Thursday, November 25, 2010

Success Stories November 2010

Success Stories

Kidney Disease

This summer I received this letter from Don who in 1008 suffered from a serious kidney failure:

“ Here are the July 15, 2008 lab tests 2 days before I was hospitalized in emergency. My kidneys were flushed and then Dr. T did a lazer treatment on my prostate to allow a better urine flow. I am quite happy with the improved tests; no more depends, sleep for 6 hours. All is good except urea. ………..Call me after you have received these tests. Glad to help, that’s what we are all about.” Don

Don them did a nutritional program for his kidneys. It involved eliminating sugars, grains, and dairy and then taking Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Chlorophyll and water ,K for the kidneys and an array of herbs according to the directions on the Zyto scan. He was determined to improve the health of his kidneys. The July 2008 results are as follows:

RBC 3.60 Normal 4.30

Haemoglobin 110 Normal 140

Hematocrit 0.332 Normal .4000

RDW 14.6 Normal 11.5

Neutriphils 6.7 Normal 1.5 to 6.5

Urea 12.0 Normal 3.0 to 7.1

Creatinine 213 Normal 60 to 130

eGFR 27 Normal 30 to 59

This indicates the kidney functions. Ratings of 15 to 29 may be placed on kidney dialysis.

August 4, 2010

All tests indicate a normal reading except for the Urea count which shows a slightly high reading. The most exciting reading is the kidney functions eGFR at 48.

Congratulations to Don for his determination and for sticking to the herbal program.

Cancer of the Uterus

April 1st Dr. Lynda was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus. She had read my book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury Manual and decided that she would pursue the nutritional pathway to heal the cancer. She immediately started the Paw Paw program . As all of the many successful cancer stories in the book she eliminated all sugars, grains, legumes, dairy . She understood the importance of consuming high dense nutrition for the purpose of feeding the stem cells so that they could replicate healthy cells to heal the injury. Flax Hull Lignans, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Chlorophyll , Green Zone, Collatrim Plus were used in a variety of ways. Then the herb Paw Paw was taken to clean up the fungal infection which is found in every cancer case. Protease Plus was taken on an empty stomach to cleanse the blood stream. Bowel herbs were used to ensure all toxins would be eliminated. Dr. Lynda was cognizant of gratitude and thanked the Lord every day. She listened to many Monday night teleconference talks which gave her the confidence to pursue the Paw Paw program. She called different people who had experienced the Paw Paw program successfully for their past cancers. She called Dr. McLaughlin , the man who had devoted over 20 years of his life to the study of Paw Paw for cancer. Dr. Lynda did all kinds of research. In September 2010 another ultrasound was done and it indicated that the tumorous mass in the uterus measured 2 cm and that it had increased in size. The uterine lining measured at 8 mm and it had decreased in size from the original 15 mm . The vascular network had also decreased in size. Surgery was scheduled for November 15, 2010 . Dr. Lynda had, in the past few months ,postponed her surgery on more than one occasion in hopes that the cancer would heal using the Paw Paw program. Then on a fall day of October , 2010 Dr. Lynda underwent the most amazing bathroom experience. A bloody tissue mass was expelled . This she believed was the tumour. On October 14, 2010 Dr. Lynda went in for another ultrasound. This time there was no blood flow, no mass, no tumour and the uterine lining measured a normal 3 mm. The cancer was all gone !


Laury’s brother-in-law found that if he held 1 tablespoon of Silver Guard in his moth for 6 minutes at a time his toothache would subside.


One man with a bad earache dropped 6 drops of Silver Guard into his ear and held it there for 6 minutes. Then he repeated 6 drops into the other ear for 6 minutes. At this point he went ot sleep and woke up the next day with no earache.

Cough and a Cold

One man has a persistent cough and a very bad cold that he could not get rid of. Finally in desperation he began to sip on Silver Guard throughout the day. He drank a whole bottle of Silver within a day which totally knocked the cold and cough out of his system.

Thank you Laury for sharing these stories with us.

Side Effects of Chemo

One man who underwent chemo treaments for cancer found that the Paw Paw program alleviated all side effects of the chemotherapy . There was no hair loss and there was no nausea.


One lady became constipated as a result of the extreme stress she was undergoing. She felt as if there was a poker up her bum and this was very painful . She would break off the top of the Vit E capsule and insert it into her rectum. She also started LBS11 morning, lunch and supper along with the elimination of all sugar, grains and dairy. She also took Cat’s Claw 3 twice a day and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic. The doctor prescribed antibiotics but they were refused. Within 2 weeks all pain subsided and the constipation stopped.


One man had problems with constipation and was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. He experienced pressure from uncomfortable stool retention and the rectal area would get very sore and irrated. He stared a program of no sugar, no grains, no legumes, no dairy, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day, HRP-C 6 a day for infection, Flax Hull Lignans, LBS11 and Aloe Vera juice. He pursed this program for 2 months and today he is glad to report that all pressure is gone, the soreness is gone and he now has regular bowel movements.