Monday, May 2, 2011

Putting Your Best Foot Foward

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

“Rhino’s are often portrayed as aggressive and unintelligent but that is not their true nature. They simply cannot see. “ Wrestling Rhinos by Rhoberta Shaler PHD
That’s the case with many cancer people as well. They simply do not see. They do not see any other way to make their cancer go away. So they choose chemo etc.
Helen Keller says, “ The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but no vision.” That is the purpose of my book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury Manual . It is to provide you with the education, the knowledge, the skills and the power to heal your very own cancer. If you do not have the skills, insights and strategies to wrestle cancer effectively then you can end up being miserable anxious , stressed and full of fear. However if you have the skills, insights and strategies and you are consistently engaged in learning and applying the skills that are taught then you can overcome your own cancer or any other diseased condition . To really take on your cancer or any other diseased condition it is imperative that you be assertive and very clear- “I want a healthy body” Know what you want. “ I want to heal my cancer or diseased condition “. Why do you want it. “I want to be healthy and to help other people heal .” Your success will be in direct proportion to your clarity and your consistent application of all the skills that are imperative to healing .
You then learn the skills , apply the skills and put your best foot forward. “It is useless to put your best foot forward and drag the other.” quotes Dr. Shaler
7 important skills you need to apply in the process of putting your best foot forward.
1. Appearance
Do you appear to yourself and to others that you are in process of healing your cancer?
Are you projecting the body language and gestures of strength ?
2. Voice-
Does your voice project the quality of calmness and confidence ?
Or is your voice a voice of uncertainty and frailty ?
3. Communication Style –
Is your communication style evasive, wish washy, gutless inconsequential and everyone around you knows you are not going to make it ?
Or is your communication style one of certainty and confidence and everyone around you knows you are getting better and better every day in every way ?
4. Content-
Are you revealing the answer to cancer in its simplicity with confidence to those around you ?
Are you teaching others through the simplicity of your example ?
5. Actions-
What does your behaviour say about you?
Are you walking around with water and taking your supplements three times a day ?
Are you outdoors every day to breathe in the fresh air and take in the sunshine ?
Have you cleaned out your cupboards of all sugars, cereals, flours etc. ?
Have you completed the Body Systems Questionnaire to help you stay on track ?
Are you attending the teleconference calls every Monday ? The # is on
Are you reading Practical Solutions to the Cancer Injury Manual by Donna Roth every day ?
Are you using the recipes from Mud Pies , sugar free, grain free, dairy free ?
6. Environmental
Do you surround yourself with educational materials that keep you on track?
Do you have family and friends that support you?
Do you have a copy of Mud Pies, Sugar Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free cookbook ?
Do you have the book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury Manual by Donna Roth ?
Do you have supplements you need - Paw Paw, Protease Plus, Super Omega3 , Flax Lignans, Mineral Chi Tonic, Collatrim Plus , Chlorophyll , Cat’s Claw Combination ?
Do you have a supply of coconut oil, coconut flour, almond flour, xylitol, stevia to make the treats you like ?
Do you have Protease Plus on your bedside bedside stand ?
Do you have Crystal Clear Deodorant, Nature’s Fresh, Nature’s Concentrate soap ?
7. Choices-
Are you listening to teleconference calls?
Are you having a shake with Superfoods – Collatrim Plus, Flax Lignans, Essential Liquid Minerals, Green Zone twice a day.
If you are eating out are you choosing meat, veggies and salad ?
Are you choosing to avoid all sugars, grains, legumes, dairy ?
Are you choosing to listen to Donna Roth’s teleconference call for support when your spirit is weakened because you have just been told that you must have mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation etc.

If you don`t express your wants, needs or feelings, you will blame others when things do not go your way. The price you pay for being passive is huge :
1. You abdicate your opportunity to take control of your life, and your outcomes to someone else- doctor, friend, family
2. You demonstrate a lack of respect for your own needs and rights. Doormats are stepped on .
3. You fear the disapproval , anger and disappointment of others;
a. Fear doctor, fear family, fear friends. They are going to disapprove anyway because they don’t know your course of action and they don`t have your education so at least give them your opinion , tell them where you stand and take a strong stand for the actions you have chosen so at least you can win their disapproval.

Be assertive
Know your power. You have the power to heal
Know what you want. You want to heal your body . Stay in that strength and confidence with a focused vision.
Know exactly how you are treating yourself.
Value yourself and your course of action.
Stand up for your feelings ,ideas, beliefs and needs.
Take responsibility for meeting as many of your own needs as you can.
Express your legitimate right.
Seek open and honest relationships with others.

Choose your own behaviour along with the consequences consciously because the ultimate consequence for you is your power to heal your own body
If you truly know that your body has been created to heal then it will come to pass. You are worthy of that tremendous success. You are experiencing cancer and consequently you can come to know your true power.Then you can help others achieve that same success often simply by your own example. You can decide to maintain this same empowerment in your mind every nano second of every day. And if someone disempowers you the good news is that you can change your mind in a nanosecond. Assertiveness increases trust and respect.
“Are you putting your best foot forward or could you use a shine!!”

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