Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Herbal Success Stories Dec 2008

Herbal Success Stories Dec/08

One lady had suffered from painful Shingles for about 3 years and nothing she tried remedied this problem. Her friend told her to do a Nature’s Sunshine herbal program and in desperation she consented to the plan. The following is the program she used:
No sugar, no wheat, no yeast
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz 2 times a day
HRP- C 4 capsules 2 to 3 times a day to destroy the virus
RE-X 4 capsules twice a day fro nerve pain
She pursued this program for about 4 months but she finally got results and as of lately her shingles have all gone.

Tooth Infection
One dog ended up with a painful infected tooth where he found it painful and difficult to eat. His gums were also red and infected. Linda applied ¼ of a dropper of Silver Shield on his tooth twice a day and in 2 days the tooth totally got better. The gum was pink and normal once again and the dog could enjoy his food without pain.

Hot Flushes
One lady was experiencing terrible hot flushes where she had a difficult time sleeping peacefully throughout the night. She decided to listen to Dr Kim Balas ‘ teleconference educational session and received the information that Collatrim in high doses would alleviate the problem. Consequently she started a program of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 T a day along with Zambroza 2 T a day and Collatrim Capsules 6 twice a day. Within 10 days the hot flushes totally subsided and the sleep patterns returned to normal. This to her was so very exciting . Life was normal again ! No more hot flushes!

Painful Shoulder Blade
One day one lady out of the blue ended up with a excruciating pain in her right shoulder. It felt as if a hot knife was piercing through her shoulder blade and going through into the breast area and into the right arm with tingling in the fingers. The pain was so bad she had to take pain medication . One day she called Donna Roth who recommended a simple program :
Cat’s Claw 4 capsules twice a day to destroy the infection
RE-X 4 capsules 2 times a day for the pain.
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic
Within 2 weeks the pain subsided and all is well once again.

One man was diagnosed with asthma and would take an inhaler to help with the breathing. He started a program of SN-X 2 a day, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz a day Marshmallow/Pepsin with meals and Bifidophilus 1 a day. He has not used an inhaler for 4 years now and he still follows this program every day. His wife says it is way cheaper to stay healthy then to buy the inhaler which costs $100 each time. “What price can you put on your health. You don’t appreciate your health untilk you don’t have it”

One man had a mole on his abdomen that he was quite concerned about because it was getting larger in size. Now it was the size of a dime. He started applying Silver Shield Gel to the mole once a day at night. He found that the mole changed in color . After 2 weeks the mole came right off.

One lady had a high cholesterol count and she wanted to control it via nutrition. Her program included:
Vit/Min supplement
Chinese Mineral chi Tonic 1 oz a day.
Lecithin about 6 a day
Flax Hull Lignans 1 scoop a day
KB-C for the kidneys
ULC-R to cleanse the stomach of H pylori bacteria
She continued this program as a lifestyle for 6 months. Just recently she had a medical examination and her cholesterol levels are totally under control.

Skin Sore
One lady had a large deep skin sore that had developed an infection which would not clear up. She applied Silver Shield onto the sore every day 2x a day and the sore healed up within one week.

One lady had a terrible spell of insomnia where she always felt on edge and jerky. She went off all sugars and carbos and started to take Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day and Pantothenic Acid 4 capsules during the day and 4 capsules at bedtime. It appeared that this program was starting to work . then the insomnia got worse than ever ., That’s when she called Donna Roth who recommended an increase of Pantothenic Acid to 5 twice a day and told her that sometimes things get worse before they get better. And they did. Shortly thereafter the sleep patterns returned to normal where she was getting 6 hours of full sleep a night. This lady is so very grateful that she can live a normal life once more.

Earache Ear infection
One lady had a horrific earache on the left side. She put 4 drops of Silver Shield into each ear and held the Silver down for 6 minutes. Each time she did this she would feel thebubbling in the infected ear. She repeated this process twice a day. Within 30 hours the earache was gone!

Abscess in Tooth
One man had a very painful abscessed tooth. He took Silver Shield into his mouth and held it there for 6 minutes. He repeated this procedure several times a day. Within 3 days the infection cleared right up and he didn’t have to have his tooth extracted.

Ear Infection
One 15 year old boy put drops of Silver Shield into his ear a few times a day and within 3 days he was able to clear up his ear infection.

A case of genital herpes was cleared up within days by taking 1 tsp of Silver Shield 3 times a day and applying Silver Gel to the affected area several times a day.

One man was in a wheel chair because of Parkinson Disease. He also had a bad fungal infected toe. He started taking 1 T of Silver Shield twice a day and in one week he was using a walker instead of a wheel chair. One more week and he was outside raking his leaves without a walker . The infected toe also cleared right up.

One man had an infected painful boil on the side of his neck. He applied the Silver Shield Gel to the affected area and found that there relief from pain and pressure within 2 days. Within 1 week the boil was totally gone whereby it would usually take 2 weeks for the boil to painfully fester and then pop.

One man would get headaches in the middle of the night and just could not figure out the cause of the headaches. Upon talking to a friend he discovered that the cause of his headaches could possibly be ear infection. He used Hydrogen Peroxide drops in each ear followed by drops of Silver in each ear. This cleared up the ear infection and the headaches totally subsided.

One man with diabetes had a serious heart condition and was scheduled to go to Vancouver for surgery. But this process was delayed because he could not stablize his blood sugar levels. His friend happened to have a bottle of chlorophyll water which he graciously gave to his friend. Upon drinking the chlorophyll water the blood sugar levels dropped to 11.0 from a high of 30 . He kept drinking Chlorophyll water and in a few days he was able to undergo his surgery without any difficulties.

One lady simply put Tea Tree Oil on a tooth brush and brushed her teeth with it. The dentist could not believe the improvement in the gums.
Psoriasis One man in his 50’s suffered from big ugly painful weepy sores since he was 15 years old. Nothing he tried made a difference. His consultant put him on a program of no sugar, no wheat, Chlorophyll, Digestive Enzymes, Oregon Grape 3 to 4 times a day and LIV-C 3 three times a day. He has followed his program faithfully since February of 2008. As of today his sores have all cleared up except for 2 small spots the size of dimes.

One little guy fell into the edge of a cupboard door. Karen immediately applied Tei Fu Oil on the bruise and within 2 minutes he stopped crying . The amazement of this story is that this bruise never amounted to anything.

Sinus Infection
There have been two cases of sinus infections reported where Silver Shield was used in an atomizer4 to 5 times a day and the infections cleared up within 4 days.

Diaper Rash
One baby ended up with a severe diaper rash. Mother applied Silver Shield Gel to the area about 5 times a day and gave the baby Silver Shield 1 tsp 2 times a day along with 2 Acidophilus. The diaper rash disappeared within 8 hours.

One lady , diagnosed with a brain tumour and lung cancer , was given 5 months to live if she chose surgery and 2 months to live if she chose to do nothing. She decided to do the Paw Paw program.
Step1. Eliminate sugar, wheat, yeast, junk foods
Step 2 Replace the minerals by using Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day
Step 3 Use high energy super foods available through NSP – Green Zone, Flax Hull Lignans, Super Oil
Step 4 Destroy the infection by using Paw Paw about 12 capsules a day, Protease Plus on an empty stomach and do Dr. Pederson’s Silver Shield protocol which is using 4 bottles of Silver within 7 days.Within 7 days of starting this program I received a call from this person who excitedly reported that the abscess in her lungs broke and she was coughing up lots of pus . Within a month a Cat’s Scan was done and the brain tumour had decreased to half of its original size.

Many thanks for your contributions. Your success stories help someone else.