Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Newletter

Christmas Newsletter December 2010-11-24

Donna Roth 250 764 2852

As Christmas is upon us I contemplate the health of our younger generation and I feel a great need to provide education regarding today’s children. The media of our society has certainly provided us with some very grave statistics :

About I in every 400 children has Type 1 diabetes.

About 2 million children aged 12 to 19 have prediabetes.

Obesity in children aged 6 to 11 years has tripled in the last 30 years.

Among children aged 12 to 19 obesity has increased to 18 %.

Over 5% of children aged 5 to 11 miss 11 days of school a year due to illness.

In children aged 5 to 11 the second leading cause of death is cancer. The first is accidents.

Now let us look at an agricultural study that was done between 1941 and 1991 where agricultural scientists analyzed the nutritional values of various foods including fruits , vegetables and meats in 1941 and then again in 1991. The depletion in nutrients found in 1991 are shocking :

Carrots : 75% less magnesium, 46% less iron, 75% less copper

Broccoli: 75% less calcium

Onion: 74% less calcium

Spinach : 71% less iron

Potatoes : 30% less magnesium, 35% less calcium, 45% less iron, 47% less copper

All meats : 41% less calcium, 54% less ironall fruits: 27% less zinc

Apples and oranges: 67% less iron

You would have to eat 10 tomatoes in 1991 to obtain the same copper 1 tomato would have given you in 1940. You would have to eat 3 oranges to get the same iron you got from 1 orange 50 years ago.

Finally let’s look at common health behaviours practiced by the average Canadian family.

1.Regular snacks for children almost always include fruit juices and sugary snacks instead of whole fruits , vegetables and proteins.

2.Prescription drugs and antibiotics are used regularly instead of using natural immune support. My observation here is that there is actually a fear about using herbal remedies instead of drugs for children. I have seen the worst chronic infections that were treated with various antibiotics over a period of months leave within a week of using a good dose of Essential Minerals and Cat’s Claw combination in high doses. My question to you is this .” Who is it that taught you to rely on antibiotics ? Who told you that there was no other choice ?

3.Packaged foods and fast food that show inferior nutrient value have become mainstay meals. The option here is to learn to cook the way of the “Mud Pies” , a new book that was recently released . It offers quick and easy to create meals and snacks that are very nutritious and sugar free, grain free, dairy free.

4.Children today regularly watch video games and TV instead of enjoying back yard play with fresh air and exercise.

5.Many families regularly purchase inexpensive poor quality grocery store vitamins instead of NSF certified high quality Nature’s Sunshine products. For children Nature’s Sunshine recently released an exciting line of high quality in depth-tested Sunshine Heroes Multi Vitamin and Mineral soft chews, Probiotic Power and Whole Foods Papayazyme.

Why should anyone choose Nature’s Sunshine products as their sole supplement provider ?

1. Nature’s Sunshine has a track record of testimonials that prove their products make a difference in the health of many people. My book, Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury Manual , offers numerous cancer success stories . Need we wait until we are diagnosed with cancer to start using Nature’s Sunshine supplements?

2.Nature’s Sunshine line of children’s products has gone through stringent in depth testing using more than 600 different state-of-the-art tests for optimal quality standards of purity, potency and safety.

3. Nature’s Sunshine has received several significant accolades in the last 10 years.

2001 NSP was recognized as the best company to work for by the Utah Business magazine

2002 named Manufacturer of the Year for outstanding quality and manufacturing excellence in the Nutritional Outlook.

2003 to 2006 NSP is listed as the Top 100 Corporate Citizens in the publication known as Business Ethics.

2004 Nature’ Sunshine is ranked #8 in America’s 500 Largest Sales Forces in the category of direct selling which means that there is a great business opportunity for you with a chance for financial freedom.

4. Nature’s Sunshine is continually engaged in philanthropic efforts in Russia to fund infant hospitals, in Mali school constructions and in Ghana with health promotions.

5. Being involved in the Nature’s Sunshine business for 27 years I can state with honesty that it is a company of integrity that has given me and my family quality health, a great home business , financial freedom and the “red carpet treatment” on numerous travel occasions.

This year I ask that you make health a priority in your life and in the life of your children. Health =Life! I urge you to take a strong stand for your health. As an independent distributor of Nature’s Sunshine Products I am here to help you achieve both health and financial freedom. May this season find you and your loved ones in health, happiness and prosperity. May this Christmas bring you the light of truth and a deeper understanding of life. May we all strive harder to be of service to our fellow man.

Merry Christmas with Love to All,

Donna Roth


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