Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sinus Congeston,Heartburn

Heartburn and Sinus Congestion
A horse owner in Saskatchewan had ongoing heartburn problems and congested sinuses with a plugged head. He could not breathe through his nose. He visited the top allergist in Saskatchewan who told him that he was allergic to everything on his farm so he planned to sell all of his horses . But a friend suggested an herbal program which he agreed to do. For the heartburn he took ULC-R as directed on the bottle and the ULC-R cleared that problem right up. He also took Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz day , SN-X – 6 per day and Bwl Bld to clean out the bowels. He said it was unbelievable when the sinus congestion started to drain out. He needed a towel to catch everything that continued to drip out of his nose. It took about a month before it started to breakup and clear up. Now he is one happy farmer because now he can work around his horses without allergies.