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Success Story: Ear Infection

My Gratitude

Cat’s Claw and Artemesia; Quality is Crucial

Fear of Taking Herbs!

Super Foods

Plant Based Protein, a New NSP Product


Applying the Laws of Nature to Your Health.

Words of Wisdom from Carol


A Turkish Folklore

The forest was shrinking but the trees kept voting for the Axe, for the Axe was clever and convinced the Trees that because his handle was made of wood, he was one of them.


Take away:

Be very cautious of what or who you are supporting,

Think before acting.

Do not be fooled by the clever Axe!

There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing.


Despite our every effort, you and I won’t heal everyone but each of us can be the one who can make a difference for good in the life of someone.  Ian S Ardern


From Sayer Jy

The Dark Side of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that Breast Cancer Awareness Month (‘PinkTober’) was created by a drug company that has patents for block buster pharmaceuticals for breast cancer? Welcome to the strange and dark rabbit hole of this annual, month-long cause marketing campaign intent on getting asymptomatic, healthy women to scan their breasts with radioactive mammograms, often finding disease that simply is not there. This has lead to an epidemic of over-diagnosis and treatment that has an immense number of causalities the likes of which the conventional medical establishment largely ignored, for the past 40 years.   




Success Story: 4 year old

A little 4 year old boy ended up with an earache. It was painful and uncomfortable. His Mother was concerned and of course in the past the usual procedure is to take the child to a doctor. This is where the doctor analyses the situation and prescribes an antibiotic and perhaps baby aspirin to bring down the fever. Both of these drugs have serious side effects and should never be given to children. However if the doctor does not understand that there is a different way and the Mother does not know the Laws of Nature the common belief is that there is no other choice. The Mother did go to the doctor who stated that is was a bacterial infection. Did this Mother choose antibiotics? Not this wise Mother. She decided to take the herbal route supported by grandmother. So this Mother put drops of Silver Guard into her little boy’s ears and she did this about every 2 hours. She gave him Ultimate Echinacea liquid and VSC liquid mixed with honey in a dropper every few hours. She gave him Rosehips according to Dr. Christopher’s recommendation and Vit C chewable.

The little boy got sick on Wednesday last week, and on Sunday, Oct. 1, the 5th day I got the email:

Benny felt a bit better yesterday and now large chunks of puss are coming out of his ears. The pressure in his ears now seems to be released.

Here is the miracle story of herbal energy. The body was given enough energy to push out of the ear the infection and whatever toxins were causing the infection. The body has the ability to create its own surgery!!


First of all I express my gratitude to all of you who have supported me in this business of transforming the health of nations. Thank you for sharing your success stories so willingly. Thank you for making a difference in this world lost in a state of confusion. Thank you for being brave and taking a strong stand for the health of your own body. Thank you for taking ownership of your own health and life.

I am privileged to be the recipient of many success stories that are reported to me on a regular basis. I am honored to say that I know fear no longer rules your life. You are no longer tossed about by the winds of doubt and confusion.  You have learned the Laws of Nature and how to apply them to your own health.

It is the Law of Nature that states you must provide your body with energy that comes from Nature. Such energy is derived from food sources such as grass fed or wild meats, wild fish , wild seafood, fermented diary products including yogurt, raw milk cheese, cottage cheese, kefir, organic vegetables and fruits and high quality Super Foods and herbs which come specifically from Natures Sunshine. I want to emphasize the importance of high quality. Here is a story.

One woman called me one day to relate that she was very sick with what she described as Bever Fever. There were runny stools, belly aches and feeling of despair. She reported that she had been experiencing those symptoms for at least a week. Nothing she was taking was helping. I suggested Cat’s Claw combination in high doses along with Artemisia. Unfortunately, she did not live in my town, and I knew that it would take perhaps 3 days for an order of Nature Sunshine products to reach her. So reluctantly I suggested that she go to the Health Food Store in her town to purchase these items. I did emphatically explain that I could not guarantee that these herbals would alleviate her problem because I could not guarantee the quality of these products. I did want the best for this poor woman. She did purchase these products from a Health Food Store, and I got the phone call. They made no difference in alleviating the abdominal pain or the diarrhea. If I recall correctly, I think she said it made the symptoms worse. She then inquired about Ivermectin and that she knew someone in her town where she could get Ivermectin. I said yes. I knew Ivermectin could help because Bever Fever is a parasite problem and Ivermectin is great for cleaning out parasites as is Artemesia  Then a day later I got the report. The Ivermectin worked! All symptoms of diarrhea subsided, and she was on the mend. Then I received a text message; your Cat’s Claw and Artemesia did not work. I again explained that the Cat’s Claw and Artemisia she took was not my Cat’s Claw and Artemisia. My Cat’s Claw and Artemisia comes from Nature Sunshine.

The takeaway from this experience is the belief that all herbal products on the market are the same with the same quality control as Natures Sunshine. I cannot emphasize enough that in order for herbal products to be effective for medicinal purposes the active alkaloids must be present in these herbal products. Such active alkaloids are tested for in the very sophisticated quality control labs in Natures Sunshine.  Nature’s Sunshine is a company that stands on solid quality control grounds with solid people and we the people hold the secrets to your health success.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for spreading the word , for helping us all come back to our senses, for empowering us all to take responsibility for our own health not through the use of drugs but through common sense nutrition. This is my business, the business that I love , the people that I love. It is you who bring joy into my life continually. For this I say Thank You.

I am amazed as to how many people are afraid to use herbs. They have been told that herbs

are dangerous so here is my comments on this:

Herbs are all plant foods and safe and that is why they require no prescriptions.

Herbs grow in my garden: parsley, chives, horse radish, raspberry leaves, Oregon grape, comfrey, kale, garlic.

These herbs can also be dried, pulverized and put into capsules.

Because they are now in capsules does not make them a drug.

Parsley in a capsule is still Parsley. Red Raspberry leaves in a capsule is still Red Raspberry leaves.

Their safety factor does not change because they have been put into a capsules.

Herbs are high dense nutrition qualified by scientific nutritional analysis.

AS any other foods, herbs are digested. Drugs on the other hand are ingested but not digested.

Herbs were created by the hand of God and not in a lab by the hand of man.

Herbs were put on this earth for the purpose of overcoming health issues.

Herbs were used by the people in Biblical times.

The Chinese used herbs for medicinal purposes for centuries.

Today more than ever everyone needs to know how to use these incredible herbs. Why?

Check this out:

Today you would have to eat 10 tomatoes and 28 apples to get the same nutrients that I tomato

and 1 apple gave you in 1941. All foods today have lost their nutrition by  present day agricultural

practices. That is why diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis etc are all in epidemic stages.

We need to get this," We are suffering from serious nutritional deficiencies." Super Food Smoothies

and herbs are the answer!

Essential Liquid Minerals, a beverage loaded with trace minerals from ancient plant sources

Flax Hull Lignans; 1 tiny scoop is equivalent to 2 gallons of flax seed, binds toxic xenoestrogens

Collagen; a collagen powder better than bone broth for inner and outer skin repair

Zambroza; fruits and vegetables in a delicious concentrate, high antioxidant

Power Greens: loaded with greens from spirulina, chlorella, algae; not available

Chlorophyll; sunshine trapped in a green beverage from alfalfa and mulberry

Plant Based Protein Powder provides all nine essential amino acids (EAAs) from five of the highest quality, best absorbed and tolerated plant protein sources. This clean, no-compromise plant-based formula emphasizes quality, purity, concentration and performance in its ingredients, over fillers, flavoring and sweeteners found in typical plant-based protein powders.


Plant Based Protein Powder provides all nine essential amino acids (EAAs) from five of the highest quality, best absorbed and tolerated plant protein sources. This clean, no-compromise plant-based formula emphasizes quality, purity, concentration and performance in its ingredients, over fillers, flavouring and sweeteners found in typical plant-based protein powders. Light vanilla flavour with a smooth texture, Plant Based Protein Powder is easily added to smoothies, mixed with juices or just water. It even performs well in recipes where high protein is desired, such as DIY protein bars and snacks.

Protein is among the most important nutrients for the maintenance of health and vitality, and is of critical importance to the formation, growth and maintenance of all body tissues, particularly the hair, nails, skin, muscles, and internal organs, including the brain and heart.


Did you know? Plant protein sources are technically not considered “complete” protein, despite that several plant proteins contain all nine EAAs. But in order to be considered a “complete” protein the source needs to contain appreciable amounts of the nine EAAs, and in the case of plant protein some of the EAAs are not present in enough quantity for it to be considered “complete” protein. To compensate for this, combining complementary plant protein sources creates a “complete” protein containing adequate amounts of all nine EAAs.

NSP’s Plant Based Protein Powder combines five complimentary plant protein sources to achieve a “complete” high performance, quality protein powder mix that is well absorbed and tolerated.


 Pea Protein:

.Pea protein provides all nine essential amino acids, is well tolerated by the human digestive system, with at least 90% digestibility! Pea protein contains respectable amounts of the important amino acids lysine for muscle and bone health; leucine, isoleucine and valine for muscle development; arginine for heart health and muscle metabolism (three times more arginine than whey protein); and, glutamine to help restore nitrogen balance after physical activity. In studies, pea protein has performed favorably to whey protein in muscle development and exercise recovery comparisons.


Rice Protein: Rice protein is another popular plant based protein and performs much the same as pea protein. Containing all nine EAAs, rice protein has comparable performance to whey protein in muscle building comparisons. In fact, leucine, the most important muscle building amino acid, is absorbed better and faster from rice protein than from whey! Rice protein is also well tolerated by the digestive system, is non-allergenic and gluten free.


 Potato Protein: Potato protein is a relative newcomer to the protein market, and somewhat an unlikely candidate given that most people don’t consider a potato as a source of protein. However, this emerging plant-based protein is gaining popularity as a quality protein source free of allergens and well absorbed. And in comparison studies, when it comes to performance, the humble spud is no slouch and performs as good as milk protein in exercise recovery and muscle growth. Furthermore, some researchers go so far as to claim that potato protein is the plant-based protein equivalent of whey protein, with a similar protein profile having adequate amounts of all nine EAAs without apparent deficiencies. Potatoes, as the world’s third most consumed crop, are plentiful and economic.


 Flaxseed Protein: Flaxseed has long been recognized as a quality source of protein and has a long history of use as a protein source for humans and animals. Flaxseeds contain approximately 22% protein yielding a good balance of EAAs and is well digested and gluten free.


 Alfalfa Protein: The final protein in this formula is from alfalfa.. The alfalfa protein in NSP’s Plant Based Protein is in a concentrate form extracted from alfalfa leaf, thus making it bioavailable for human digestion and health. Alfalfa is quickly becoming a protein source in the nutrition market as the demand for more choices of quality plant-based protein increases.


NSP Advantage High quality plant-based protein powder blend combining five of the best performing, highest quality, well absorbed and tolerated plant protein sources. Provides all nine essential amino acids in a pleasant tasting vanilla flavour powder. Free of lactose, dairy, gluten and soy. Sweetened with stevia. 18 g of protein per serving; scoop included.


 Ingredients: Medicinal ingredients: Pea protein (Pisum sativum - seed) 12.5 g, 85% protein; rice protein (Oryza sativa - seed) 5.4 g, 80% protein; potato protein (Solanum tuberosum - tuber), 200 mg, 60% protein; flaxseed protein (Linum usitatissimum - seed), 2 g, 80% protein; and alfalfa protein concentrate (Medicago sativa - herb top), 500 mg, 85% protein. Non-medicinal Ingredients: Stevia rebaudiana extract, vanilla flavour and xanthan gum. Recommendation (adults 18 years and older): Take 1 scoop 1 - 2 times per day (1 scoop = 23.00 g ). Ensure to drink optimal fluid before, during, and after exercise. Mix product in enough liquid (water, juice, etc.) to ensure that the powder is drinkable immediately before consumption.



Arginine Plus

 1rounded scoop contains L-arginine 6000 mg;

(S)-N5-Carbamoylornithine (L-citrulline) 270

mg; Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 60 mg;

Resveratrol (Polygonum cuspidatum [giant

knotweed] root) 12.5 mg; Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 2 mg; folic acid 400 mcg;

Vitamin D3 25 mcg (1000 IU); Vitamin K2

20 mcg and Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)


HTP Power

Here is something else I learned. This is about unwanted belly fat. Take HTP Power which has in it Ashwagandha . It cuts down the cortisol and that’s what contributes to belly fat. HTP Power also does something else that really intrigued me. Here it is. Most of you are aware of that mind chatter or that racing mind that just does not quit. Then with your evening meal take HTP Power about 3. Then at bedtime take 3 HTP Power. The overabundance of cortisol also causes this mind chatter and the HTP Power calms the mind, helps your lose your belly fat and you sleep better.


NSP Collagen is hydrolyzed collagen — meaning the collagen has been broken down into smaller collagen peptides for improved bioavailability. Collagen peptides offer a clean, effective source of pure protein. Studies have shown that when collagen hydrolysate is taken orally, it is absorbed as di- and tripeptides (two or three amino acids) typically rich in hydroxyproline. These smaller peptides are believed to enter circulation and reach target tissues like skin or cartilage where they help support collagen-producing cells (fibroblasts).

Supplements the body's collagen production with collagen peptides and amino acids. Source of essential amino acids: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine and valine for the maintenance of good health and involved in protein synthesis. Non-essential amino acids: alanine, arginine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, glycine, proline, serine, and tyrosine involved in protein synthesis. • Contains an electrolyte blend of potassium chloride and sea salt.

Probiotic 11 helps the body produce B 12

AD-C helps to get off antidepressants

Vit C TR 2000 mg a day along with MSM 2 t/3 times a day is great for hair skin and nails.

Natures Fresh enzyme spray reduces sunburn, wrinkles, rashes and hives, itching , leg cramps and age spots.

Eight herbals is a potent anti-spasmodic blend for pain, headaches and Bell’s Palsy if taken 8 a day or so.

HS-C is a nervous fatigue formula, adrenal fatigue, confusion, Graves Disease, nervous exhaustion, restless sleep and night sweats, leg pain, burnout memory and insomnia.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then you are not following the Laws of Nature that apply to your health.

There is a Law of Nature that needs to be followed to sustain health. And this simple Law of Nature identifies energy to be the essential factor in life and therefore the prime consideration in sickness and in health. Energy is needed to overcome sickness and energy is needed to sustain health. Disease follows when there is a deviation from this Law of Nature. If this law is followed the energy forces within the body are free and flowing. If there is a deviation from this Law of Nature and the system of energy flow is impaired, blocked, weak or unbalanced the result is an emotional disturbance, pain, and disease. To be in health is natural if the innate process of abiding by the Law of Nature is followed.

Today’s Western Medicine, however, through an accumulation of in-the-box research and biased science, has blindly adopted the concept of disease based on the germ theory as formulated by Pasteur. Such a theory states that there is an outside germ force in Nature attacking us. And note this is only a theory which is only partially based on truth.  In accepting this germ theory, the Western Medical model is always in search of the “magic bullet” to destroy disease; the wonder drug, the next vaccination, the state-of-the-art medical therapy. Yet none of these synthetic approaches follow the Law of Nature. None of them provide that energy that is essential to life. As a matter of fact, synthetic medicine, being a destructive conflicting energy force, suppresses the body’s inner innate intelligence and with each successive round of medication and vaccination that intelligence is more impaired. Over time this corruption of inner intelligence and the blockage of free-flowing life energy gives rise to chronic disease such as cancer, MS. Parkinson’s heart disease and so on.

Today society is constantly battling Nature and few people even think about free-flowing energy let alone know where to find it. It does not come from a grocery store. It does not come from grains that have been sprayed with glyphosates. It does not come from meat products that have been inundated with antibiotics. It does not come from milk products that are pasteurized. It does not come from vegetables and fruits sprayed with pesticides. As you can see much of today’s foods are loaded with conflicting energy forces that tax your own intelligent immune system. Now to clean out all those poisons that accumulate in your body cells start using the most amazing Nature’s Sunshine herbal, Cat’s Claw Combination. It opens up your lymphatic system to drain the poisons through your natural elimination channels. I usually suggest taking 4 a day unless you have a serious infection happening then 4 capsules three times a day. I also suggest Heavy Metal Detox, the product with different algae to clean out heavy metals from vaccinations, mercury fillings, chemicals, and glyphosates.

Now in pondering our present-day dilemma of questionable sustainable life energy in foods it is essential to resort to high quality therapeutic super foods that contain clean captured sunlight and life sustaining energy, minerals, and phytonutrients. Such super foods are only available from outside grocery store sources. Of course, my company of choice is Natures Sunshine. Not only have I personally witnessed the healing of my own tonsillitis problem many years ago but I have also witnessed thousands of people diagnosed with cancer, MS, diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, RA, infections  bring their health back into balance using Nature’s Sunshine products. Their super foods are clean, high energy, meticulously tested and quality controlled.

Food Storage

Once again I urge everyone to have a supply of nonperishable food items in your pantry for those day when food may not be available. I can foresee that it is quite easy to use the MSM to create and announce a crisis. We all know what happens in a crisis situation. There is panic. It’s one man for himself. The grocery store shelves empty out very quickly. We just don’t want to be in that situation.

Canned meats and fish

Dried vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, beans, These come in Food Storage cans

Dried apples

Molasses and honey


Oils like Olive, Avocado, Coconut, Gee Butter

Super Foods; Plant Protein powder, Collagen, Power Greens, Solstic Energy

Herbs; Cat’s Claw, K combination, Eight,

Silver Gel and SilverGuard