Monday, November 28, 2011

Why Nature's Sunshine ?

November 28/11/11
According to Stanford Research Institute 80% of all consumers are very interested in improving their personal health. The problem arises when they are inundated with all sorts of well meaning health companies trying to sell them products. The internet is loaded with various health products, Alive magazine is full of advertisements and all ads are very convincing leaving one to think they need to buy all those wonderful supplements. Consequently it is imperative to provide a set of guideline to help select the correct health products one might need.
1 The product name must provide lab research as does Nature’s Sunshine .
2 It must be long standing . Nature’s Sunshine has over 35 years of operation behind it. It is the oldest company of capsulated herbs in the North America.
3 Nature’s Sunshine conducts over 500 different testing procedures in Microbiology, Herb and Purity testing, foreign material testing and quality testing. Nature’s Sunshine places into your hands the the finest quality herbs and nutritional supplements. NSP motto is Quality , Service and Integrity.
4 Nature’s Sunshine has a long list of success stories to prove its efficacy . Ask for success stories from other companies especially for cancers and Nature’s Sunshine becomes tops. My book , Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury houses at least 50 cancer success stories with over that many that are not printed in the book. My website houses numerous success stories on various other illnesses.
5 Nature’s Sunshine perfectly meets the growing worldwide need by marrying time honored wisdom and cutting edge technology.
6 Nature’s Sunshine has designed a holistic approach to wellness using the body system approach. It is a simple thing to do to go to and complete the Health Analysis on the home page to determine the supplements individualized for your body.
7 No other company offers such a vast variety of education as does Nature’s Sunshine and its dedicated distributors: webinars, teleconference calls. Resource Center, Library of Fact Sheets , product education
8 Many to the top Nature’s Sunshine distributors have been a part of the Nature’s Sunshine company for over 20 years. This is unheard of in the industry of direct selling.
9 It is the vision of Nature’s Sunshine to make their products program and services available to all who wish to improve their lives.
10. Nature’s Sunshine has a team of dedicated Research and Development scientist to provide us all the largest range of the finest vitamin, and herbal supplements in the world.
11. Each day at the Nature’s Sunshine head quarters 5 million capsules and tablets are produced. This gives you some idea as to how popular these products really are and the number of people that use them daily.