Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dr. Jay in Kelowna and Calgary

This is our Lucky Day!! And we are looking for a team!
If you recall Dr.Jay was not able to make his appearance in Kelowna due to stormy conditions in JUNE!
But he has agreed to do something special for us here in the WEST on:
Monday , September 9th @ 6:45 pm ( Smoothies)
In Kelowna at  the Ramada ( that will soon be confirmed)
Tuesday , September 10th
In Calgary , venue TBA.

New Product Launch with Dr. Jay
·         Dissipate anxiety in 20 minutes.
·         Repeat sales of 86% in the US.
·         Restores energy
·         Totally relaxes you
·         Composed and in control
·         I  take this one every day
·         If you can’t eat 10 tomatoes and 28 apples  every day do 1 oz of Chi!
·         Every single success story in my book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury took it!
For every guest you invite your name goes into a $400 draw basket.
Last draw was won by Lynn and she shared it with all her guests  ! Lynn is so awesome!
I am looking for a team to help me reach the 100 registrations for Kelowna and 80 in Calgary.
Presently I express gratitude to the following who have so kindly offered to be on our team to help:
Kathy,  Lumby
Shirley ,Kelowna
Lorene , Duncan
Fran, Kelowna
Marlene, Vernon
Daniel, Calgary
Rick , Red Deer
Susan, Vancouver
Dianne, Kelowna

Pat, Vernon