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From the Desk of Donna Roth October 10/ 22

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Words of Kindness

Everyone talks about cutting it out.

Not so with the Nutritional Protocol.

It is a different way of thinking.

It’s about what’s poisoning you?

It is clean up the toxic waste debris!

It’s about feeding your stem cells with high dense nutrition.

If you don’t follow the Laws of Nature it just shows up elsewhere!

Discussion: tumors, sarcoma, lung C, uterine C Quercetin and Vit K



I just want to acknowledge how blessed I am to have this experience right now.

 I have been a so-called critical, radical misfit for most things in my life and was very very disheartened (as a trained holistic nutritionist) to see the health and well-being field following the same formula for commodification and profit (not all but it has become institutionalized). This has disempowered me immensely. 

 And this space, I feel free and invited to be my authentic self with the genuine and ethical intention to learn, evolve and serve. 

 I am very very interested to continue into advanced levels with you (upon graduation). I see this as a life-long journey...the unlearning and learning. And would like to devote myself to spaces, people experiences and practices that are truthful, regenerative, ethical, humane and evolutionary. Nothing less. No matter what the naysayers say. 

 I consider it the quiet revolution. Sovereignty of body, health, mind and soul. Recovering my relationship with myself, with the earth and the cosmos. And helping others do the same. Liberation! 

 Thank you Donna, life and the universe for this convergence of blessings.

 With love,



Documentary: The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F Kennedy

What I learned this weekend from the Doctors


A lump or a so called tumor appears for a very good reason if you trust that the body has an amazing intelligence well beyond scientific knowledge. A tumor is your body’s way of walling off invasive toxic debris that is present in your blood stream. Your body creatively found a very safe avenue to create a wall around these poisons so that they do not harm the rest of your body. How miraculous! If you decide to expose this lump to injury via a biopsy or a surgery to remove it imagine what starts to happen. Now that amazing disposal system has been removed. The body has no longer a system of depositing unwanted poisons and they continue to float freely in the blood harming other organs and glands. The toxins in the blood have nowhere to go until another wall is created or the poisons start irritating another organ until a cancer is formed.


I want to read a portion of Dr. OShea:

First of all, by the time any lump is big enough to be detected, it has usually been there for at least a year, maybe several. So what’s the rush? Why not see how your body handles it, unmodified by human experimentation? If it remains unchanged over time, chances are the encapsulation can eventually be reabsorbed, or at least permanently walled off.

The act of biopsy physically violates the body’s evolved powers of self-protection by exposing the tumor to all the other tissues the needle had to pass through both on the way in and the way out. Any protective encapsulation is thereby breached and contaminated. This virtually invites metastasis.

It is well documented that tumors can be encapsulated for an individual’s entire life, never becoming active. These commonsense notions are simply not entertained, not deemed worthy of consideration by the specialists who are anxious to let the billing cycles begin as soon as possible.

Then consider delaying biopsy until some visible perceptible health change warrants such an invasive and potentially carcinogenic procedure. What’s the worst that could happen by doing that? Few people die of cancer only; most die of cancer treatment. That’s the far greater danger, statistically.

If you have cancer, guess which system is the most important to you at this time, more than it’s ever been before in your whole life. Right – your immune system. Now guess which system suffers the most from chemotherapy and radiation. Right again. So the one time in your life you most need it, your immune system will be weakened by those therapies. That’s what the word cytotoxic means. As we will see, most people don’t die of cancer; they die from cancer treatment.

So I want to give you an example. Sheena at age 20 was diagnosed with a sarcoma in her leg. She had it surgically removed and then completed a process of radiation. Did cutting out the lump get rid of her cancer? Here is the answer. Five years later at age 25 here she was diagnosed with lung cancer. That’s bad enough but the worst of it is that she was told she had only 3 months to live. Cutting out the tumor did not get rid of her cancer. The poison just settled somewhere else! The happy ending to this story is that she did a therapeutic nutritional program with lots of Cat’s Claw and lots of Chi Tonic, Chlorophyll and overcame her cancer in a few short months. That was in 1998. It is now 2022 and just this past summer I bumped into Sheena at one of our rallies. Sheena has tried desperately to tell other people about her program. Bur her words just fell on deaf ears.  Her biggest frustration is this; no one wants to believe her. They just keep going back to the doctor.Juanita was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I believe many of you have heard her story as she was a guest on my call. Juanita succumbed to surgery to cut out her uterus along with the cancerous tumor and to do the chemo and radiation. Did this procedure get rid of her cancer?  Two years down the road , you guessed it! The cancer came back in the uterine area where she had had the surgery. As I clearly state; you cannot cut out cancer. Juanita then turned to the therapeutic nutritional program and to this day , now about 10 years later she is cancer free.


Pyll says this: I was bothered by reoccurring skin cancers, Basal cell, Squamous cell, Melanomas. Did surgically removing the skin cancers and melanoma solve the problem. NOT. Phyll was then diagnosed with Lymphoma of the spleen.  Cutting out the cancers or the melanomas did not solve the cancer issue, It just came back. She then decided to do my course, TAFYH, one more time. This time she took a different action. She recognized what was poisoning her body. It was the root canals in her mouth. She had her root canal extracted, followed the nutritional protocal and to this day she is cancer free.

“My BSQ has dropped from 51 to 18.  My weight dropped from 133.4 to 125.2 (my love handles are gone).  My body temp did manage to get up to 37 plus a few times but its back to 36.2.  It started at 35.6.   I am back at the gym and loving it.  I’ve learned how to plan nutritious menus and find recipes using healing foods.”

Now I will tell you Mildred’s story. I worked with Joan as a team to help Mildred with breast cancer. ON December 17th, 2011, the result came back that Mildred had cancer in the duct called DCIS. They told her it was early-stage cancer and probably would not require treatments but was necessary to do surgery to remove the lump. On April 3, 2011 she had lumpectomy surgery. Did the surgery remove the cancer? NOT! The lab report showed that there was the HER 2 gene was 3+  positive and she was estrogen dominance and now a whole range of chemo and radiation was in order. She had enough and walked away without any treatments. She started the Paw Paw Program with guidance from Joan, a trusted herbal consultant. I was contacted as part of the support team. Mildred would make 2 delicious shakes a day with Mineral Chi Tonic, Collatrim Plus, Flax Lignans, Aloe Vera, Solstic Nutrition, Green Zone. Then she would take Protease Plus and Colostrum on an empty stomach and Paw Paw Capsules about 12 a day with meals. She cut out all sugars, grains, legumes and milk.

There is one thing Mildred learned from her experience. It gave her the desire to let people know they can take control of their own bodies and with the proper nutrition we can heal ourselves. The Paw Paw Program did that for her. She is cancer free since 2011.

In October 2007 Mel became very ill with food poisoning. A few months later he underwent a gall bladder surgery and ended up with an infection from the surgery. It was at this point that he was diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer and Cancerous spots on his lungs. He purchased a copy of Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury Manual by Donna Roth and started on the Cancer program in June 2008. His program included: Paw Paw- 9 per day; Protease Plus- 3 three times a day; Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic- 1 ounce 3 times a day; Zambroza- 1 ounce a day; TNT and SynerProtein Shakes, Flax Lignans- `1 scoop a day; Natures Gold Barley- 1 tablespoon per day; Super Oil-3 two times a day

Shawna at age 29 was diagnosed with breast cancer. She also succumbed to surgery to cut off her breast and to chemo and radiation and to tomoxifen. Did that action get rid of her cancer? Let me tell you that 5 years later she was diagnosed with cancer in the exact same place where the surgery took place. You cannot cut out the cancer. The good news is that she did the therapeutic nutritional program and is cancer free for more than 6 years now.

Now there is just one last thing I want to strongly say here. These 3 people , Sheena, Juanita and Shawna did not stop therapeutic nutrition. They did not go back to eating junk foods, alcohol, drugs, antibiotics , flu shots and so on. They understood that you cannot put those poisons back into the body and expect a healthy body. I also can tell you of people who have successfully completed the program and then stopped it and reverted back to their old ways, their old lifestyles. And guess what the cancers, the lumps returned a few years later.


One-man years ago called me at Christmas time in desperation. He was having a difficult time breathing and he told me he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Over our telephone conversation I gave him a nutritional program to follow. It included avoiding all sugars grains and he loved sugar. Sugar and grains feed Candida and I believe it was the Candida yeast that was filling his lungs thereby preventing his lungs from completing the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange from taking place. I recommended smoothies with Green Zone, Flax Lignans and Solstic Energy to get the blood moving and circulating. He took lots of Cat’s Claw to open up the lymphatic system to get the poisons to move our through the natural elimination channels, the kidneys and bowels. He really went to town on this program and within a week he was breathing again and within 3 months all cancer was gone.This man was not a TAFYH grad and even though I tried to tell him not to ever go back to the old lifestyle. He soon forgot and a few years later I received the call again and the cancer had come back.


I cannot emphasize enough that today your grocery store foods do not have enough nutrition to sustain your health and you must resort to Natures Sunshine super foods to nourish your good health for you.

I want to read a portion of Dr. OShea:


A study in Journal of the American Medical Association of 223 patients concluded that no treatment at all for prostate cancer actually was better than any standard chemotherapy, radiation or surgical procedure. (Johansson [41]) Unlikely the statistics would be any different today since the recommended  procedures have not substantially changed.