Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Parasites by Dan

Parasites by Dan
Since starting the Tiao He Pak and the KB-C treatments for parasites, I feel much improved.
I started the treatment at supper time on Tuesday, Feb 5th, 2008. Within the first day, my body started feeling very odd as though I had the flu. I understood that it was simply the teas and herbs beginning to have an effect on the parasites . By Thursday, I was experiencing the loose stools that Kathy had mentioned would occur. That made me take an interest of looking for signs of parasites being eliminated from my system. That evening, I saw what at first I took to be vegetable matter from the salads I had been eating but on closer scrutiny, I discovered that they were in fact creatures.
They looked rather like uncooked tiny shrimp with white ovoid squid-like bodies and red arrow-shaped heads. From the head protruded a red filament. I realized that I had seen others like them the day before but did not recognize that they were parasites. By Thursday night, my liver and pancreas areas were very sore as the time when I had had hepatitis years ago. I understood what was happening and by Saturday the soreness had gone. Since then, I have felt better than I have felt in more than twenty years. All this time, I had believed that it was the hepatitis that had left me feeling tired and unenergetic but it was the parasites that I had contracted not long after that had set me back. When I think of all the years that I could have felt better and could have been more active, etc with my family. . .

I am very thankful to have been directed to Kathy Deane. I have a whole new lease on life because of what she has given me.