Monday, October 18, 2010

Kidney Disease

A Success Story Involving High Potassium in the Blood

Recently a tall handsome man in his 40’s approached me about a very serious health issue. I could tell from his sunken eyes and his peaked complexion that there was a deep unresolved health problem. He proceeded to tell me that he undergoes kidney dialysis three times a week and the most annoying predicament was his high potassium levels in his blood. The doctor had told him he must not have anything with potassium in it. I explained that it was virtually impossible to eat foods that have no potassium because every single food unless it is junk food has potassium in it. Potassium is the spark of life and without it life does not prevail. I told him all about the high acid levels that are presently existing in between his cells and tissues and that the acids have moved into the cells and were now replacing the potassium, And where did the potassium end up. You guessed it. In the blood stream. So in fact there was a serious lack of potassium not an access of potassium. Would he be opened to taking Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic which is full of rich minerals and tonic herbs and also high in potassium. This he agreed to do even though his girlfriend was very skeptical because the doctor had declared that this man would get a heart attack if he were to indulge in potassium. However I did explain the safety factor here is that he would be getting a blood test every week. And besides he could take a small amount of the Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic perhaps a tablespoon twice a day. Armed with Mineral Chi Tonic , Chlorophyll Cat’s Claw, and a no sugar, no grains, no dairy foods this man left my attendance .

Three weeks later I had a conversation with this man. He sent me his blood tests . The tests indicated that the potassium levels were perfectly within the normal range. I asked him if he was ready to go the next step. With a voice of exhilaration he said, “Send me the herbs I need.” I have now added K and KC-X to his program.