream or from the vessels or the organs and glands where the lectins may have accumulated. Colostrum is a product that Natures Sunshine offers. It comes from grass fed milk and I believe these cows are raised in New Zealand.

Yesterday I attended a great presentation by Dr Hoffe. He is a practicing medical doctor in Lytton, BC not far from Kelowna.I am in the process of setting up a time when he can do a presentation on my teleconference call.  I want to share some of the information I learned from him.

Fear was used to control the masses. They decided what information they wanted you to hear and the truth was labelled as disinformation.

The CoVid virus was never isolated so there was never any pandemic. They created the pandemic to make you take a Vax shot. He showed us a slide of the Time magazine 1999 where science was already planning the mRNA shot. These so called CoVis shots were in the making since 1999. This pandemic was well planned well ahead of 2019.

There is now a 75 old increase in cancer since the CoVid shots.

53% of the people that were vaxxed had clotting.

The damage done to the immune system takes 2 weeks. He showed us slides of some of his clients that had huge bruises all over their bodies, an indication that there were broken blood vessels.

Health Canada says there are no alternatives to the CoVid shots.

Health Canada has prevented doctors from prescribing Ivermectin. There are 22 studies to prove the effectiveness of Ivermectin. It has absolutely no side effects and is sold as an over the counter product in many countries but in Canada Health Canada deemed it to be a not for sale and not for prescription product.

I asked him what Ivermectin really is. It is a bacteria grown in the soil. It reminded me of the product Nature’s Sunshine offers that is a bacteria grown in the soil, It is called Bacillus Coagulans.

CoVid shots are bioweapons that violate a person’s rights and damage the immune system.

One of the crimes that Dr Hoffe is accused of is promoting vaccine hesitancy.

He said there are 167 studies to prove masks don’t work. Then he showed us a slide with mounds of masks collected by the garbage collectors. These masks are literally clogging up our entire environment.

Only dead fish go with the flow.

There is strength in unity.

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.