Monday, September 15, 2008

From the Desk of Donna Roth Newletter July/08

From the Desk of Donna Roth September 2008

One lady was diagnosed with Glaucoma and she was very concerned about the building up of pressure to her eyes so when she was in town she came to visit Donna Roth. Her program consisted of a diet change with no sugar, no wheat, no yeast and with the following herbal supplements:
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 ounce twice a day
Bilberry 4 a day
Perfect Eyes 4 a day
In two months time she visited her doctor who measured the eye pressure and he was amazed that the eye pressure dropped from 20 to 18 within 2 months. He said he had never seen eye pressure drop in Glaucoma previous to this. Needless to say this lady is very excited and wants everyone to know that there is a solution to Glaucoma.

One lady complained about her fingers that were always cold to the point of being numb. She would have to put them in hot water to relieve the cold. She started on a program of 6 BP-C as a blood purifier, and 3 AD-C three times a day to enhance circulation to the extremities. Within just a couple of days she noticed a huge difference.

Garry used to get up 2 to 3 times a night to go to the bathroom. He started taking Men’s Formula 6 a day along with 2 scoops of Flax Hull Lignans. In a short time the night time bathroom trips ceased.

One 82 year old man suffered from lack of energy, heart palpitations and he couldn’t breathe well, He took 2 Iron with Vit C , 2 Hawthorn, and 2 IF-C for the inflammation in his knees. Within 3 weeks his hemoglobin went up from 7.5 to 10.5. His energy increased and the heart palpitations subsided.

One pregnant Mom was told that she was carrying a baby that would be born with Down’s Syndrome and that the chances of the baby making it to birth was slim. She came to see Donna Roth for some herbal advise. LaDean Griffin in one of her books notably stated that if she could give every pregnant Mom Kelp there would not be any Mongolism or Down’s Syndrome in this world. Consequently this mom was quite taken back by this information and agreed to follow a program of :
Kelp 10 capsules a day
Essential Liquid Minerals about 3 ounces a week
Liquid Calcium 2 T
Folic Acid 1 a day
On July 11, 2008 David was born, a happy healthy , bouncy baby boy weighing 8 lb 10 ounces. He had no Down’s Syndrome nor any other health problems. What a beautiful story!

One gentleman came to the advise of Donna Roth because he was suffering from lack of energy, insomnia, migraine headaches usually 3 a week, acid indigestion and a low immune system. He agreed to go on an herbal program:
• No sugar, no wheat, no yeast
• Drink only water
• Protein and vegetables
Paw Paw: 4 per day.
BP-C: 6 per day.
Pantothenic Acid: 4 per day.
Protease Plus: 2/2x day on an empty stomach and 1 with each meal
ULC-R: 6 per day).
Zambroza: 2 oz. per day).
Within one month his migraine headaches totally subsided, his energy bounced back , the acid indigestion was gone and he was sleeping. He was so very grateful for this miraculous experience.
“Just writing to tell you that I've been feeling alot better and I haven't had a headache nor any acidity in 3 weeks! Even my heart palpitations stopped (now for about 1 week). I really want to thank you for the advice you gave me and it's been very helpful.
I'm very grateful to you for making me feel better. I was really blind in the past and ignoring all those signals my body was giving me.”