Friday, November 25, 2011

1000Herbal Success Stories

37. Emotional Stress and Surgical Pain

One lady ended up with excruciating pain after a knee surgery. She refused to take pain medication because the medication would make her very sick. She was in a desperate situation feeling overwhelmed. anxious and worried. “ It’s an awful feeling when you have pain after knee surgery and you don’t know whither you are coming or going. I had reached the end of my tether and I didn’t know what to do.” In her final desperation she looked at the Nature’s Sunshine catalogue. In studying the pages she came across Stress Pak. She picked up the phone an dialled Nature’s Sunshine at 1 800 265 9163 and ordered a Stress Pak. “ What have I got to lose ?” Within a short time the Stress Pak arrived and she began to take the little packets of Stress Pak which contained all kinds of marvellous herbal formulas designed specifically to alleviate physical pain and emotional stress. Within days of taking several paks of Stress Pak the anxiety , worry, and despair disappeared and the pain subsided; but most of all it became tolerable. “ It’s amazing as to how much better I feel. I am back to my old self.”

38. Urinary Tract Infection and Weight Loss

Terry had just completed a 3 day course with Donna Roth and she was all fired up about taking her health on ,in a big way . She was several pounds overweight, feeling fat and uncomfortable. She had in the past experienced urinary tract infections that created those horrible burning sensations whenever she went to the bathroom. Purchasing the book , Paleo Diet by Dr Cordain and the essential Nature’s Sunshine products was Terry’s first step. Now armed with knowledge and determination Terry started her herbal routine ;

Probiotic 11 , 2 capsules first thing in the morning,

A shake with frozen berries, whey protein as in NutriBurn and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic,

Drinking lots of water and Chlorophyll to flush the system then exercise .

Sugar and grains were totally eliminated.

Parsley, Capsicum and Super Omega 3 were taken with each meal

These products were indicated by a Zyto scan and Donna Roth’s muscle testing technique. When the occasional hunger or craving struck Terry , she simply ate some almonds. Only one week into the program Terry, feeling quite confident and in control , started to feel that awful dreaded sensation of burning within the urinary tract, a feeling she had in the past identified with as a urinary tract infection. The thought of going to the doctor crossed her mind but only for an instant when she came to the realization that the only thing the doctor could do for her was to prescribe an antibiotic which she had succumbed to in the past. But not this time ! An absolute “AHA” moment hit her! “If I but feed my body what it really needs then my body will heal itself .” That statement struck her as profound and almost new founded ! The course had taught her to take control. to be empowered and to trust in the obvious. Yes her body would heal even without the antibiotics that she was taught to rely on in the past. The past was the past and this was no longer a part of her being. Terry had entered into the dark tunnel of the unknown . Would she live through this without antibiotics. Would these simple herbs really heal her body? All kinds of questions flooded her anxious mind. She dived into this program with purpose . She increased her water consumption with lots of Chlorophyll, she increased the Parsley especially designed for the kidneys to 8 capsules a day. The end was certainly nowhere in sight. The bloating was getting worse and the pain was in no way subsiding. Day three and still no results and things were now even worse than ever ! Fright was almost ready to take over. However, one thing was clear; quitting was not an option. The words from Donna’s course kept ringing in her ears, “Feed the body and allow the body to take its course of action and give it time to heal. Infections usually take about 3 to 7 days.” The morning of the fourth day finally arrived . Terry woke up to use the bathroom. The bloating was gone . The pain had subsided. The burning sensation was no longer there . In truth the urinary tract infection was gone! “ I had just crossed the threshold of the incredible ! I had cured my urinary tract infection without any antibiotics! “ Now onto the scale for the morning weigh–in : two pounds lighter and 5 pounds in total since starting the program one week ago. How empowering to know that your body will heal all on its own once you provide it with the nutrition it needs to do the healing!

39. Cat’s Claw for Strep Throat

Ashley had many incidents of strep throat since birth and she was given antibiotics every time. One day when she was 10 years with a severe case of strep throat , fever, pain, her Mother decided to give Ashley Cat’s Claw instead. After using 10 Cat’s Claw a day for 4 days nothing changed and Ashley wanted to see the doctor. However on the 5th day Ashley woke up and all pain, fever and soreness was gone. Ashley is now 26 years old and relies on Cat’s Claw for any infection that may occur.

40. Cat’s Claw and Silver Guard for Blood Poisoning

Deb , while playing with a dog was bitten. Her first reaction was to take Cat’s Claw 15 capsules a day. On the second day severe swelling and pain in the pinky finger along with a red vein indicated blood poisoning and Deb added 4 ounces of Silver Guard along with another 15 capsules of Cat’s Claw. Deb woke up the third day and all symptoms of swelling , pain and red vein were gone . “ What a miracle!”

41. Back pain / Kidney Problem

John had an excruciating pain in the lower back in the area of the kidney. His first gesture was to immediately call an ambulance. “ All they did , recalls John, “ is to give me a pain killer.” Now this just did not fix the problem and this same type of pain appeared a short time later. With the first experience in mind John simply took the pain killer without calling the ambulance as he stated, “ this is something I can do myself without their help.” The third time the pain appeared John decided the answer to the problem is definitely not a pain killer. This time his wife entered into the picture. As we all know wives usually have the wisdom it takes to solve many unsolved problems. However we also all know that two heads are better than one. Upon contemplation in regards to this issue his very wise wife gave John the answer,” Just call Donna Roth.” Wow what a brilliant idea ! Now enters Donna Roth with her vast amount of experience and analyses the situation. “ John, would you do the one day herbal kidney cleanse?” John with a willing heart and an opened mind emphatically replied, “Of course!” Shortly thereafter the necessary products appeared from Nature’s Sunshine and with Donna’s well defined instructions John began his new adventure.

I glass of water with some lemon juice

Combination K – 2 capsules to help the kidneys with the cleansing process.

Hydrangea - 1 capsules to dissolve any kidney stones that may be present.

Marshmallow – 2 capsules to coat the inner lining of the kidney ureter

Two hours later repeat the above process but with Chlorophyll and water instead.

Repeat this process until by the end of the day you will have taken about 10 glasses of water .

This was a day of cleansing for John. He frequented the bathroom many times on the day of Oct. 4/11

The consequence of this story is significant. John has not had a severe back pain since.