Monday, December 4, 2023

TeleCall with Donna Roth and Guests


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Guest Speaker: Julie; TAFYH health results

Words From Linda regarding the CoVid Shot

The Importance of Sharing

Lung Cancer Success

Gall Stones Dissolved

What I Learned From the Three Wise Men

Words of Interest from Carol


It is Christmas season and I want to share some Christmas joys with you.

It is a song Mary Did You Know.

The voice in this song is my daughter-in-law, Jenn with piano accompanist, Devin, my son.

I hope this song with its deep meaning brings joy to you as it does to me.

Mary Did You Know by Devin and Jenn Roth,


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I am very grateful for all the research, time and effort you have taken to make this class possible. I will be applying these lessons to my real life. I feel empowered to take control of my health and keep moving forward! Rosalyn


We are trained and taught to accept a doctor’s advice, we accept without comment a drug with the most health harmful side effects, and we are afraid to try a new path, to research and discover.  I am most grateful for TAFYH, which has taught me that healing takes a program, not a pill.  Natalia



From Julie

TAFYH team 74 have just completed TAFYH with 7 new grads. Julie is one of the TAFYH grads and she is with us today to tell you of her experience with TAFYH and her results.


BSQ 90- 23

Glandular 15 – 11

Nerves 12 – 6

Circulation 9 – 6

Digestive 6 – 3

Hepatic 8 – 1

Intestinal 9 – 1

Urinary 7 – 1

Immune 5 – 0

Reproductive 7 – 1

Body temperature 35.1 to 36.4

Lost 10 pounds.

No more afternoon naps

Mind is clear.


Cravings gone.

No more alcohol; drink Chlorophyll and water instead

Bowels move every day

Had tumor in the uterus removed and had chemo.

Chemo memory has improved.

Rosacea gone.

Leg cramps gone.

Constipation gone


Ahha lessons

Deciding on the Ahha sentence helped me to really read the lesson and think about what was that Ahha moment. It's a great exercise for focus, interpretation, and making it personal. It's a great learning technique!


8:30am is the perfect time for me as it gives me time to wake up, make my smoothie, clean up, and read over the material before the class starts, without being rushed. The length of the course is wonderful, you can always find 20 minutes to learn something so important.



I enjoy listening to the other participants, and I learn from their comments and questions. We're well informed what we will be speaking about, so the nervousness of speaking to your peers is not an issue.



This is one of the most informative, important courses I've taken in a long time. It's to the point and meaningful to our lives.



I love the structure, there are no surprises, we follow the same  structure, and it all goes smoothly. I really like the fact that we take the lesson first and then receive the written information after the class is finished. We hear it, then we see it. The best type of learning for me.



The information is incredible! Learning about health conditions and how they relate to our body systems and organs is excellent! So much to learn! The recipes are fantastic, and it boggles my mind that you've given us a protocol for Chelation, and recipes for household cleaning supplies, detoxes, flushes and cleanses. I feel personally armed with everything I need to keep myself out of the medical health system . Also, not to be afraid of forging ahead to determine how best to help myself with the knowledge that I have gained.



Your commitment to your students is outstanding, Donna! You have first rate knowledge and share it without reservation to your students. You are engaging, and I can tell that your students highly respect you. I know that I do!



I will continue to order products from NaturesSunshine, and read all the information available on each product so that I know how to help myself. I truly appreciate the emergency kit, travel kit, etc. that I am putting together this week, as I begin to travel in 6 weeks from now. I will ask myself each morning, "Did I have my smoothie, eat right, drink water/Chlorophyll, take my supplements, and did I do ionic breathing and exercise." Thank you for that!



I will use the information that I now have, and I will help myself stay healthy by following the Foods to Avoid, recipes for the right foods and household cleansers, and routines to follow. I will ask myself each day,  When others notice this commitment, I will inspire them to seek alternatives, talk to you, and do their own research.


Success Stories

The Success Stories were  'top of the mountain' so to speak. They were inspiring, and provided us with practical knowledge. As well, the stories introduced us to real people and the protocols they used to heal themselves. Very important segment of the course!


Thank you so much, Donna! I've learned so much and will continue to do so because you're such an inspiration. My body has healed so much in the last 10 weeks, and will continue to improve over time.


Thank you! Julie



From Linda

Thanks for the information about Paxil. I never looked into the side effects. After my second Covid-19 vaccine shot my body went into violent tremors from my brain arms legs my whole body. My husband had to hold me because I would have fallen off the chair. I trembled terribly for months hard to hold onto cups, forks etc. I was prescribed strong Paxil but I have been cutting down the strength. Ever since doing your program the trembling is better. I will be doing more cleanses to get rid of heavy metals 

Thanks so much




Lung Cancer by Jack 2014

Jack was diagnosed with lung cancer. The only options the doctor gave him was chemotherapy and Jack was in a quandary. He really did not want to go that route. He decided instead to search out other methods. That is when he happened to run into Larry who told him that at one time he was diagnosed with stomach cancer with little hope and that he followed the Paw Paw program and is alive and well to this day. Jack was quite intrigued and decided to get the phone number of that person who gave him instructions in the Paw Paw program. There is when Donna Roth came into the picture. Jack and his wife had an educational consultation with Donna Roth and Jack decided that he would do what Larry had done. In November , 2014 Jack eliminated all sugar foods, pop ,alcohol, grains, legumes, milk . Each day he had super food smoothies with Chi Tonic, Flax Hull Lignans, Collatrim Plus, Solstic Energy. On an empty stomach he took Protease Plus and Colostrum. With meals he took Cat’s Claw, MC and Paw Paw.

On December 4, 2014 Jack called with excitement in his voice. “ I’m feeling pretty darn good. My lungs are breathing . My energy is back. I no longer have dandruff and the patches on my scalp are all gone. I just turned down the chemo that my oncologist recommended.”


I want to point out the importance of sharing the information you have learned in TAFYH with others. In this situation it was Larry who was successful in overcoming stomach cancer using my very successful Paw Paw program. He did not hesitate to tell Jack what he had done to overcome his cancer. Thanks to Larry Jack also followed the Paw Paw program with great results.

I think as to what might have happened to Jack if Larry had not shared the Paw Paw program. It is so very important that you speak up and share. You may be saving someone’s life.


Here is an excellent story of Shawna who overcame breast cancer using the Paw Paw program for 1 year and today she has been cancer free for at least 12 years. She shared her story with Sofia who was in pain and suffering from intestinal disorders and gall stones. Sofia then took the TAFYH course and here are Sofia’s words:

Sofia just did the Gall Bladder Cleanse and passed hundreds of dissolved stones.

“I had 5 bowel movements already and oh my. All together probably 200 green blobs came out. No wonder the doctor told me that my gallbladder was full of stones! Amazing products!! Thank you so much for walking me through this journey diligently. So appreciate your love and support.” Sofia

Here is what I want to say about the GB cleanse. The gall stones cannot get stuck in the bile duct as they do not move out unless they are dissolved. The entire cleanse softens the stones so they can slip out. That is why  many times it is required to do the cleanse more than once so that the big ones can soften and move out when they are totally dissolved. I have done the GB flush many times in my life and I have moved out some stones that were the size of big marbles. No, they did not get stuck. They just dissolve and slip out. The wisdom of the Laws of Nature state that if mercury can dissolve gold than olive oil and lemon juice can dissolve gallstones.