Saturday, May 21, 2011

Newsletter May 2011

From the Desk of Donna Roth May 2011
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We have been perhaps intentionally manipulated to act and behave in certain ways. So it is that in this newsletter I would like to share an interesting incident of H, a wise lady , who decided to break some very common habitual trends. Often times we never think about our behaviours or actions as we go about our day and many of our actions and behaviours simply become habitual when in fact there are times when we need to put thoughts into our actions before we act. Such was the case with H who called one day to tell me she was in dire straights and that she needed my help. She proceeded to tell me that her ankles , her calves, her thighs and even her knees and beyond the knees were dangerously swollen. The skin was very tight , hot , inflamed and the legs were puffy and extremely swollen. H was having a difficult time walking and climbing stairs was even more difficult, one step at a time. The most common action that one would habitually take in this situation would be to immediately go to Emergency. H, however decided to give this a second thought. She placed herself in that emergency room. There would be forms to fill, papers to sign and then a loooooong wait. Then there would be many questions to answer, diagnostic tests to undergo, perhaps medications which all have side effects. This entire process would not take place overnight. It might be days before a diagnoses would determine the correct type of medication that would look after this problem Then again there would be the consequences of dealing with the side effects of the medications because H knew that every medication has a side effect. In wisdom H decided that her first response would be the herbal route Besides she had ,on many occasions, witnessed the benefits of herbal programs and how quickly they can work. Why would herbs fail her this time ? Not a chance ! H knew they would work. And there was no long wait, no paper work, no medications, no side effects and no days to wait. Emergency would be her last resort ! The scene in Donna Roth’s herbal office was simple, covering the following:
Any consumptions of grains, legumes, peanuts ? Answer : yes !
Any present medications ? Answer : No
Any infections in the teeth ? Answer :No
Zyto Scan : K-C, HY-C Chlorophyll

From this information an herbal program was quickly organized. It included the following:
No sugars, no grains, no legumes, no peanuts, no dairy
Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz a day
Essential Minerals 1 oz a day
Chlorophyll 4 oz a day taken throughout the day with 8 glasses of water
Colostrum 6 a day to bind all toxic lectins from the grains and legumes
K-C 16 capsules a day to get all the toxic water to move through the kidneys and bladder
HY-C 12 capsules a day to get the lymphatic fluids and the blood to circulate

Now it was up to H to take this program on . Excited and determined to resolve her desperate issue she started the program immediately on Wednesday afternoon after our brief visit. She was committed and bound to success. There was no question in her mind that this would work and H got to work ! On Friday afternoon , two day later H called and in her ecstatic voice announced that the program was indeed working. The shoes were no longer tight , she could walk with ease, stairs were easy to climb and all swelling had subsided significantly. Hurray !!!!! What a thrilling moment to experience the healing power of herbs and to know that your body can heal all on its own if you simply give it the essential nutrients . How empowering to know that we can take responsibility and control over our own body without ever having to abdicate responsibilities to outside authorities.
This story teaches us that we all have that opportunity to gain the knowledge we need to look after our own health. I invite all of you as readers of this article to gain this knowledge. I love this very famous scriptural quote, “Doctor, Heal Thyself .”I invite you to join me in attending my classes if you are in Kelowna or attending my teleconference calls if you are not in the Kelowna area to give you an opportunity to learn how to heal “thyself.” Health is the utmost top priority. Health sustains life.
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June 6, 2011 call : Guest Speaker using the Paw Paw program for colon cancer.
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On a final note I invite you all to become one of the 1000 Herbal Health Success Stories that I and many members of this team are in the process of putting together. Get on Board the Herbal Health Success Train. Be the one to live in freedom , freedom from disease !

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