Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Newsletter March 2011

From the Desk of Donna Roth www.donnaroth.com March 2011

There have been many people who have used Nature Sunshine products to successfully regain their health status and thereby add quality years to their life. The following people have given Donna Roth permission to share their successes in hopes that they may help others to a happier healthier life.

Lanny – Colon Cancer free for 6 years – Used NSP Paw Paw program

Wes – Lymphatic Cancer free for 7 years - used NSP Paw Paw program

Sharon – Diabetes gone- used the NSP P14 program

Sheena – Lung cancer free for 13 years – used NSP Cat’s Claw program

Wes – Serious infection gone – used NSP Cat’s Claw program

Helda - Rheumatoid Arthritis gone for 20 years– used the ART-A program

Lynn- Lupus and Chronic fatigue – used the NSP Chi Tonic program

Bernice – Arthritis gone- used the NSP ART-A program

Gary – Throat, Lung cancer free for 7 years - used NSP Paw Paw program

Gurjit – High blood pressure, cholesterol gone – used NSP MC program

Charla- Shingles gone – used RE-X, HRP-C program

In a day and age where agricultural practices have robbed our soils of life sustaining minerals it is imperative to have a true high density food health plan written out and followed for the purpose of increasing your quality years. As one psychologist has stated – NO PLAN, NO LIFE

“ The cure for cancer is already found. It is whether you believe it or not !”

Dr. S.Mak

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Enclosed is a letter that you can make copies of , sign, add your own notes and send off to the respective members of Parliament. Please distribute this letter to your friends and invite them to do the same. This is our freedom we are fighting to preserve. www.soscanada.net

Success Stories


Helga's report on RE-X is very inspiring to those who have difficulty with sleep. She uses RE-X every day and says," I've never slept so good in all my life since using RE-X. When I am really tired I take 3 to 4 RE-X about 9:30 at night. Otherwise I take 2 RE-X."

Colon Cancer March 2011

Lanny recently reported that it is now 6 years ago when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He used the Paw Paw program as outlined in the the book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury Manual by Donna Roth. Lanny has shared his success story with many other people who have been diagnosed with cancer. However very few people have believed his story. It is so sad to watch people suffer needlessly simply because they are resistant to a different yet very truthful approach to healing cancer.

One of the people Lanny shared his story with is an elderly friend who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She was open-minded and I love her profound words of wisdom ,"What's to understand here. Just take them." She totally understands that the Paw Paw program is nothing but nutrition for your body. This wise woman , even in her 80's has now been cancer free for three years.


One lady was having terrible bouts of pain behind her eyes. She was determined to use a safe natural approach to heal her eyes. Her program consisted of changing her diet by following theMud Pies - Sugar Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free recipes and using Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic,Super Omega 3 and Perfect Eyes about 8 capsules a day. Within 3 weeks she reported that the pain in the eyes is almost gone.

Tidbits from Steven Horne Feb./2011

CoQ10 reduces inflammation in the gums.

MC and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic cleans the plaque off the arteries very effectively.

Cholesterol can be cleaned out with LoClo, CholesterReg11 and CoQ10.

GlucoReg cleans out excess glucose and excess insulin. It is great for diabetes and hyperinsulemia.

Folic Acid and B Vitamins keep homocysteine levels down and help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Zambroza and Super Omega 3 keep inflammation under control.

Vitamin D3 will prevent heart attacks and elevate moods.

Elevated triglycerides made by the liver is caused by too much sugars and grains and not enough Super Omega 3 and GlucoReg.

Super Omega 3 , Chlorophyll and Alfalfa are all natural blood thinners because they keep the blood from clotting.

MC and Capsicum is excellent for the thyroid and for cold hands and feet.

Becky’s StoryI was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma May 2010. I had gone through cancer before ... my good friend passed away in February 2001, my sister passed away May 2002, and my best friend survived cancer in 2003. So when I got the diagnosis it was recommended I have a wider incision where the mole had been removed as well as lymph node testing. After all I had experienced watching people go through cancer treatment, I immediately started to look into alternative cancer treatment. I came across an alternative cancer therapy out of the States and was three weeks into it when my body did not like what I was taking and I went into cardiac arrest and ended up in the hospital for six weeks. While in the hospital I started reading Donna Roth's book Practical Solutions to the Cancer Injury Manual. I read the book and the testimonials and I was convinced that it was the best way for me to deal with what I was facing. While in the hospital I also started experiencing anxiety attacks and was scared to take anything into my system that was alternative because of what I had experienced with the three week program I had started. So I started Donna's program off very very slowly in September of 2010. And I just have continued to feel better and better. To the point where I haven't felt this good for a long long time. When I say feel good I mean I am no longer chronically tired and worn down. I feel the healthiest I ever have. I feel like the anxiety has almost totally disappeared. I never did have the lymph node excision and so don't know either way whether the cancer had spread to the lymphatic system. I continue to follow the program and to take

Paw Paw 18 a day

Super Oil 6 a day

Cat's Claw 4 a day

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day

Protease Plus 4 a day

Chlorophyl 2 tsp a day Flax Lignans 2 a day