Friday, June 27, 2008

Annette's Cancer Story

Annette’s Story
-1993- Annette was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy and treatments. The cancer was gone.
-2003- The cancer had metastasized to the sternum, lung, back, rib, lymph nodes. Lungs had fluid around them. She had 2 sets of chemo treatments. She was fine for 1 year.
-Summer 2005-She had lumps starting on her head again (lymph nodes). She started chemo again, but became very ill, and they thought they would lose her. So she quit chemo.
-Nov. 2005- She heard about the NSP Paw Paw program and started on that. She took 8 Protease Plus, 12 Paw Paw, 2 ounces Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Nature’s Gold Barley, Flaxseed Oil and LBS11. She also modified her diet with no wheat , yeast , or sugar. She was on it for a month when she had a healing crisis and she stopped it for a short time. However, she decided to continue after it was explained to her about the healing crisis.
-April 2006- She had a CAT scan. The spot on her left lung had decreased to almost nil. The mass on her sternum had decreased substantially. The lesions in her bones and backbone were still showing up. She was very excited. She continued on with her NSP program.
-August 2006- She had a bone scan. The results were fantastic. The lesions in her bones are diminishing as well. She asked her doctor, where would I be right now without the NSP program? The reply was, “We’ll never know!”
- Annette is continuing her program!