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Newsletter Dec. 2004

Nature Sunshine Herbal Testimonials Christmas 2004
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1. Sheena, at 20 years old , was diagnosed with the same cancer as Terry Fox. She had radiation treatments. Five years later the cancer returned and this time it progressed to the lungs and Sheena was given 3 months to live. She refused chemotherapy and cried for the first month until she made a decision that there must be a different way. At this point she came to see Donna who taught her all about correct diet and herbs. Sheena followed a program of Cat’s Claw, Green Zone, a parasite cleanse, a fungal detoxification and a daily bowel cleanse. Sheena took her herbs faithfully everyday and relied on a strict diet. Eight months later she was cancer free and now 7 years later she remains healthy and wise. Today we know all about the current of injury and the effects of Paw Paw and Protease Plus for cancer.

2 When I was 35 years old after the birth of my second son I was diagnosed by a doctor as being borderline diabetic. I started to seek out some natural herbal cures. I was introduced to Nature Sunshine by an NSP rep and I told her of my problem regarding diabetes. She put me P14 for the pancreas and other herbs as well. After a year I was no longer a borderline diabetic and my blood sugar has remained normal since. Thank you Nature’s Sunshine . Keep up the good work. Marcie

3 I think SN-X has changed my life. I was always miserable with sinus infections. I probably tried every over the counter anti- histamine available. I even had surgery done to drain my sinuses. I started taking SN-X one week then AL-J for a week. I did this for 2 years and at times I would almost give up as I would go through periods of cleansing but I hung in there. The day I had brain freeze I knew that my sinuses were working properly for the first time in my life. I now take SN-X only when I feel a bit stuffy which happens about once a year. Judy

4. HRP –C. I take 4 a day every day and never have a cold or flu. In fact I’m the only one at work who has never been off because of any virus.
Nature Sunshine, thank you for your high quality products and excellent service and for your support. I love your Tei Fu . I carry it everywhere using it for colds. stuffiness, headaches, cuts, aching muscles and much more. Keep up the good work. Mary Lou

5. Nature Sunshine herbs. They are the best herbs I have ever taken. KB-C has helped my kidney get back in shape in no time at all. I feel on top of the world.

6.FE formula Prior to using the FE formula I was on hormone replacement therapy. On this product I was having problems with menstrual bleeding. I had read all the controversy about a HRT and decided to stop using the HRT products and switch to the FE formula. As I was getting off the HRT I had tremendous headaches 3 or 4 times a night for 2 weeks. Since I have been on the FE formula I have not had a headache or sweats or any problems relating to menopause.
Protease Plus I have used the Protease for approximately 4 months. For years I have had a digestive problem periodically. But as long as I take one or two Protease a day my digestive problem is resolved. I have also sold a bottle of it to my boss at the office and he swears by it.
Liquid Calcium I take One T approximately ½ hour before bed and I find that I sleep a lot better and I get a more restful sleep.
TNT bars .When I feel like a small bite of something between meals I always take a TNT bar cut up to end my craving for food. Yvonne

7. I had a chronic ear infection in my right ear. It started when I was 15 years old. I would always have to go to emergency when they came on during the night. I would be put on the antibiotics and after taking them I would end up with a yeast infection. This went on for about 10 years. Then Mom took me to Donna’s meeting. That night I had an ear infection and Donna put me on Golden Seal, Lobelia and Cascara Sagrada. For the next 6 years I did this same program every time I had an ear infection. Then one time in the summer half of my face was in pain- headache, toothache, sore throat, ear infection. I went to see Donna and she said it could be a healing and that I may never have an ear infection again. She was right . It is now 6 years later and I am ear infection free. Deanna

8. My brain was getting fuzzy and my memory was failing me more and more. So I went on brain herbs, Gotu Kola, Focus Attn, Ginkgo Biloba . In 30 days I amazed myself at my incredible recall. Thank you Nature Sunshine. Phyllis

9. My son started vomiting on the odd occasion. He did not have the flu and was not sick . Once in a while he didn’t feel well with stomach cramps and he would vomit. I took him to a doctor who sent him to a specialist. It took a month. The doctor made Wesley go through x-ray for reflux. This was not the problem. Time was going on and the specialist wasn’t doing anything. I took Wesley to see Donna and she immediately said Wesley was constipated. She put him on a herbal program. The next day I had an appointment with the specialist. I told him I thought Wesley was constipated. He made Wesley have more x-rays to confirm he was constipated. He gave us a prescription to make Wesley go but I just kept Wesley on Donna’s program and he stopped vomiting right away. Donna recommended not to drink milk. Donna gave me answers in half an hour .

10. I suffered as a child growing up with indigestion and ulcers. There were some products that relieved my pain but only for a short time. Ten years ago I was privileged enough to find Nature Sunshine Digestive Enzymes. It not only relieved me. It helped heal me and to know what foods effect me. Thank you. Nature Sunshine is our household product.
It’s done so much more than we can say. Kathy

11. Nature Sunshine has really helped my kids with all kinds of child hood problems from stomach aches to headaches. Also my kids have gone on HRP-C, Black Walnut, Licorice to help eliminate heavy metals, toxins and parasites.Donna's answers have been an answer to prayer. I love Nature Sunshine products. I know them the best . I won’t buy anything else. Connie

12. For my kids who are 3 and 5 years old when they get sniffles I always give them Essential Liquid Minerals, HRP-C and Herbasaur Multi/ Vitamin. As for myself or my husband we use Cat’s Claw for any flu symptoms and it works.

13.I had a cold coming on and I took Chinese Mineral Chi tonic and the next day I felt good. Walter

14. My favorite product is Cat’s Claw. I use it for colds and for any infection. It really works. Green Zone gives me real energy. I can’t do without it. Dora

15. I’ve used Nature Sunshine for over 10 years. I visited a Naturopathic Doctor who strictly used Nature Sunshine products. She put me on a program for PMS and infertility. After 10 years of marriage with no children we had a daughter within a year. The herbs I used were Caprylic Acid for yeast, FCS11, CX for hormones, Dong Quai, and HRP-C for viruses. Helen

16. I had heart surgery and was in bad shape. I didn’t think I was going to survive. Capsicum helped with bleeding and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, SynerProtein and MC helped me to recover my health so that I was able to get off all the heart drugs I was on. Thanks to Nature Sunshine.

17. Bilberry has done a lot for my eyes and many more products have helped me with my health. I am 85 years old.

18. Chlorophyll is very good . It helps to perk you up. I find all the products of the best quality.

19.I’ve used your Pau d’ Arco for awhile. I just noticed that this herb is very bitter and pungent. The herb is fresh and the vital elements are present. This is a pure and potent supplement. Thanks a million for a superior product.

20. I had intensive pain in my right ovary. A parasite cleanse helped with the cysts on my ovaries.I used Artemesia and Black Walnut and Caprylic Acid. I then waited 5 days then repeated the program.

21. AL-J I use AL-J all the time for my asthma, eczema, and allergies. I take the capsules twice daily and when I have an attack, I’ll take the extract so it works quickly. It really helps. This time of year is really tough on my lungs and so far I haven’t had any problems. Tricia

22. One man with Leukemia experienced a severe reaction to his second chemotherapy treatment. His white blood cell count continued to remain high and another chemo treatment was recommended. He had 2 weeks to decide whether he would submit to this. He began a program of high doses of 20 Paw Paw , 6 Protease enzymes, and 10 T of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic a day. Within 2 weeks his blood count was normal and the doctor no longer recommended chemo treatments.