Monday, September 15, 2008

Pregnancy, Down's Syndrome

Pregnancy, Down's Syndrome
One pregnant Mom was told that she was carrying a baby that would be born with Down’s Syndrome and that the chances of the baby making it to birth was slim. She came to see Donna Roth for some herbal advise. LaDean Griffin in one of her books notably stated that if she could give every pregnant Mom Kelp there would not be any Mongolism or Down’s Syndrome in this world. Consequently this mom was quite taken back by this information and agreed to follow a program of :
Kelp 10 capsules a day
Essential Liquid Minerals about 3 ounces a week
Liquid Calcium 2 T
Folic Acid 1 a day
On July 11, 2008 David was born, a happy healthy , bouncy baby boy weighing 8 lb 10 ounces. He had no Down’s Syndrome nor any other health problems. What a beautiful story!