Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tidbits from Steven Horne

Tidbits from Steven Horne Feb./2011

CoQ10 reduces inflammation in the gums.
MC and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic cleans the plaque off the arteries very effectively.
Cholesterol can be cleaned out with LoClo, CholesterReg11 and CoQ10.
GlucoReg cleans out excess glucose and excess insulin. It is great for diabetes and hyperinsulemia.
Folic Acid and B Vitamins keep homocysteine levels down and help prevent cardiovascular disease.
Zambroza and Super Omega 3 keep inflammation under control.
Vitamin D3 will prevent heart attacks and elevate moods.
Elevated triglycerides made by the liver is caused by too much sugars and grains and not enough Super Omega 3 and GlucoReg.
Super Omega 3 , Chlorophyll and Alfalfa are all natural blood thinners because they keep the blood from clotting.
MC and Capsicum is excellent for the thyroid and for codl hands and feet.