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From the Desk of Donna Roth May 15/23 Teleconference

From the Desk of Donna Roth May 15/23


Words of Gratitude


Success Stories from TAFYH team 73 are astounding!

From National Citizens Inquiry

Solutions to your Health Injuries

The Question is: Is it a nutrition or is it a poison?

You Need High Dense Super Foods to Wean Off

 Emily: Thank you for all your do for us and for our community.

Sharlene: I want to thank you for your conviction. I hear the integrity in your voice. You are so passionate about helping us.

 Congratulations to Shanon who is leading TAFYH team 5, her fifth TAFYH team.

Congratulations to Bee, who is leading her very first TAFYH team. Bee has decided to come on board and lead TAFYH because of the great results she has accomplished with her own breast cancer. She followed the program for a year and she has now succeeded to clean out all the poisons in her body and she is free of any cancer in her breast. Bee now has a passion to lead her own team  teaching others how to be self reliant in health.

Bee has some recommendations for all women suffering from breast cancer.

1.         Take time to make decisions otherwise you will be bulldozed into making quick rash decisions.

2.         Trust your own intuition. Trust your gut and stick with it.

3.         Be committed. You can’t be half /half. Let go of who you once were and build on your better self.

4.         I, 100% recommend TAFYH. It is so easy. It is a way to commit to yourself, your team, and to others. When you feel lost, it is so great to have a nice call 20 minutes a day for more intelligence, more support, for celebrating with your team. TAFYH is the best starting point for everyone with cancer. It is about proper nutrition, detoxing, community, and about taking control. Your relationships with your loved ones grow. Your loved ones are watching you succeed and it inspires them. My TAG team is still with me and they are my community to this day.

5.         Be patient and trust the process. Its not going to happen in just a few days. Advocate for yourself every single day; stick to your guns 100% of the time. Going back is never an option.

6.         Don’t expect your oncologist to endorse your therapeutic nutritional program. My oncologist said I made the right choice but never once asked me what I did to overcome cancer. They are in a “protocol box.” Hold your head high.


I love to look into my future. Every day I work on continuous optimal health. I am at my highest vibration. I am mindful to be grateful, happy, supportive. I believe in a higher supreme power who gave us all the tools for overcoming health challenges. They are all there. You just have to know how to use them and to take control and use them. I now know who I am really meant to be.


I just heard this story:

A senior lady thought she was suffering from a heart attack. She knew all about Capsicum because she had listened to Dr. Christopher talk about the amazing properties of Capsicum. She had a bottle of Nature Sunshine Capsicum in her house. Dr. Christopher’s words were ringing in her ears so she got on with a Capsicum program. Every hour she opened Capsicum capsules into water or juice and she drank a glass of water and Capsicum. She did this all day long until the tightness in her chest subsided. The next day she was totally fine. This is when she went to see a doctor who confirmed that yes she had a heart attack but there was no scar tissue and the heart was totally in good order.


I had an exciting phone call from Sharlene, a TAFYH grad. She was so very thrilled that she was courageous enough to go to the dentist to have her last root canal extracted. And it was broken and had to be pulled out in pieces. The dentist did state that microbial toxins could be moving into the system and this could result as a systemic infection. Sharlene used Silver Gel and Cat’s Claw combination where no antibiotics were used. The pain was very minimal and the gums were healing up very nicely. She also reported that the lump in her breast has softened.


We have now completed 3 weeks of TAFYH and I say Wow to your hard work.

The results are miraculous and override the deceptive belief that herbs do not work.



I have been cold dipping in the ocean for the past 10 consecutive days at 5:15am and am planning to do 30 consecutive days (and likely continue beyond that).

I am hardly limping with my hip osteoporosis

I postponed my scheduled hip replacement surgery

I have little to no pain in my hip

I am sleeping more deeply and not waking up as much through the night

My muscle definition has increased (people are commenting that I look 'ripped'

I'm energized and excited, each day is occurs like a gift

Everytime I look in the mirror I swear i look younger!!

Limited sugar cravings

Increased knowledge about my health (am empowered!)

Have done 2 x 10km hilly hikes with no hip pain

Have done several other hikes on technical terrain with no pain (@ 8 or 9 km excursions)

Have reduced my body weight by 6 lbs and down 2% body fat

Cancelled her hip replacement surgery scheduled for May 12/23

Pain in the hip is gone

Increased muscle definition

Sleeping well



Is off BP meds since May1/23 BP dropped from 170/140 to consistent 118/58

BT is now at 36.8

Loves to create new recipes.


Lost 5 pounds

Finds TFYH super interesting

Loves to educate others in this unique style

Sugar cravings is gone

Lost 6 pounds and 2% body fat

Feels empowered

Can now do a 10 km hike with no limping or pain

Has been ocean cold dipping


Better sleep and not waking up during the night

Feel rested, alert and energized

Lost a few pounds


Less hip pain

Inflammation has reduced by 30%




Off Synthroid medication by following the program even though the pharmacist said, Are you nuts?

Full of energy, warm, full of vigor, beauty and power

The lumps on the neck are gone!


Memory has improved dramatically

Brain fog has lifted

BT has gone up from 35.1 to 36.1!

Have energy and wake up with a smile on my face.



From National Citizens Inquiry


Regarding MSM Larry Elford says this:

It is stimulation, destruction, and political or corporate promotion. It is now more greed driven to farm its audience for profit then to inform.


It takes about a year to report serious adverse events.

Adverse events from CoVid shots were as follows

1 in about 4000

A year later it was 1 in 2661

Now in 2023 it is 1 in 888.


Catherine Austin Fitts describes CoVid as a political economic reset presented as a health care crisis.


Heart disease is up by 265%

Myocarditis by 287%

Pulmonary Disease by 467%

Guillain Barre disease by 250%

MS up by 487%.


When I analyze these problems, I see that 2 basic systems are affected; circulatory system and nervous system. I also suspect that there are spike proteins, graphene oxide and parasites involved.

In every one of the above situations, I would recommend:

Eat eggs; known to clean out the spike proteins

Arginine Plus; to bind spike proteins

Power Beets; used to be called Rejuvenaid and now known as Power Beets; to build the blood

Green Zone; to pull out graphene oxide

The herbs I would use:

Hawthorn to strengthen the heart

Capsicum to move the blood

MC; to clean the blood of heavy metals. Graphene oxide

Stress Pack to heal the nerves

The poisons have to move out through the bowels and the kidneys.

For the bowels I would use LBS11 and UltraBiome DTX and for the kidneys I would do the One Day Kidney Flush one day a week.

There are a lot of poisons that need to move out so I recommend that this program be followed for 1 month for every 10 years of your age. If you are 60 then do this program for 6 months. If there are still lingering symptoms then continue the program for a few more months until the symptoms subside.


I believe most people are not aware that they are sick because they are being poisoned. To this I ask that everyone take special attention to the Laws of Nature and always ask yourself : Is what I am eating a nutrition or is it a poison? Is a drug a nutrition or is it a poison? Is the shot being injected into my body a nutrition or is it a poison? I have witnessed numerous people have a hard time answering that question when it comes to a CoVid shot or any other shot. Is it a poison or a nutrition? After a lot of deep contemplation they finally come to the realization that the shots are not nutrition and therefore they must be a poison. Its just something that never even crossed their minds. I get it. We have trusted the medical system for a long time. We see these people go to university for many years. We have been made to believe that they knew best for our well being and our health. What if what you have been told over and over again for a long time is not true? And is it not true that our bodies are not made of drugs and vaccines? Is it not true that the fuel for our bodies does not come from drugs and vaccines? And I know that you know that your body needs nutrition to function. Your body needs nutrition to heal. Your body needs food given to us and found in all forms in Nature; meats of all kinds, chicken, turkey, fish,sea food, eggs, fermented milk products like yogurt and raw milk cheeses, berries of all kinds, vegetables of all kinds, fruits of all kinds, herbs of all kinds.  If you provide your body with the fuel it needs then know that your body will heal be it in 1 month, in 6 months, in 1 year or in 2 years.  Your body is created to heal. I know of a TAFYH grad who is now part of our Advanced TAFYH team that has worked on her health for 5 years. She had many infected root canals and just recently she has had her very last root canal extracted. Did she give up on life? NOT! She learned from TAFYH the cause of her health problems. TAFYH gave her a plan and she took it on. She has her health back and she has her life back. One day I will ask her to be a guest speaker on this call.


In an interesting conversations with a friend. I discovered that she knew someone who tried to wean off Synthroid medication but was not able to do so because of symptoms she was experiencing. I am here to say that I truly believe that you need lots of energy in order to wean off a medication such a Synthroid. With the people I have worked with that was exactly what they did. They took lots of the high dense nutritious smoothies I recommend so that they had enough energy in their bodies to throw off the poisons very safely as they stopped the medications. I believe that rule of thumb stands for everyone. Have at least 2 smoothies a day with Green Zone, Collagen, Flax Hull Lignans, Beet Powder and Arginine Plus and your should be able to wean off very safely.


Success Story Fay: Overcoming Myelodysplasia

Fay has been very sick for 10 years. In 2016 she was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic and the doctors gave her 3 years to live. Myelodysplastic. syndromes (MDS) are an often unrecognized, under-diagnosed rare group of bone marrow failure disorders, where the body no longer makes enough healthy, normal blood cells in the bone marrow. The disease is also known as a form of blood cancer.

Avoid all grains, sugars, junk foods.

Take a super foods smoothie twice a day to build up the blood.

Rejuvenaid, Natures Harvest, Ultimate Green Zone, Chi Mineral Tonic Solstic Energy.

Drink lots of water and Chlorophyll.

Take Pau D ’Arco to cleanse the blood

UC-C to help the digestive system.

Fay went home with confidence and really took on her health. The first thing she did was drink her smoothies and take her herbs and  stop the Synthroid Fay’s words. “I went off the Synthroid all on my own hard as it was because I was really skeptical. I did not tell a soul. I knew if I told them they would not approve.  No one knew what I really did until I got better. Then I told them.” In 2 weeks Fay had her voice back and her energy was back.

Program Feb 28/2020 . 4 months later Great progress

White Blood Cell Nov. 3.4, Dec, 3.9.   Feb 4.2 (Normal 4- 10)

Red Blood Cell Nov 3.1 Dec 3.2            Feb. 4.2 Normal is 3.9 to 5.0)

Hemoglobin Nov 103, Dec 107,            Feb 119 Normal is 120 to 150


Fay still did not really believe that it was the herbal program that was the magic solution to her health problem. She thought that she was only in remission and that any day the coach potato syndrome would come back. I also asked her if I could share her success story and she would not give me permission until a year later. Then she knew. It took her a year to discover that it really was he herbs and she super foods that gave her the energy back. It took her a year to discover that yes it really was the Synthroid that was the root cause of her long term 10 year illness.

I also had a very interesting conversation with Bee. As you know she overcame breast cancer. One day she was at a restaurant with 5 other women diagnosed with breast cancer. Of course, the conversation was about breast cancer. Bee asked them if any of them were on any medications. She reported that out of the 5 women 3 of them were taking Synthroid.

I have also examined the many breast cancer success stories I have and what did I discover? Many of them were also on Synthroid medications. They weaned off the Synthroid and did a high dense nutritional and herbal program and today they are breast cancer free.

Always ask yourself this simple question. Is what  I am taking a nutrition or is it a poison? Is what I am injecting into my body a nutrition or is it a poison. Then follow the suggestions given to you in this call.

At this point I want all of us to see how deeply manipulated our minds have become. We have been lead into a belief system that follows the pathway of Big Pharma with all of their drugs and their vaccinations. And Big Pharma employs scientists, doctors and pharmacists and businessmen that have gone to university for many years to learn the art of drugs and vaccinations and business. And subtly we have been lead to believe that universities are of a higher knowledge than the Laws of Nature. We have all become captured by the main stream media that dump loads of fear and all kinds of  statistics and data that are streaming down from these highly educated people to tell us what we must do even though our gut feelings say it is wrong and that it is dangerous and questionable. We become hypnotized by the fear and the consequences of not being respectful to these authorities, being ostracized and eventually we become totally mesmerized by them, the authorities. We then fall into their trap! We now have forgotten about the simple Laws of Nature:

We need good food from Nature to nurture our bodies.

We need to drink good clean water because we are 78% water.

Herbs have been created for us to use in times of sickness.

Poisons do not belong in our bodies.


From Sayer Jy

Fluoride is found everywhere today, from antibiotics to drinking water, no stick pans to toothpaste, making exposure inevitable. All the more reason why research proving this common spice can prevent fluoride damage is so promising...

Fluoride's neurotoxicity has been the subject of academic debate for decades, and now a matter of increasingly impassioned controversy among the general public, as well. From 'conspiracy theories' about it being first used in drinking water in Russian and Nazi concentration camps to chemically lobotomize captives, to its now well-known IQ lowering properties, to its ability to enhance the calcification of the pineal gland -- the traditional 'seat of the soul' -- many around the world, and increasingly in the heavily fluoridated regions of the United States, are starting to organize at the local and statewide level to oust this ubiquitous toxicant from municipal drinking water.

A compelling study published in the Pharmacognosy Magazine titled, "Curcumin attenuates neurotoxicity induced by fluoride: An in vivo evidence," adds experimental support to the suspicion that fluoride is indeed a brain-damaging substance, also revealing that a natural spice-derived protective agent against the various health effects associated with this compound is available.

The study was authored by researchers from the Department of Zoology, University College of Science, M.L. Sukhadia University, Udaipur, India, who have spent the past decade investigating the mechanisms through which fluoride induces severe neurodegenerative changes in the mammalian brain, particularly in cells of the hippocampus and cerebral cortex.[i] [ii]


This is far from the first study to demonstrate curcumin's remarkable brain-saving properties. From the perspective of the primary research alone, there are over two hundred peer-reviewed published studies indicating that curcumin is a neuroprotective agent. On our own turmeric database we have 115 articles proving this statement: Turmeric Protects The Brain.  We have also featured studies on turmeric's ability to protect and restore the brain:


Nature’s Sunshine Tumeric Curcumin

The recommended dosage is 1 capsule 3 times a day.

·         stimulates gallbladder to produce bile to inhibit gall stones

·         in Germany it is a medicine used for digestive disorders

·         stops blood clot formation and keeps blood flowing freely

·         it reduces risk of heart disease and stroke by 78%

·         reduces muscle injury

·         increases glutathione levels to detox heavy metals, and chemicals and cancer-causing toxins

·         it is as effective as steroids in inhibiting pain in arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

·         Studies proved it improved cartilage and functionality in arthritis after 8 weeks of use

·         Studies show that with fish oil it inhibits plaque formation where beta blockers were not necessary

·         studies show it to have eliminated ulcers in 19 out of 25 patients within 12 weeks of use

·         studies in Maryland Medical showed it to ease dyspepsia stomach ailments

·         it inhibits arachidonic acids from harmful Omega 6 oils and lowers chronic inflammation

·         it protects against neurotoxicity

·         studies show that it heals the brain after strokes

·         it slows brain aging and prevents plaque buildup linked to Alzheimer’s

·         Studies showed it reduces Alzheimer’s and shrinks plaque

·         it has been shown to induce apoptosis in cancer cell destruction

·         it arrests the Herpes Simplex virus

·         it reduces oxidative damage to the eyes as shown in a study in 1999 in India




Question Bernice

What is the best protocol for someone with adhesions following a bowl surgery? 

Avoid all grains, sugar, fruit juices, beans, legumes

Probiotic 11 about 10 to 20 all at once with the evening meal..


Power Beets to build the blood

Arginine Plus to keep the blood circulating.

Aloe Vera Juice 4 T in each smoothie

Essential Liquid Minerals 1 T


Cat’s Claw combination

UC-C to heal the colon

Tumeric Curcumin 1 three times a day to prevent blood clots.


UltraBiome DTX 1 three times a day with a glass of water.