Monday, August 4, 2014

From the Desk of Donna Roth August /2014 Updates

From the Desk of Donna Roth August /2014 Updates

Health = Life and Health =Wealth
Enjoy your summer fun and remember to take those Super Food Smoothies every day with:
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic
Flax Hull Lignans
Collatrim Plus
Solstic Energy
I add NutriBurn and frozen berries to mine.

I see a lot of people suffering with colds lately. I think it is from too much ice cream, sugar foods and
air conditioners.  Just have Smoothies and use high doses of Cat's Claw 4 twice a day to move that out for you.
Please use my website for any herbal program  information you are searching for.

Many of you have been inquiring about TAFYH. I will be taking on
TAFYH teams starting the end of September. You can review TAFYH
on To date I have 19 people registered for the fall  TAFYH sessions.
The TAFYH leaders taking on teams presently are:

I am amazed as to how many people are afraid to use herbs. They have been told that herbs
are dangerous so here is my comments on this:
Herbs are all plant foods and safe and that is why they require no prescriptions.
Herbs grow in my garden: parsley, chives, horse radish, raspberry leaves, oregon grape.
They can also be pulverized and put into capsules. This does not change the safety of them.
Herbs are high dense nutrition qualified by scientific nutritional analysis.
Today you would have to eat 10 tomatoes and 28 apples to get the same nutrients that I tomato
and 1 apple gave you in 1941. All foods today have lost their nutrition by  present day agricultural
practices. That is why diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis etc are all in epidemic stages.
We need to get this," We are suffering from serious nutritional deficiencies." Super Food Smoothies
and herbs are the answer!

The health results in doing TAFYH for 7 weeks is incredible.
 The price of TAFYH will be increasing in the new year.

Many of you have been asking me about my teleconference calls.
They will resume in September .
However you can go to the playback # to listen to the last call with:

Melissa  talks about autism and ADD/ADHD. Her 2 children no
longer have these diagnoses. Her little girl with autism has now been sent
to public school and her little boy no longer has violent ADD/ADHD outbreaks.

I talk about cancer , what it is and how to overcome it.
1 760 569 7699

Paw Paw
Many of you have been asking me about Paw Paw which is no longer available from the Nature's Sunshine warehouse.
The NPN# for Paw Paw has not been received as yet and this may take a year as Health Canada is behind in this work.
The law states that herbals without NPN#'s can no longer be sold in Canada .
Some of you have gone to your MP to try to speed up the NPN # for Paw Paw . That may work.

Other products:
Most of the products that are available from Nature's Sunshine have NPN #'s .
Nature's Sunshine is  happy to announce that they have received the NPNs for Super Trio (20), Stress Pack (3033) and Tei Fu Massage Lotion (3538).
These are the products that do not have NPN #'s and will not be available after August 31/2014.

Stock No.             Brand Name
557         Cholester-Reg II
964         IGS II
874         Enviro D-T-X
1078       All Cell Detox
4107       Bod-E-Klenz
4005       Tiao He Pak
4066       Noni
1112       X-A
1884       HS-C
515         Paw Paw

1517       Adrenal Support