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From the Desk of Donna Roth January 30/23


Registrations for TAFYH team 72: There are 2 spots opened.

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Tidbits of Valuable Herbal Information

Solution to Infection without antibiotics

Depression success stories

Be Prepared: Stock Up

Words of Interest from Carol


If health is truly your greatest wealth than spend some of your wealth to preserve your wealth.

Black pepper Pepper Nigrum is added to Turmeric Curcumin and the absorption increases by 200%.

4700 men took EFA’s such as Omega 3 or Saw Palmetto conc. and cancers of all kinds including prostate cancers dropped by 27%.

Vit D3 is now available in 2500 IU tablets. It is excellent for the immune system , cardiovascular system, brain health and neurological health.

Nothing in the medical system can do anything for diabetes as it is a lack of nutrients and an overload of carbos. Use Gluco-Reg, P14, Berberine with each meal.

IF you don’t spend your money on good foods and herbs, you’ll be forced to spend your money on illness later.

Marilyn ND, guest speaker on one of my calls: I don’t want to leave this planet without making a difference.

If you don’t have a plan then you plan to fail.

Avoid people who will sabotage your health.

Dr. Roger Williams: A high level of depression means you are not getting enough folic acid. This is where Methyl Combo and Liquid B12 comes into play.



Three ladies , one from NFL, one from Sask, one from BC all sent me an email about the same time in December of 2015. They all had the same problem. It was depression. They all reported and horrible suffering that took place as a result of feeling this way. All of them were following a program which included eating the right foods, taking high dense super food smoothies and taking supplements daily. So what was missing? This is where my learnings from Dr. Perlmutter, author of Grain Brain kicked in. I knew exactly what they were missing. I responded with an email to each and this is what I told them:

Take 20 Probiotic 11 once a day , all at once at bedtime and do this for 1 or 2 bottles.

Each one of them listened intently, ordered their Probiotic 11 and followed instructions. And it worked!! Within a day one lady reported the depression had lifted, within 5 days the lady from Nfld reported that her depression was gone and within 7 days the lady from Saskatchewan called to tell me that she had not felt so good for years and thanked me profusely. I want to say we have some incredible answers to offer you .There are huge numbers of people suffering from depression. All you need to do is call!

Donna, one of our TAFYH grads, talked about St. John’s Wort and what a significant difference it made to her life. She is now off all anti-depression medication and off blood pressure medications because she followed TAFYH principles and used St. John’s Wort and MC and Chi Mineral Toni. Her talk inspired other people who were present at this event to taking action in addressing their own depression with St. John’s Wort.

This week my focus was on depression. This is what I know about depression. I know that Candida yeast can cross the blood brain barrier and cloud the brain up with yeast. I know that Candida is fed by grains. Here is what Dr. Davis says about wheat, barley, rye and all those grains.

Dr. Davis: Quotes

 Paranoid schizophrenia. The worsening of paranoia, auditory hallucinations (hearing voices and receiving warnings or commands), and social disengagement were among the first observations made when researchers started studying the effects of wheat consumption on brain health, attributable to the gliadin protein– derived opiates. This effect may be confined to schizophrenics who express an autoimmune response to the gliadin protein, the group most likely to improve with wheat, rye, and barley avoidance.


Bipolar illness. We know that people with bipolar illness express higher levels of antibodies in response to the gliadin protein, similar to the phenomenon observed in schizophrenics. Gliadin-derived opiate peptides likely also play a role in generating the distortions in judgment and reality experienced with this condition.


Depression. If there is predisposition for depression, grains— especially wheat, rye, barley, and corn— can magnify or unmask that tendency. Depression due to the gliadin- and prolamin protein– derived opiates can be mild, resulting in a pervasive feeling of unhappiness and lack of interest, or it can be incapacitating and life threatening, complete with obsessive thoughts of suicide or self-harm. Both wheat and corn are also responsible for reductions in brain serotonin, which regulates mood.


I also know that Candida is fed by sugar, antibiotics, hormones type medications such as birth control pills, tamoxifen, Tamoxifen  has side effects, including hot flashes, fatigue, and an increased risk of blood clots and endometrial cancer,Hot flashes, Irregular periods or missing periods, Vaginal discharge or bleeding, mood changes, nausea, fluid retention, edema, swelling. If you read the side effects of most drugs I think you will see how the side effects are things like mood problems, depression, brain fog. So I know there is a Candida problem when it comes to mood disorders, foggy brain and depression.One product that addresses Candida is Caprylic Acid. This is a Nature Sunshine product that is known to expel parasites, fungus, and Candida yeast,

I also know that your brain is fat and protein and water. Your brain is not cookies, pies and donuts. So it is critical to feed your brain with fats and proteins. That means eating grass fed red meats, salmon, fish of all kinds and eggs free range that have high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids. I have also learned about feeding your brain with MCT oil that comes from coconut oil. Nature Sunshine has MCT Oil in a powder form. I add it to my smoothies. You can also take Super Oil or Super Omega 3 Oil.  

Dr Cordain: A comprehensive study on metabolic syndrome and the brain, found rats fed an omega-3 deficient diet exhibited memory deficits, which were further exacerbated by fructose intake


          If you know that your brain needs water then know to drink clean water. But what do I see in our fast food world? Its Monster, Bull, and all those very high sugar beverages loaded with artificial stimulants. I see pop, beer, and all kinds of carbonated beverages being consumed in atrocious amounts. Just go and check out the bottle depots and you will see what I mean. Your brain really needs just clean unadulterated water. Now your water can be a herbal tea, or hot water with Collagen powder or with ginger and lemon. My favorites are ginger tea or lavender tea. Your brain needs water! I want to add that for proper hydration to happen you can also add salt. If you add a pinch of salt to your clean drinking water you will notice that it changes the taste of the water. For those people who do not like the taste of water, that pinch of grey or pink salt may be the solution for you. Notice I did not say white salt. I specifically mentioned grey or pink salt. Salt helps to retain water and therefore assists in the hydration process and salt is also an important ingredient in your lymphatic fluids. Your lymphatic fluids are salt water and they have a particular function for your brain. They are your garburators cleaning up poison and toxic waste debris from your brain.

There is one more important factor in this world of depression. Its this! You have been to believe 

that you have no inner power, that your head must be held down, that you must be submissive to authority, that what your inner intuition tells you is wrong. But in this state of submission your feel that you must comply to their mandates, their vaccines, their CoVid shots, their recommendations, their  surgeries, and so on. I say take a stand, a strong stand for your body, for your inner self. Stay in your power and hold your head high, shoulders back and learn to say NO!,


On one of my past Natures Sunshine trips I was  empowered by a young man’s conversation about his refusal to have vaccinations even though 4 white coat authorities were there to coerce him to do so. He took a strong stand all alone with no one by his side except his own spiritual intuition that told him this was so wrong. He soon discovered that they would not dare vaccinate him against his will. He won his case not through arguments, not through vicious exchange of words but by taking a strong noble silent stand of “ No!” No amount of intimidation could overthrow his decision.  I am not only empowered by this man’s incredible ability to overcome such intense pressure but also by his deep inner knowing and standing for the rights of his own body.

With all this information I have gathered I have put together a One Day Brain Booster protocal.

One Day Brain Booster;

Have 1 glass water, ½ scoop Arginine Plus, squirt of organic lemon

2 K, 1 Caprylic Acid, 1 Super Oil, 1 St John’s Wort, 1 Focus ATN, 1 Probiotic 11.

One hour later : 1 glass water with Chlorophyll 2 tablespoons

Repeat and alternate the Arginine water with the Chlorophyll water.


Take Liquid Methyl B 12 a few drops under the tongue 3 times a day.

This is not a fast,

Eat protein foods.

 You can do the Brain Booster program once or twice a week for about 5 times or more until the problem is solved.

 Be Prepared: Stock Up: Dr Mercola

Ground meat is less expensive, but more importantly, takes up the least amount of space in your freezer.

Canned beef, has long shelf-life and doesn't require a freezer.

Canned wild  salmon, mackerel and sardines are  good options.

They contain healthy protein and fat while being low in toxic water pollutants and heavy metals. Just make sure they're canned in water, not oil.

Tallow, ghee and coconut oil — These healthy fats are ideal for cooking and remain stable even without refrigeration.

Collagen powder — Beef broth is an ideal source of collagen, but organic grass fed collagen powder will stay fresh longer. Collagen is the most common and abundant of your body's proteins, and is required for bone health, tissue integrity and repair.

Whey protein — Whey protein is rich in leucine. It stimulates muscle protein synthesis and  promotes healthy muscle. Whey can be stored for a long time.

Rice — Rice is a gluten-free staple that can be stored for long periods of time.

Honey — In addition to being a natural sweetener, local unadulterated honey also has health benefits; Generally, one tablespoon or 21 grams of raw honey containsTrusted Source 64 calories and 17 grams of sugar. Raw honey also containsTrusted Source smaller amounts of the following micronutrients (or, vitamins and minerals):





pantothenic acid





In addition, raw honey is a source of varying amounts of amino acids, enzymes, and other beneficial compounds.

Macadamia nuts — Nuts are frequently recommended as a good source of fiber, protein and healthy fats that will stay fresh for a long time without refrigeration, provided they're in a sealed bag or container.

Be sure to have as beef organs, Essential minerals, Super Omega-3, Vitamin K2, Magnesium and Cat’s Claw Combination. My best vitamin and mineral supplement is MC.