Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hoarse Voice

Hoarse voice
One morning Helda woke up with hoarse voice and ear ache. She went to a doctor to get antibiotics. The ear ache subsided but the hoarse voice continued .Finally Helda consulted with Donna Roth and took Tei Fei Oil. She also took Silver into the mouth and held it there for 6 minutes, she spritizered Silver Sol on the throat, and used Mineral Chi Tonic and HRP-C capsules. This continued for 1 month and there still were no results. That is when we looked at the teeth. Two mercury fillings had been lost and Helda had not been to the dentist to get these teeth looked after. Finally she got to the dentist’s office . The mercury fillings were removed and replaced with white fillings and within 2 days the hoarse voice disappeared. People have no idea how much teeth affect the health of their body. Congratulations to Helda who did not give up but pursued responsibility until the problem was resolved.