Thursday, October 28, 2010


From Dr. Kim Balas

Herbal Ca

- enriches breast milk.

Red Raspberry

- Tones the pelvic muscles and the uterus

- Powerful for women before and during pregnancy

Super Omega 3

- Reduces chances of preeclampsia

- Essential for infertility

Super Trio

- Provides all essential nutrients for energy and metabolism during pregnancy and lactation

Pantothenic Acid

- For anxiety, heart palpitations, migraines – open up a capsule of Pantothenic Acid and put it under the tongue. Do this several times a day


- Excellent for quivering tongue

Magnesium Complex

- Reduces the top number in high blood pressure

Natural Changes

- Excellent for menopause

Vit. D3

- Acts as a hormone

- 10,000 IU a day reduces breast cancer

Green Tea Extract

- Blocks xenoestrogens