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Fisman’s Fraud? What You Need to Know

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Words of Interest from Carol

I admire the doctors, scientists, practitioners who today are strongly debunking the Germ Theory and the Virus Theory. Just 2 days ago I was reading an article by Dr. Sam Bailey. She and her husband Dr, Mark Bailey are strong advocates of the Laws of Nature. I believe they both lost their medical license to practice in Australia because they both refused to promote CoVid shots. Dr. Sam Bailey has read the same book that I often promote  during my call; Bechamp vs Pasteur, A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by Douglass E Hume. As I read Dr Bailey’s article a couple of significant quotes caught my eye. I want to share them with you.

 Since the time of ancient Greece people did not catch a disease, they slipped into it. To catch something means there was something to catch and until the germ theory of disease became accepted there was nothing to catch. Golub

 Just to expand on these words. Note how we are taught to say; I caught a cold or I was playing with my grandchildren and I caught the flu. Note how we blame our sickness on someone else. We never identify the fact that your body is creating that cold or flu for you. Why? To release the toxic debris that would otherwise cause death. Today I challenge everyone to make a conscious effort to say I got a cold so that you are not blaming your cold on someone else.

 Within each of us is the greatest force in getting well. Hippocrates

 From RN Watteel PhD Statistics author of Fisman’s Fraud The Accomplices 2023

The Fisman et al fraudulent study took place in 2021 just after 80% of the population was vaxxed and  there was a huge upswing of CoVid 19 cases. It was a study that  was concocted to bolster vaccine uptake and scapegoat a segment of the population for vaccine failure. It was set out to show that unvaccinated people would increase CoVid risk among the vaccinated.

Fisman et al falsified data and fabricated the results.

This study was heavily funded and backed by the University of Toronto and Canadian Institute of Health Research.

 The harm that comes from such scientific misconduct is massive especially during a global pandemic where scientific results can quickly be incorporated into government policy that affects tens of millions of lives.

 The Fisman et al study concocted a model simulation that flipped reality then proceeded to inform policy based on this inverted false reality. More specifically  the study leveraged a false premise to support public policy aimed at enhancing vaccine uptake and limiting access to public spaces for the un vaccinated people.

 From Sayer Jy Grass Fed Raw Milk

The healthiest and safest variety of milk is raw, unpasteurized milk sourced from organically raised, grass fed or pastured cows. Contrary to widespread belief, raw milk is significantly less likely to harbor hazardous bacteria linked to foodborne illness compared to pasteurized counterparts.

According to an investigation by Dr. Ted Beals,18 the likelihood of falling ill from raw milk is 35,000 times lower than from other food sources.

While it may sound as though avoiding milk altogether might be your best bet, that’s not the case at all. Whole or full-fat dairy contains the odd-chain saturated fats (OCFAs) pentadecanoic acid (C15:0) and heptadecanoic acid (C17:0), C15 and C17 essential acids  which have significant health benefits.

These OCFA fats are primarily found in dairy fat, and your body cannot make the essential acids C15:0, so you must get it from your diet. This fat is so beneficial that researchers now speculate that it may be an overlooked essential fat. Higher circulating levels of OCFA fats in the blood is associated with lower risks of obesity, chronic inflammation, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes, COPD, pancreatic cancer and all-cause mortality.

Raw organic grass fed milk also has important immune-boosting benefits. According to a 2015 study15 in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, children who drank raw organic grass fed milk had 30% lower rates of respiratory tract infections, and regular colds, then those who drink ultrapasteurized milk. So, milk can indeed “do your body good,” as the old marketing slogan used to say, but you must drink the right kind of milk.


From Dr. Peter McCullough on his latest findings on the CVD bioweapon jabs…

“The COVID vaccines have at least 3 mechanisms by which they could start cancer or they could promote existing cancer and it may occur more rapidly because tumor defense systems are taken down. That's what we call turbo cancer.

“In 2024 as we sit here today, every cancer registry in the world is showing record numbers of new cases, both incidents and prevalence. We're also seeing record numbers of patients who had cancer in remission and the cancer comes out of remission. So the question on the table is what's changed? The deflection upward started in 2021.”

 After the CoVid vaccines were mandated across the world turbo cancer became an anomaly.

In the world of Nature if the Laws of Nature are followed then you can overcome cancer no matter what name a doctor gives the cancer. And it may be called turbo cancer.  CoVid vaccines are very new to me so I have researched the herbal products that can possibly clean out these spike proteins, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, graphene oxide that I have heard are present in these CoVid  shots.

Today I want to describe what needs to be done if you have been diagnosed with turbo cancer. Let’s just pretend that you have decided to become one of my clients. I will go through the procedure of what you are expected to do. Remember I can only provide you with the essential education. It has taken me years of work to discover what cancer really is. What I do is not a treatment. What I do is not a prescription. I simply provide the information to you and what you do with that information is totally up to you. You then take the responsible action. However, I am there to support you and to continue to provide you with information as I have learned from the thousands of different people I have worked with in the past. Here we go!

You are diagnosed with cancer, and you are terrified. You know that I exist because someone has given you my contact information. You finally muster enough courage to call me. There is no fee for  a 20 minute phone call with me. I want you to hear my voice and I want you to establish a trusting relationship with me. You can then decide if you want to book a consultation or register for my TAFYH course or move on. I am fine with all of it.

Lets now pretend that you decided to book a consultation. I then send you a Body Systems Questionnaire for you to fill out. The BSQ is 2 pages of symptoms. If the symptom applies to you then you would circle all the number across the row from the symptom. You then add the numbers down the column. Each column represents a body system. You are then able to see according to the totals for each body system which body system is in need of nutritional support. The higher the number the more obvious the need for nutritional energy.

The next step is the consultation. This is where we meet either by phone of via Zoom. There are people that call me from across Canada and from the US side. In that call I ask that you identify your concerns and the symptoms you would like addressed. I then proceed to determine the poisons that are causing your cancer or any other diagnosed condition you are battling with.. There is never just one poison. There is always a list of poisons that are causing obstruction of blood flow and nutrient and oxygen delivery to the affected areas of your body. In this presentation I have already mentioned the CoVid shots as being one of the poisons. I then go through a list of questions so that I can identify the other poisons obstructing your healing process. In my world cancer is nothing more than a nutritional deficiency and a toxic or poison overload. Once the list of poisons are established I then proceed to the solution. I give you the information you need to address your specific health problem. Here are the 9 steps I take in addressing your very serious diagnosed cancer issue.

1 Address the poisons. There are many that I have discovered over the years I have worked with my 1000’s of clients. This work has taken me years of time and therefor you are asked to pay a fee for this information. My fee is $100 and no other fee is asked of you as long as you continue to take the required actions and as long as you continue to work with me on your health. There is never any pressure or demands. I am of the philosophy that you have free agency and you  make your own decisions. However, I do guide you and give you the necessary support and information according to the knowledge and wisdom I have gained by following the Laws of Nature.

2 I then ask that you avoid all foods that feed Candida yeast; grains, cereals, sugar foods, hydrogenated oils, fruit juices, lectin foods.

3 I ask that you take your body temperature first thing in the morning before any activity. A healthy body temperature is 37 C, the temperature at which all body functions work at optimal levels. The blood circulates all the nutrient energy and oxygen, the lymphatic fluids are picking up the toxic debris and moving it out through the elimination channels. The bowels are moving, the kidneys are flushing, and all body organs are vibrating with energy. Cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 C

4 I ask you to eat the foods that raise body temperature; grass fed red meats, salmon, fish, seafood, raw milk grass fed yogurt and raw milk cheese, cottage cheese, soaked seeds like flax seed, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds , greens and vegetables and berries and apples.

 5 I ask about the kind of water you drink. I am mostly concerned about clean water because I am quite aware of all the poisonous debris getting into our water system from all the vaccinations, medications, birth control pills, statin drugs and so on. I also ask that you add some good colored salt to your food or water. In my house I have pink salt, grey salt , Celtic Salt and I know the importance of salt. Your lymphatic fluids are salt water. Salt has the ability to pull out poisons and toxic debris. We have all witnessed soaking an infected toe in warm water and salt. The salt pulls out the toxic debris that feeds the infection.

6 I then move into asking you to have a super food smoothie once or twice a day. Your body needs energy to move out poisons and your stem cell carpenters need nutrient energy of all colors to replicate healthy cells for you so that you can heal the injured area of your body where your cancer is manifesting. This is where colors are of significant importance.

Red for circulation, Arginine Plus or Power Beets and I love Mineral Chi Tonic from the US side.

Yellow Flax Hull lignans for healthy hormones, for toxic xenoestrogens from Candida overgrowth

White Collagen for healthy skin inner and outer and for healthy joints

Blue Water and Zambroza or Noni Juice

Green Power Greens for enzymes, minerals. Phytonutrients

Solstic Energy for taste and antioxidant.

7 I then look at your BSQ to determine what specific herbs you may need. If the intestinal system is high number I recommend LBS11 and Psyllium Hulls, if there are heavy metals from vaccines, I recommend MC to chelate all those chemicals, heavy metals, metabolic wastes and triglycerides. I always recommend Cat’s Claw combination for lymphatic movement and for increasing stem cells production. This herbal combination has astragalus scientifically proven to increase stem cell production.

8 I look at all your elimination channels; respiratory tract,  kidneys, liver, bowels and I may design a specific One Day Kidney Flush for your specific problem or a Liver Cleanse or a Gall Bladder Flush.

9 I then design a specific herbal program for you. The program addresses injury, inflammation, elimination, infection, circulation.

Injury is addressed by eating the right foods and having a super food smoothie with all the food colors.

Inflammation is addressed by identifying the poisons. It is recommended that you stop consuming anything that is a poison to your body. I find that in this present age most people have a hard time discerning a poison from a nutrition. I ask them this question: Is a vaccine a poison or it is a nutrition? Othe they tell me they don’t know. I think part of their answer is a denial that a vaccine can actually be harmful. What we don’t know is what those vaccines are made from. I know they are not from Nature and I know they are made in the lab by the hand of man. My commonsense mind tells me if genetically engineered foods tampered by the hand of man are bad for me then certainly vaccines with their secret ingredients in them must be bad as well. But wait a minute all vaccines are genetically engineered by the hand of man. They are not part of Nature. To discern the good from the bad is tough so I try to bring discernment to their awareness. I must admit there are some clients that are offended when I ask them are vaccines nutrition of a poison. Or is chemotherapy nutrition or a poison? Just to be very clear it is nutrition that fuels our body. It is nutrition that heals our body. It is not a poison that is injected into your body that can heal you  even though most often it is prescribed by a doctor.

To move that poison out of your body I recommend Cat’s Claw combination. It  is one of my favorite herbal combinations. It  is used to move your lymphatic system I then tell you that your stem cell carpenters need time to rebuild your organ for you. It takes 9 months for a baby to grow inside a Mother’s body so it takes at least that long for your stem cell carpenters to build a new organ for you. It takes a housebuilder or a carpenter at least 6 months or more to build a house. Your stem cells are your carpenters, and they need time. So your time and your patience is essential.

10 Finally I ask that you create a vision of what your perfect healthy body looks like and that your focus on that vision every single day. A vision of your perfect healthy body is synonymous to a blueprint that   a house carpenter looks at every day. The same applies to you. You look at your blueprint of your body in perfect health every day so that you are reminded of what you need to do to build yourself a healthy body. It is scientifically proven by Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Dispenza that as you see your health blueprint every day and attach an emotion of excitement to it your brain then builds a specific neuro patterned pathway so that your body begins to manifest the health you are looking forward to.  Of course, the more you do this the sooner you come to know that your body is created to heal. The more you believe in your own inner healing power the more motivated you then become to put that good nutrition into your body and address all those poisons that are causing the problem.

Here is the biggest stumbling block to your healing process.  You have been indoctrinated in society that your body is not created to heal. You have been programmed to believe that a whole medical system is needed to heal your cancer. You have been made to believe that highly educated doctors will take over your cancer and tell you what to do and all you have to do is sign the essential papers. What if what you have been taught for many many years is just not true. To really take control of your own inner healing power is great when you come to see how powerful you really are. You were not created by a doctor. You were created by a higher intelligent power. So it is now up to you to find that power, to focus on it and to take the actions that are wisely organized for you taking every consideration that Nature offers you. In the world of Nature, you are in charge of your body, you take responsible actions, you are in control.

Now I totally understand the list of apprehensions that continually run your mind.

How do I know if this herbal program works? Well, how do you know if your chemo treatments work?

I might get sicker and sicker and then it will be too late to do chemotherapy to save my life. I am here to say I want you to really think this through. You are taking into your body foods and high dense nutritious smoothies that give you life and energy. How can you possibly get sicker and sicker?  

Then there is the Googling mentality.  So you go to Google. Google will have a simpler cheaper solution. And so time ticks away as you look for Google answers. And you  must know that there are thousands of them. Lets put this one into perspective as well. Did Google work with thousands of clients over many years to become the expert? Does Google have a list of cancer success stories to give you the confidence you need to stay on track? Does Google actually work with clients who have cancer?

It costs money and I don’t have money. This is a decision you need to make. I cannot give you the money that it takes to purchase herbs and super foods. It just should be part of your grocery bill. Besides you will not be buying those foods that do not contribute to your warm body temperature, you know breads, pasta, the donuts and the lattes, the cereals, the junk and so on. Maybe if you put this into perspective you will have the money needed to buy your super foods and herbs. I remember Sheena at 25 years old given 3 months to live. She never ever focused on money. Her focus was on overcoming cancer and Sheena always said the universe provided the money for her. She has been cancer free since 1991 and has had great work opportunities that made her a lot of money working up North.  Then there was Diane at 19 years old in a wheel chair with MS . Diane firmly stated that no matter what it takes she would overcome MS. Diane borrowed the money from a bank to buy her herbs. She overcame MS and became a very successful Health Practitioner helping all kinds of people overcome MS. If you follow the Laws of Nature and have the faith to know that your body is created to heal and yes you spend the money then Nature has a way of rewarding you.

How long does it take? It takes about a year to overcome cancer, MS, Parkinsons and so on. It all depends on how soon you can address the poisons and how focused you are. It is different for different people.

It took Sheena 4 months to overcome cancer.

It took Gary about 3 months to overcome cancer.

It took Dr Lynda about 6 months to overcome uterine cancer.

Now you have an overview of what really happens in my world as I work with people diagnosed with cancer. I also have thousands of success stories to prove that what I do works.