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From the Desk of Donna Roth July 3/23

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Monday, Teleconference Call with Donna Roth and guests

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Congratulations to TAFYH team 73.

Words of Gratitude

Guest Speaker; Gabriela; Kidney Function Improved from 22% to 39%

Our Health Products Threatened

Writing points are discussed

Write a letter to your MP and ask them to help us by:

1. Getting sections 500-504 of Bill C-47 repealed.

2. Stopping cost recovery on natural health product businesses.

3. Getting the Charter of Health Freedom enacted.

4. Stopping the Self-Care Framework, and

5. De-regulating natural health products.

Letter Writing Points

The Question is: Is it a nutrition or is it a poison?

Words of Interest from Donna Roth

 From Terry: Donna I just want to say I am so full of gratitude for you taking your time to muscle test me and speak with me. If you need any help with organizing the fight against health Canada I’m all in

From Shek: You're the person with the most success of anyone I know so I would like her to consult with you.

 From Gabriela

Hi Donna

Just wanted to give you an encouraging update about another friend who I’m encouraged to do Kidney flushes. About 7 years ago she got diagnosed with a cyst on her left Kidney. The size of the cyst continues to grow and as of January these years grew to a size of a small orange. The Nephrologist recommended to drain the cyst. After the procedure he recommended to prescribe her medication since test reveals that both Kidneys are working only 22%. She said no to the meds but was not sure what to do. At this time I told her about Kidney flush and encouraged her to give it a try. First she was reluctant but 2 days later she agreed to it. She took only 2K, with alternating lemon water and chlorophyll. I encouraged her to do it twice a week. She started in Mai and never missed a week. On June 28th she went to see the Nephrologist again and guess what. Her Kidney function improved from 22% to 39%. 17% of improvement only after 6 weeks....Yahoo! I was so happy to hear that.

 To date, studies have shown berberine to have a positive effect on colorectal cancer, brain tumors, and inflammation caused by cigarette smoking – which can lead to lung, prostate, plus many other forms of cancer.  One such example is a 2015 project sponsored by Lanzhou University in China that points specifically to berberine’s effect on breast cancer tumor growth.

From Dr. Mercola

From breast cancers to blood, and bone marrow to gastrointestinal, and reproductive organ tumors, early-onset cancers have become nearly epidemic in younger age groups: a whopping 30% for myelomas alone, and 45% for colorectal cancers.

In the adolescent and young adult ages spanning 15 to 39, the rates have gone up 20%. And the worst part of all is that experts can’t seem to pinpoint why. 

TAFYH Successes from TAFYH Grads

Some results as reported by past TAFYH grads:

           Dr. Bill reduced his heart medications by 90%.

           Dr. J used the TAFYH to save her husband’s life during a serious heart attack incident.

           Frank’s prostate cancer is gone.

           Donna was able to wean off all asthma, blood pressure and cholesterol medication.

           Baljit’s insulin dropped from 63 units per day to 12 units per day.

           Leesy's kidney flush got rid of all her edema and she dropped 50 pounds.

           Anna had her root canals extracted and her infection is gone with Cat's Claw and Silver Gel.

           A : thyroid TSH 8.38 (normal is 5.0) in Oct/13 dropped to 1.62 April /14. She lost 30 lb.

           Shirley’s vertigo is gone after passing parasites.

           Lisa ‘s acne is gone, and she passed 34 dissolved gallstones.

           Scott lost 30 pounds and passed 80 dissolved gallstones.

           Peter’s bladder cancer undetectable.

           Jo’s debilitating back pain is gone

           G ‘s lump on her neck reduced by 75%

           Paddy’s MS symptoms reduced by 80% and his hearing returned

           Baljit’s Mom: breast cancer gone!

           Shauna: breast cancer gone

           Donna is off anti-depressants and blood pressure medications.

           Loretta is off thyroid medications.

           Heather’s pain in shoulder and neck are gone and energy is back. She  is back running.

           James, Candida is 100% gone after years of battling and his fatigue is gone.

           Ron; protein levels in the kidneys down to 27 from 57. Insulin was reduced by 40 units a day.

           Shannon is off acid reflux meds, lost 20 pounds, PMS symptoms are gone.

           Pauline’s chronic hip pain is gone.

           Anne: non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; liver enzymes down from 36 to 24 ( normal is 30)

           Judy: off blood pressure and cholesterol meds, liver enzymes are down to 34(normal is 30),

           Cindy; Painful knees and Rosacea gone!

           Renee; huge success in getting rid of Candida; dry patches of skin gone!

           Linda; Lost 17 pounds, insomnia gone, energy is way up, Blood sugar down 11 to 7,

           Charlotte: Energy increase is huge, shortness of breath gone; bloating gone, cough is gone!

           Bee: Heavy menstrual problems gone, Intestinal gas gone. Breast Cancer is gone!

           Janine; Blood sugar down from 13 to 9, lost 10 pounds, feels wonderful

           Phyll: Lymphoma is gone; spleen reduced in size from 13.7 to 12.5 Normal is 12




Letter to MP Dear Member of Parliament, Tracy Gray,

Please appreciate that not all of this letter was not written by me, but I am sending it to give you an

overview of my concerns and a clear picture of the threat to our health products before my scheduled

visit with you on July 20/23 at 3:30 pm. I want you to become aware of  the Budget Bill changes and how

Vanessa’s Law was applied to natural products (Bill C-47 sections 500-504)

I will be sharing with you the impact health products have had on the hundreds of people I personally

know who have decided to take action for their own health by eating the right foods and taking natural

health products. A young woman living in the Kelowna area was diagnosed with breast cancer and told

that she will never have children. She overcame her breast cancer using natural products because the

medical system had nothing more to offer her. Today and 12 years later she is a healthy mother of 2

young boys. I will show you, her picture. You will be blown away.

You are my Member of Parliament and as a Member of Parliament, you have a duty to protect all

Canadians. The most fundamental right and issue for Canadians is for us to decide what to do with our

own bodies. I am expecting you to respond with the progress you are making on the five items below.

So that I am clear, I am asking you to protect your family and my family by:

1. Getting sections 500-504 of Bill C-47 repealed.

2. Stopping cost recovery on natural health product businesses.

3. Getting the Charter of Health Freedom enacted.

4. Stopping the Self-Care Framework, and

5. De-regulating natural health products.


 I am sharing your response with hundreds of other Citizens that will be showing me responses from

their MPs. If you respond to me with pre-written Health Canada talking points, I will know you are not.

working for me.

The Food and Drugs Act defines “drug” so broadly that it includes everything used for a therapeutic

purpose. The Act also makes it illegal to sell any drug without prior Health Canada permission in the

form of a license. Would you agree if I recommend Parsley for your kidney  then it is  deemed as used

for therapeutic purposes and now that is illegal and now I may be subjected to huge fines and a criminal charge?

The  legal reality is that now only Health Canada can grant permission for what natural products can be

used. So, Parliament has created   this reality where the only treatments Canadians are allowed to

access are determined by Health Canada bureaucrats and not by Canadians themselves.

This legal structure makes sense for chemical drugs which carry a very high-risk profile, and which cause

a large number of deaths a year but does not make sense for natural health products which are so safe

and effective that the real danger to Canadians is Health Canada restricting them.

You would not be willing to give up a single freedom to be protected from lightning strikes. And neither

am I. We are 14 times more likely to be killed by lightning than to be killed by a natural health product.

Fourteen times! Lightening is so much more dangerous to us than the whole natural health product

industry that it is not even fair to compare the risks of the two.

So, if you and I would not give up any freedom to be protected from lightning, why are we giving up our

freedom to access natural health products in the name of safety? When Health Canada tells you and I

that we need ever stricter regulation of natural health products to protect us from harm it is so far from

the truth that it can only be called what it is, a lie.

To make the lie of harm sound convincing, Health Canada never balances the alleged “risk” against the

benefits of natural health products. This is shameful. A large number of Canadians are only alive today

because of natural health products. A large number of Canadians have quality of life because they

successfully manage serious health conditions with natural health products. This is why natural products

and natural health practitioners are so popular.

It is wrong for you to be allowing Health Canada bureaucrats to restrict natural health products by

regulating them with chemical-drug-style regulations that are becoming stricter and stricter. And I am

calling on you to finally stand up and make yourself heard to protect us right now.

I was instrumental in a huge letter writing campaign In 2008 when Health Canada tried to impose the

powers and penalties later found in Vanessa’s Law (S.C. 2014, c.24) on natural health products. This was

defeated by one of the largest citizen rebellions in our history. There were literally wheelbarrows full of

letters delivered to Parliament Hill in 2008

Health Canada knows the citizens do not want Vanessa’s Law to apply to natural products. But recently  

Health Canada just pulled a fast one on us. They snuck into the Budget Bill changes to apply Vanessa’s

Law to natural products (Bill C-47 sections 500-504). You and I did not notice and now it is law. I need

you to have sections 500-504 repealed. These powers and penalties are completely inappropriate for

products that are less of a risk to us than lightning is. These powers and penalties will be used to destroy

and terrify producers and practitioners that are saving lives and alleviating suffering.

Health Canada has also published in the Canada Gazette a Notice of an intention to begin charging

natural health businesses dramatic new fees for site and product licensing. This is to support Health

Canada expanding its enforcement branch to enforce stricter regulatory requirements on the natural

health community and to censor truthful information.

The new fees will drive many small and medium natural health product producers out of business. You

and I will lose access to those products. The new fees will drive the prices of natural products higher as

the producers that remain will have to raise prices to stay viable. This takes away natural products from

poor and disadvantaged Canadians who can no longer afford them. I am calling on you to stop these

new fees.

You also have to stop the relentless censorship. Health Canada bureaucrats say that the only

information that can be shared about a natural product’s efficacy is the Health Canada approved label

claim. I ask : How many Health Canada agents have ever taken a herbal course or a course on any

natural products? What gives them the authority to censor natural health product information?   

Health Canada deliberately limits label claims to meaningless structure-function claims such

as “Supports this” or “Supports that”.  

Are you in support of producers and practitioners who advertise truthful health

information about a product to be subject to Health Canada censorship tactics including criminal 

charges according to sections 500-504 of Bill C-47 to pass with the maximum fines increasing from

$5,000 to $5,000,000?  Censorship will increase and ordinary Canadians will lose access to effective

natural products because they cannot be told the truth about them. A product that can help you does

not exist for you if you cannot be told it can help you.

These two changes are just two parts of the Self-Care Framework which is being imposed on us.

Upcoming steps in the Self-Care Framework include:

• Restricting claims for products to minor conditions for which a person would not seek the advice

of a health care practitioner licensed by a province, such as Naturopathic Doctors, Traditional

Chinese Medicine practitioners, etc. These practitioners will lose the products they use to help

us, and we will lose the practitioners because they will no longer be able to help us;

• Requiring the same levels of evidence for natural health products and chemical drugs.

Harmonizing the evidence standards will result in the loss of a large number of natural health products.

Currently, traditional use evidence can be used to support efficacy claims for natural products. In some

traditions, such as the Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, there are thousands of years of robust

traditional use evidence. When the Standing Committee on Health held extensive consultations to

determine how to best regulate natural products they were clear:

1. Natural health products should not be regulated like chemical drugs, and

2. Traditional use evidence needs to be allowed for efficacy claims. .

 I ask that you  stop the Self-Care Framework now.

I am fed up with Health Canada bureaucrats over-regulating natural products. I am fed up with natural

health products being regulated like they were chemical drugs. I am fed up with losing access to

effective natural health products. I am angry about the lies that we need to be protected. I am angry

about Health Canada sneaking changes into the Budget Bill. I want you to solve this now.

We, the Citizens, have already come up with the solution. The solution is the Charter of Health Freedom

( ). I want you to do all that you can to get the Charter of Health

Freedom passed into law.

So that I am clear, I am asking you to protect your family and my family by:

1. Getting sections 500-504 of Bill C-47 repealed;

2. Stopping cost recovery on natural health product businesses;

3. Getting the Charter of Health Freedom enacted;

4. Stopping the Self-Care Framework, and

5. De-regulating natural health products.


For further education I ask that you please read:

• the NHPPA Discussion Paper on these changes found at ;

• the Standing Committee on Health Report Natural Products: a New Vision found at , and

• the NHPPA Discussion Paper on the origins of the Self-Care Framework found at .

I am looking forward to our discussion regarding this matter. I am also asking that you respond to  the work you are doing  regarding health products and my concerns in writing.



Donna Roth



Writing Points:

Please read the Discussion Paper so you understand the topics.

 Health Canada has been over-regulating natural health products for years. I am tired of this.

 I rely on natural health products for [list what you rely on natural health products for].

 Speak about successful natural health product stories either personal or in your circle.

 You are fourteen times more likely to be struck by lightning than to be killed by a natural health

product. We do not need stricter regulations. I am not willing to give up my freedom to access

natural health products.

 Many Canadians rely on natural health products. They need to be protected.

 We are going to lose natural health products and the practitioners that rely on them. Unless

Canadians step up to stop this, this is the end of non-pharmaceutical health care.

 The fees being imposed will drive small and many medium Natural Health Product (“NHP”)

businesses and practitioners out of business.

 The new fees will fund new permanent inspection/regulatory programs that will dramatically

increase the regulatory burden on NHP businesses and practitioners.

 The new regulatory burden being imposed will drive small and many medium NHP businesses

and practitioners out of business.

 We will lose natural health products, natural health companies and eventually natural health


 Prices to consumers will increase which removes products for people who can no longer afford


 Censorship of truthful health information will increase which is a way of taking products away. If

a person cannot be told a product can help them, the product is effectively taken away.

 Taking away natural health products and censoring truthful information about them will have

negative health consequences.

 The powers and penalties we fought against in Bill C-51 in 2008 have been imposed on those in

the natural health community. Fines have increased from a maximum of $5,000 an offence to

$5,000,000 per day of an offence. Directors, officers and employees are also personally

responsible for these $5,000,000 a day fines.

 Health Canada will get almost God-like powers. They can order you to take any "corrective

action". Failure to comply can result in $5,000,000 a day fines.

 The Self-Care Framework will restrict NHPs/Self-care products to conditions for which a person

would not seek the advice of a health care practitioner licenced by a province. This will greatly

reduce the conditions for which NHPs can be approved. It will eliminate professional products.

 The Self-Care Framework will remove the ability to use traditional use evidence to support

efficacy claims. This will lead to the loss of a large number of natural health products. | | | 1.519.648.2050

 The chemical drug standards of evidence to prove safety and efficacy will be imposed on natural

health products. Requiring the same levels of evidence for efficacy and safety as is required for

chemical over-the-counter drugs will lead to a large loss of natural products.

 The compounding exemption will most likely be removed.

 The Standing Committee on Health told us how to regulate natural health products. I want the

Standing Committee on Health recommendations enforced.

 I am angry about what Health Canada is doing.

 I am angry that Health Canada snuck changes into the Budget Bill imposing the Vanessa Law

powers and penalties upon natural health product businesses.

 Hello Donna,

Thank you for your email, I appreciate hearing from you.

I note that you have spoken with a member of my team about scheduling a meeting. Please note that they will require the full names, residential address, email, and telephone number of all prospective attendees of the meeting in order to verify they are residents of Kelowna-Lake Country and in order for them to be considered confirmed to attend. I will also note that meetings can be subject to change, however, a member of my team will let you know in advance if that is the case.

On the federal matters in your email, for your reference, on Bill C-47, which has provisions in it that affect the Food and Drugs Act and natural health products, Conservatives moved specific amendments that would remove these changes to the Food and Drugs Act, however, due to the NDP-Liberal coalition’s combined voting power, these Conservative amendments were unsuccessful. Conservatives did not support Bill C-47, yet it passed in the House of Commons due to the NDP-Liberal coalition and there is no parliamentary mechanism for us to amend this legislation further.

With regards to the proposed fees for natural health products, this is a Health Canada initiative that has not come to the House of Commons for a debate or vote. For your reference, Health Canada extended the timeline that Canadians can provide their feedback on this initiative to August  10, 2023. Here is a link with further information on this:

As well, here is a link with further information on the Health Canada policy as a whole:


It is also that case that the self-care framework that you have referred to is a Health Canada initiative that has also not come to the House of Commons for debate or a vote. Here is a link that has more information on that subject:


For your reference, there have been no recent studies or work done on the matter of natural health products by the Standing Committee on Health (HESA). Committee studies have to be agreed to by more than half of the committee members. Due to the NDP-Liberal arrangement it is much more difficult for us as Conservatives in the Official Opposition to bring forth studies at committee.


Existing regulations on health supplements already keep Canadians safe and these unnecessary new regulations put Canadian businesses at a disadvantage. Canadians stand to lose access to the health supplements that they choose to use as a result of red tape and bureaucratic gatekeeping, rather than health impact. This new red tape is about giving more power to Ottawa, not protecting Canadians.


Common sense Conservatives will ensure Canadian businesses are competitive and that Canadians’ access to safe supplements is protected.


Thank you again for your email, please stay well, and feel free to reach out any time.

In your service,


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